Abu Ghraib

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Abu Ghraib
Inside Prison
Prisoner Abuse USA
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Worse Than Denial

God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




Torture at Abu Ghraib

© Copyright 2006 – David Todeschini – all rights reserved.

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        Torturing prisoners is nothing new; governments have been doing it since time immemorial. Contrary to popular belief, we (the US) have been playing in the torture game along with the rest of the Barbarians only we’ve been much better at keeping it on the "down-low" than the typical Banana Republics... at least, until now. In my honorable service to my country, while attached to an Intelligence Communications unit in Vietnam, I knew and heard about dozens of such incidents; it was par for the course in the prosecution of the protracted agony of the Vietnam War. Twenty years later, I started to write a book titled "Land of Childhood’s Fears" which ended up to be a seven year undertaking about that war. The book is highly acclaimed among the Veterans and soldiers who’ve read it, and the Poetry chapter has been called "stunning" on more than one occasion. In fact, I’ve been a guest on several radio programs talking about this book. In the book, I write about one gruesome interrogation of a female POW by agents of Operation Phoenix, and the "cross-training" of an American grunt by the South Vietnamese Military Police, who trained him to be a ruthless,[1] inhuman terrorist 

            Inevitably[2] and invariably,[3] there is always a "higher authority" which is allowing, giving tacit[4] consent to, causing, and ultimately commanding such things to be done. These higher officials are almost never taken to task for their actions, and in the single exemplary[5] case that comes to mind The My Lai massacre in 1968 in Vietnam a single Lieutenant (Lt. Calley) was prosecuted and sentenced to LIFE AT HARD LABOR. The end of his prosecution, trial, and sentencing resulted in his spending just THREE DAYS in jail. He was pardoned by "Tricky Dick" Nixon, and never saw the inside of Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary where he so rightfully belongs. Perhaps this undeserved leniency was shown to this mass-murderer because he threatened to "blow up the spot" [6] on other, similar incidents. Subsequently, we learned about an identical incident four miles away, on the same day, perpetrated by another company of the infamous Americal Division. Read my book for a entirely new slant on the reasons for the massacres at My Lai and My Khe. Perhaps something akin to that happened at Abu Ghraib. 

            In all of this, I have to wonder at the double standard; the everyday citizen / soldier in this country can spend decades in prison for a deminimus[7] offense... or no offense at all, and the big-time criminals with political clout walk away unscathed.[8] 

            The Bush Crime Family, in their flawless execution of yet another unspeakable travesty of human decency the unwarranted and unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation has literally gotten away (so far) with the outright murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people, not to mention the 3,000 who died on 9-11. 2001, and the thousands of young men and women who serve in our military, who are being brainwashed into thinking they are over there to somehow defend the United States from it’s enemies.

        Well, I’m here to tell you, truth-seeker; this "terrorism" is a bogyman of George Dubya’s own contrivance.[9] The enemies we have, are, what Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty has called, "The best enemies that money can buy". You can download his free newsletters from his web site, or in PDF format from the Radio Liberty bookstore. I’m thoroughly convinced that George Dubya Bush was intimately involved with the "terrorist" attacks because he and his partners in the oil business, needed an excuse to invade Iraq the weakest of the oil-rich Middle East nations shades of Adolf Hitler and the burning of the Reichstag.[10] Read your history.[11] There are just too many parallels to what happened in Nazi Germany, and too many coincidences and statistically unlikely events such as the recovery of two of the alleged terrorist’s passports amid the rubble at "Ground Zero", and Pennsylvania, for me to accept as merely "fortuitous"... shades of Lee Harvey Oswald and "magic" bullets that just happen to fall out of a victim’s body nearly intact. (See my essay "Spare Me The BS").

         The abuse of prisoners is nothing new on these shores, either. If you want to see prisoner abuse, all you have to do is walk into any New York prison. Admittedly, the abuse here is not as serious as the abuse so graphically depicted in the photos below, but it is abuse nonetheless. To what level the abuse is taken, is determined by the likelihood of being discovered and sanctioned. Psychological abuse leaves no physical traces, but is just as damaging, if not more so, than mere physical abuse. Abuse of prisoners in the USA, therefore, is more likely to be emotional and psychological, and often involves exploitation for profit. I have stated in other articles particularly the one on recidivism, that "The wrath of God or the laws of Man" has never prevented criminal behavior. Prisons, abuse notwithstanding, are criminogenic.[12] 

        Abuse of human beings is criminal, and the severity of that abuse is inversely proportional to the checks and balances in place that seek to prevent it. In Abu Ghraib, there was not only no such mechanisms in place, but the "contractors" the private mercenaries that the US government pays to run these prisons are not subject to the Geneva Conventions, and have direct supervisory status over our military personnel. These are the ingredients for such disasters, and unfortunately, human nature almost never cooks up anything benevolent in the absence of oversight. The Bible sums it up thus: "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately[13] wicked; who can know it? ". As much as I am loathe to say it, such things appear to be human nature, or in the alternative, the result of the demons that creep in when no one is looking, no one gives a shit, or someone in authority is actually encouraging it. Indeed, psychologically, that is how a soldier is trained to overlook his instinctive hesitation to kill another human being. First, the enemy has to be dehumanized; called names, and seen as inferior. Thus, the soldier sees himself as "morally superior", and in the extreme, as "The Master Race" or Ubermenchen.[14] This basic mentality is the underpinning of all man’s offenses particularly war against his fellow man... the offense of murder cannot just happen it cannot be justified in the mind of a sane individual in the absence of this insane rationalization. 

            Unfortunately for young American soldiers serving in the Middle East, such rationalizations are what keep them sufficiently functional to physically survive. In the absence of insane rationalizations that mitigate, if not eliminate the dissonance[15] of their situation, a "normal" human being would suffer severe psychological effects, and possibly be killed in the "line of duty". 

            Fighting to defend your country is a laudable endeavor. However, US troops have not, since 1914, fought to defend America. World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the present war in Iraq, and all the lesser battles in between, have all been contrived. America was never in any "real and present danger"; it was all LIES lies and hysterical paranoia, and it’s time the apathetic American people woke up to the ways they’ve been played for fools for nigh unto a hundred years.

            Jesus said that in the last days, "...there shall be wars, and rumors of wars".[16] The current times certainly fit the bill... and they’ve fit the bill for over a hundred years. Before you scoff, read 2 Peter, chapter 3. Read Isaiah 30:25 in the KJV translation. 

            Many people believe the Earth has been around for billions of years, and that errant line of reasoning of the "vain and profane babblings of science falsely so-called",[17] leads to the albeit logical conclusion that Earth is likely to be around for another billion years... practically forever... but I digress.... 

            The reasons for torturing people are many; all of them are immoral and illogical. However, the state of mind of aberrated people does not see the flaw in reasoning, but covertly revels in the false sense of superiority, and wallows orgasmically in witnessing others suffer; it has the hands of demons upon it. 

            To attack the practice of torture with logic may be prudent at this point, because faux Christians in high places in our government have vehemently supported it, and resisted any attempt at condemning it on moral grounds. 

            First of all, a person being tortured is likely to make up a credible-sounding bullshit story, just to stop the torture. Anyone in OUR military who had access to sensitive information was taught by experts how to do this. You are told, "If you’re captured, they will torture you, and if you’re lucky, they’ll kill you. Tell them what they appear to want to hear; send them on a wild goose chase, but don’t ever under any circumstances give them any information about {the mission, etc,}" 

Secondly, in the situation at Abu Ghraib, some of the suspected "terrorists" have been in custody for years. Any information one is likely to extract from them   outside the names or identities of terrorist operatives, even if it were the pure, empirical truth, would be outdated and obsolete. Intelligence is only valuable when it affords you a tactical advantage; anything else is an exercise in futility. 

Thirdly, any terrorist conspirators whose comrades were captured are likely to change their base of operations, and their plans for an attack... just in case their comrades succumb to the interrogation and spill the proverbial beans. 

The foregoing, moral reasoning notwithstanding, is sufficient in itself to prove that torture is not the practice of an astute anti-terrorist operation. This leads to the question that is begging, "Why do we do it?" And just in case one of my readers is inclined to take the word of the pathological liar currently occupying the Oval Office, i.e.: "... we don’t torture", I must ask you, who the hell do you think these people in the photos are? They look like Americans to me! They also look like they’re having one hell of a time (The Devil is gloating). The fact that these photos were taken proves four things, primarily... at least it proves them to me

#1 The "actors" didn’t think they were doing anything wrong.

#2 They didn’t think they could be charged with war crimes, and subsequently prosecuted and punished.

#3 They thought that "orders from above" exonerated them from personal culpability for their actions.

#4 They were really enjoying what they were doing, wanted to remember it, brag about it, and prove it to their friends who wouldn’t believe it; hence, the photos.


    In my book "Land of Childhood’s Fears", I analyze this phenomenon with the incidents at My Lai and My Khe as the backdrop. I offer a possible explanation, and that explanation may apply here. Covert Operations within our government are much more nefarious than most people are willing to believe; you’ll have to read the book and decide for yourself.

    All observations and judgments aside, the incidents at Abu Ghraib are serious, but honestly, they’re child’s play compared to what Operation Phoenix, and MK-Ultra[18] that was standard operating procedure all throughout our involvement in that 10-year war. For the same reason we fought in Vietnam, we are now fighting in Iraq. For the same reason we couldn’t "win" in Vietnam, we won’t "win" in Iraq. The reason is childishly simple: When there are no rules, and no plan of action, you can’t win, because you don’t know when to stop playing and declare a victory. It can all be summed up with a bit of poetry; the past is prologue.[19]


"When will we ever learn?...                PHOTOS ARE BELOW FOOTNOTES HERE

When will we EVER learn?"




WebPastor David Todeschini 



[1] Ruthless – lacking all mercy.

[2] Inevitably – in an unavoidable fashion.

[3] Invariably – being the same throughout time.

[4] Tacit – understood without being said; not said aloud; unspoken; unvoiced; unexpressed; unmentioned.

[5] Exemplary – being a conventionally distinguished representative.

[6] Blow up the spot – (slang) to reveal; expose.

[7] deminimus (Latin) minimal; minimum; least; lowest; smallest.

[8] Unscathed – free from harm or danger.

[9] Contrivance – one’s own invention.

[10] Reichstag – German Parliament building.

[11] "People’s History of the United States" – Howard Zinn ISBN # 0-06-090792-4

[12] criminogenic – (coined) that which creates a criminal.

[13] The word in the original texts, translated "desperately" in the KJV, means "incurable, incorrigible, intractable".

[14] Ubermenchen – (German) "Super men".

[15] Dissonance – a psychological stress caused by attempting to mentally justify two ore more opposing views, or when behavior transgresses an inner standard of ethics.

[16] Matthew 24:6; Mark 13:7; Luke 21:9;

[17] 1 Timothy 6:20

[18] Mind Control program that used "Black Dianetics" and Pain Drug hypnosis.

[19] Prologue – preliminary discourse;  foreword; preface; introduction;  preamble; prelude.




















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