Tookie Williams

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Stan "Tookie" Williams
© 2005, David Todeschini Ė all rights reserved.

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          On Tuesday December 14, 2005, a few minutes after midnight Pacific Time, Stan "Tookie" Williams, founder of the Crips street gang that spread its tentacles of street crime and violence throughout the country, was murdered in cold blood at San Quentin State prison, by the State of California, in the only country in the civilized world that still hangs on to the demented delusion that State sanctioned capital revenge is a deterrent to crime.

           Not to seem to be a Devilís advocate; the crimes that Mr. Williams was convicted of were exceptionally brutal; beyond eloquence to adequately convey. He allegedly murdered three members of the same family, and a shop owner, shooting them all with a shotgun. One young girl was shot point-blank in the face. We are certainly not talking about a former "Mister Congeniality", here! Mr. Williams has admitted to a life of crime, drug addiction, and drug sales, but he has maintained his innocence in those four brutal murders for almost thirty years. His life in State custody has been about redemption, making vicarious amends to society, and constructive youth activism... a "model" prisoner, prolific author of nine books, and four-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize... unheard of!

           Almost 30 years either in or out of prison, is enough time for anyone to become a totally different person... but quite frankly, I ask you, besides you and I, who do you think gives a ratís ass?

           I have to bring it up here, because Iíve raised the issue before in my article on recidivism and that is that prisons, in the Orwellian Newspeak jargon of the politically correct, are called "Correctional Facilities". The question that is begging here is, "What did the State of California Ďcorrectí, when it murdered this man?" Did Tookie Williams become a better person, now that heís dead? No. Did the people he allegedly killed come back to life? No. Do the victimís families feel better now, after almost thirty years? I donít think so. Did the street gangs across the country cower in fear at the power, persistence, and omnipotence of the State? Not only "No", but "HELL No". Did any criminals repent because of this, and all-of-a-sudden become model citizens? Absolutely not. Did anyone in the heat of passion or rage Ė before or since Ė pause for a moment and reflect that they might end up sharing the fate of Stan Tookie Williams if they killed someone? Obviously not.  

So why then, does the State Ė and why do the majority of people in this country who support the death penalty Ė almost two thirds of them when I checked the AOL polls an hour before the Williams murder Ė (you will note my avoidance of the word "execution"); why do they insist on doing and repeating what has proven itself NOT to work? Iíll tell you why! Politicians create the problems, and then propose "solutions" in order to be elected; they are like an arsonist who starts a fire, then shows up in the nick of time, fire-extinguisher in hand. Prisons in this country are criminogenic; that is, they create criminals. A steady, expanding stream of aberrated, expendable souls has to be available to justify the prison economy and support the hordes of self-styled "experts" and various and sundry Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes coming out of college with useless degrees in psychology, political science, and social work. I say these degrees are "useless", because it seems as if the incidence of insanity in this country Ė and by insanity, I mean criminal insanity like John Wayne Gacey, Son of Sam Berkowitz, Columbine HS, et. al Ė is directly proportional to the number of Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes looking for "counseling" jobs. Physician, heal thyself!  

The wholesale destruction of the underpinnings of society may not be their intent Ė and thatís a matter for debate [read my treatise on psychopolitics] Ė however, intentions do not always work the way people think theyíll work. You should read the free literature available from Citizenís Commission on Human Rights, and Freedom Magazine. 

          The mentality of people who pursue psychology and psychopolitics, ignores the facts, pooh-poohs the empirical evidence, and seeks rationalization and justification Ė and if it canít be found, then they invent it Ė as a reason to convince gullible, dumbed-down Monday-night quarterbacking, couch-potato tax-paying Americans to provide the money, and sit idly by and permit the government that they allegedly elected, to invade a sovereign nation and kill millions of innocent people in order to have an excuse for their cronies in the energy business to plunder that nationís OIL. In Vietnam thirty years ago, it was CIA-run drug cartels operating out of Southeast Asia. You should read my book on Vietnam, or at least entertain some new ideas about the JFK assassination

          An opponent to my argument here may say that the death penalty prevents that person from ever murdering again. Yes, that may be so, and it militates for simple robberies to become robbery AND mass murder... why leave witnesses to testify against you? One may argue that a jury of his peers made the death sentence decision. Tookie Williams had an all White jury; three or four Black jurors were summarily excluded. Ideally, the "triers of fact" make their decisions based on the empirical evidence presented to them by the State. Excuse me, but when the FBI couldnít "connect the dots" prior to 9-11, what makes you think that a local DA or the jury pursues the facts in a Black manís murder case with any more diligence than the FBI or CIA gave to bogus intelligence? Please! In November 2000, a black man in New York was convicted of murder literally by the toss of a coin; a "lucky" Kennedy half-dollar owned by one of the jurors. The list of wrongful convictions and destroyed lives attributable to this cluster-fuck of a "justice" system we have in this country, is mind-boggling. How anyone can place any faith or trust in it, is merely a symptom of being "willingly ignorant". If it werenít so tragic, it would be hilarious. 

          Excuse me, truth-seeker, but it really pisses me off when my fellow Americans are played like dime store violins... because I just have to believe youíre more intelligent that that. These spineless politicians and judges looked at the polls, considered the mindset of their lynch-mob mentality constituents, and went with what would get them the most votes... Yeah, Iím talking about YOU, "Ahhhl be back!" Ahhnold Schwartze-Negger. You are what I would call, "an apparency"... you appear to be, but you are not what you appear to be. YOU are the "girly man" (pink is your color)... you are one of the Uber Menchen who folded like a cheap camera, and missed the opportunity to prove that you were MAN enough to go against the flow and do the right thing... which would have been to PARDON TOOKIE WILLIAMS... yes, pardon him, and perhaps even set him free. Wow! What an idea, huh? Pardon a man who has consistently, over almost thirty years, proven beyond any doubt whatsoever, that even if he was guilty of the crimes he was convicted of, he deserved to be pardoned. In the process, you dumb bastards; you could have claimed some redemptive value for your entirely ineffective and criminogenic "correctional" facilities. Hindsight is 20-20... not that you care! 

It would have been political suicide to pardon Mr. Williams in this covertly racist culture, but it would have been the right thing to do, considering that reasonable doubt surfaced about the fairness of his trial, and because it would have given others who are similarly situated, the incentive to follow Mr. Williamsí lead. As I said, it certainly would have given a modicum validity to the term "correctional facility"... but NO... The State concerns itself only with carrying out the vengeance of the masses sub nom. The girly-man whom millions admired for his motion pictures, has shown his true colors... in the street vernacular, the Governator is a strait-up pussy! 

 Underneath the apparency of the macho hero, is a girly-man whose ethics and moral compass blows in the wind this way and that, depending on uninformed, knee-jerk public opinion. His reelection depends on it. If I could be sure you have any conscience at all, Mr. Governator, Iíd call my broker and buy stock in Lunestaô... something tells me youíre gonnaí need lots of it. 

          Gone are the days... LONG gone, I might add... when an elected official, a judge, a cop... Or anybody, for that matter Ė does WHATíS RIGHT, simply because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Those days, if indeed there EVER were any of those days (I like to believe there were), are out of vogue.  

          Most of my younger readers, and many among my "mature" audience might be shocked at this revelation, but there are "consequences" to everything you do... good or bad. The prophet Isaiah wrote, "... he who departeth from evil, maketh himself a prey", and another wise man once wrote, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". I know those words are true from bittersweet personal experience, and in a world where each human beingís distance from his brother or sister is "six degrees of separation", Iíve met others who were similarly situated. When I exposed the truth of what happened, this web site was censored by Nazi bastards in Albany, who couldnít stand the light of a child custody proceeding read verbatim into a Webcast. Yes truth-seeker, go back through this article, and click all the links one by one... see how all of this seemingly incoherent ranting and raving fits seamlessly together. I can tell you that if youíre not a mindless, amoral Neo-Con Christo-Nazi hypocrite, you probably wonít like the "picture" that materializes in your consciousness. Alas, we see through a glass, darkly... 

Sane people donít jump out of high-rise buildings, because they know the "consequences" will be immediate and inevitable. If there ever were a group of individuals who thought that jumping out a window would be great fun, theyíve long ago died off Ė natural selection and survival of the rational. Itís not the fall that kills you; itís the sudden stop at the end. Lemmings and "career criminals" seem to be the exception to the rule. Itís instinct for the lemmings, and learned behavior for the criminals... the "criminal justice system" Ė and the system is criminal Ė knowingly makes them that way... not so much by abuse and torture, like in Iraq, but by subjecting them to psyhobabble bullshit Ė and you canít tell me that all these people with their PhDs and degrees in criminology, sociology, et al. donít know that their system is criminogenic; for even a dumb-ass gerbil learns after a few tries, that pushing a lever gets him a food pellet or a drink of water.... even Pavlovís dog knew to salivate when the bell rang. And so when the apologists plead ignorance, or claim that criminals and juvenile delinquents are incorrigible, I remember Jack Henry Abbott before he hung himself in Wende prison; the product of a child being raised by the State since age 12, and I tell them that my doctor diagnosed me with rectal emphysema from all these politicians blowiní smoke up my ass. 

          And so, today, the State of California murdered a four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee in calculated, ritualized, cold blood Ė and unlike some prior Nobel recipients Ė Yassir Arafat, for one Ė Tookie Williams deserved to win the prize, and certainly deserved another chance at life and the opportunity to do good; he showed the world that a man can truly be rehabilitated, if he wanted to be... IF indeed he was ever dehabilitated... but in this country, it means nothing if the decision to allow him to prove it, stands in the way of a politicianís ambitions. Tookie Williams fully embodied the Biblical passage that says, "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new".  

Mr. Williams made a Metanoia change in his life, and he strived to vicariously make amends for the lives he allegedly took... or perhaps... just maybe... Tookie was not guilty of the crimes he was convicted of. Now wouldnít that be special, Mister girly-man Ė Governator / Terminator? We may never know... and then again, some new evidence might surface that proves that Mr. Williams was telling the TROOTH, Mr. Girly-Man. Then what the hell are YOU going to do? What are all of you sick bastards who stood outside the San Quentin prison gates applauding the murder of an innocent man going to do, if it turns out that he wasnít lying when he said he is innocent? I know... maybe after thinking about it for a while, youíll go home and eat a gun, or youíll go see a psychiatrist (I donít know which is worse)... Youíll go see some Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabe, who will help you to rationalize the fact that in your insatiable thirst for blood, you became the enemy you killed... in fact, what you did was worse than what Tookie did a half a lifetime ago. Mr. Stanley Williams may have been demented, mentally ill, stoned on drugs, and mentally aberrated by a really fucked-up childhood... but YOU... all of you are operating (presumably) with your mental faculties intact. You planned, and plotted, and schemed, and you secretly enjoyed killing another human being; you enjoyed it because you killed what you secretly saw in yourselves vicariously. 

If all of you collectively, are the benchmark by which a personís sanity is judged, then call the nice young men in the clean white coats.... theyíre cominí to take me away, ha-ha! 

 As for the last person on Earth who could have stopped this most chilling of cold-blooded murders, Mr. Ahhnold Governator; hereís a comparison for you:

 One man kills in the heat of passion or rage, the other murders with cold-blooded calculation. The former does it by an act of COmission, the latter, by an act of Omission. One man does it at gunpoint, the other does it at needlepoint; One man justifies it by ignoring the law, the other accomplishes much the same ends by following the law. One man commits murder because heís insane; the State kills with a needle, and no one dares to question its sanity. One man has accomplices in the street; the other man has accomplices in his political constituents. One man looks his victim in the eyes and pulls a trigger; the other never meets his victim, and signs his death warrant with a pen. Any "shrink" who will dare to be honest, will tell you which one of the two is more dangerous to society... not that I give "shrinks" any credit, mind you... on the contrary; but Governator, not for nothing, but YOU OUGHT TO HAVE YOUR FUCKING HEAD EXAMINED! 

If Tookie Williams didnít deserve to be pardoned, no one does. ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER HERE. Some aspiring graffiti artist should consider painting a mural to that effect on San Quentinís walls... or perhaps on a sandwich board to be stealthily dropped by helicopter in the dead of night around the shoulders of the Statue of Liberty... so that everyone coming to these shores would know what theyíre dealing with, and they would go back to wherever the hell it is they came from. 

Psychology is at the core of Criminology. The second half of those two words is the Greek word "ologia", which means, "to know", or "knowledge of". I ask you, truth seeker, how much real knowledge can a shrink have, if he or she canít cure over ninety percent of his... uhh... patients, and makes many of their conditions orders of magnitude worse? How much real, effectual knowledge can a Criminologist have, when the country has 6 to 19 times the incarceration rate of any Western nation,[1] and over eighty percent recidivism? Nevertheless, if youíve read this far, I guess Iím preaching to the choir... either that, or youíre a goddamn masochist. For those of you "in the back of the church" so-to-speak, allow me to share the most profound definition of a "science" or "ologia" Iíve ever run across: 

   "The workability of a postulate [or a science, or profession] is established by the degree to which it explains existing phenomena [which is] already known; by the degree that it predicts new phenomena which when looked for, will be found to exist, and by the degree that it does not require that phenomena which do not exist in fact, be called into existence for its explanation." [2] (Brackets mine). 

Can psychology, psychiatry, or criminology pass the three elements of the above test? The answer is an emphatic "No!". The truth of the matter is that in our personal lives, we tend to shy away from doing what has proven itself not to work in the past; We donít take our car to an incompetent mechanic that gives it back to us in worse condition than when we took it to the shop. We donít buy meat from a butcher if he doesn't know beef from pork. Somehow, when it comes to politicians, knowing their record of accomplishment, we force ourselves to believe every lie they tell us. "The dog returneth to his own vomit again". Itís not denial; itís the Inability to Confront the Truth and deal with it. This ICT disease is the national pandemic. There is no vaccine. When you start to get symptoms, (mental constipation and verbal diarrhea) itís an early indication that youíre becoming a Republican or a Neo-Con. Take fifty milligrams of cyanide followed with four ounces of wood alcohol before bedtime, and call the suicide prevention hotline in the morning

Psychology is the core etiology of our social and political problems. Criminology is at the core of our crime problem. Prisons are criminogenic; i.e.: they create criminals. Itís time we threw the spineless bastards out of office, and tried something that has proven itself with over 90% efficacy... Iím talking about the Criminon and Narconon programs, which have been highly praised world wide for their 90 percent success rate. However, for many people behind that gray wall, with little hope of ever leaving that place alive, there is precious little incentive. Compulsion into "therapy" has proven to accomplish the exact opposite of what was "intended" Ė or what the politicians say was the intent. Their great social experiment is a dismal failure, and I believe they know better, and are liars (so, what else is new?). 

You see, dear truth-seeker, "Corrections" isnít really concerned at all with a prisonerís rehabilitation; all theyíre concerned with is job security for their 15th-generation dumb-as-a-rock, and sexually aberrated prison guards, and the hordes of Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes who couldnít get a job at Wal-Mart if their uncle was the store manager. All the politicians are concerned with is their public image, the votes in the prison communities, prison populations that are added to the census of little hick towns in the middle of nowhere to increase their portion of federal funds, prison "therapy" scams investigated by the Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General then covered up, and their ability to make bullshit appear to be gospel. The public has to "buy into" their mindset in order for their PhDs Ė gained by studying shit that donít work, and has never worked Ė to mean anything in social circles. In other words, itís all about money; their god is their belly, and to hell with us Ė criminals and law-abiding citizens alike. Theyíve elected themselves the "authority", and appointed themselves the de facto moral arbiters for this nation, and amicus curiae in the courts. They were able to do it only because God-fearing, law-abiding citizens who are too busy making ends meet, and distracted by news media propaganda, failed to be vigilant, and failed to rise to the task at hand. "Honey, did you see the remote control?"  

I tell you that itís high time that we OUTLAW psychology, psychiatry, and criminology outright. These people should be banned from our courts, our prisons, and certainly... surely, we can no longer tolerate these people in our schools... they diagnosed ten million children with non-existent diseases, and give them dangerous drugs that street dealers call "smart pills". They have succeeded in creating the very thing they claim to be able to cure. They set the fire, and then appear to be the fortuitous hero that happens to be walking by with a fire extinguisher in hand. Some of us can see through the smoke, and have learned to distinguish the metaphorical fly shit from pepper... others among us, are still like mushrooms... being shat upon and kept in the dark. Evil of this magnitude is not easily believed, because normal, un-aberrated people donít have the capability to wrap their minds around it; it is nevertheless, empirically true. Just remember what the Bible says: 

"The natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned".

 I donít know; maybe itís just me... perhaps my Post-Traumatic Stress from Vietnam, and having an eight year-old boy die in my arms has got something to do with my perceptions and my emotions here. Maybe spending time in prison with Jerry "The Jew" Rosenberg, and Jack Henry Abbott has sharpened my wit. Perhaps Iíve written too many books these last few years, and Iím starting to "lose it". Whatever it is, Iíve gottaí tell you Ė and you decide if Iím "dihn kia dau" or not... but Iím telling you that if we Americans donít do something real quick, there wonít be anything left of America very shortly... like I wrote in Land of Childhoodís Fears, "... itís gonnaí be Bye-bye Miss American pie for real!" and perhaps thatís a good thing... the world has suffered enough at our hands. We have succeeded in one thing, though; weíve invented the majority of the technology that the world today canít do without (including my digital cameras, my computers, and the handheld computer Iím writing the draft of this article with). In return, we have either destroyed or abandoned our faith in God, and have forgotten that this life is not all that there is. James, the brother of Jesus wrote: "For what is your life? It is a vapour that lasteth for a little while, then vanisheth away", and Jesus asked, "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?" We have become a technology-based Barbarism. We are Techno-Barbarians, and have become stimulus-response mechanisms that pop pills for every minor inconvenience, and we have fallen prey to The Merchants of Chaos

If America could not be outraged that Stanley "Tookie" Williams was murdered in cold blood by the government that represents them; if indeed, as was shown by AOL polls just minutes before his death; that two-thirds of us favored his execution, then I submit to you that the remaining third of us whose stomachs became queasy at the graphic descriptions of the "protocol" of the state-sanctioned murder... We have no place here in this country. We are the American Diaspora, because our country has dematerialized right out from under us. Our values, our ethics, our moralities, and religious convictions have no meaningful or effectual avenue of expression here. The American dream has de-evolved into a totalitarian nightmare. We are citizens without a country... if we stay here; our children will inherit something much, much worse than the Nazi occupation of Germany. We either take America back from these Nazi bastards who usurped it out of our hands, or we start looking for another indigenous people whose country we can steal... like the invader / terrorist that Christopher Columbus really was... itís dejaí vŻ all over again. 

And so, until sane people wake up and start this country all over again, or emigrate elsewhere, I donít believe that thereís any way to patch it up so that it works the way most of us would have it, if we could. Some things get so broke, that fixing them just isnít worth the time, effort, or expense. Throw the bastards Ė every single one of them Ė out of office, ban lawyers from public office, and elect the "electorate" from within the communities, repeal tort immunity for crooked cops, judges, and politicians, ban psychology and psychiatry outright Ė stop practicing it, and stop teaching it, stop the teaching of state-sponsored pagan Evolutionist religions in public schools, require empirical, physical evidence for any court proceeding, ban the media from publicizing allegations and conducting courts of public opinion. Institute severe penalties for wrongful or malicious prosecution. Stop government interference with the press, and from censoring web sites that tell it like it is, and weíre on the right track. Youíll note that I wonít be holding my breath, waiting... I wonít live that long, but that doesnít keep me from wanting something better for you. All of my dynamics are where they should ideally be. Iím not perfect by any stretch. In the Bible, Job writes, "... if I say that I am perfect, it shall also prove me perverse". My or your faults should not keep us from resisting the evils in our midst. Who better to call them as he sees them... to have unimpeachable credibility when he does so, than someone who has not only "been there, done that", but someone who also doesnít have anything to personally gain from doing so? I, for one, am such a person. Iím not looking for your votes or your money; all I want is your ears for a moment, and your hearts and minds for the Lord Jesus Christ. People really do become a party to the evil they fail to oppose. What can you do? The least you can do, as the Bible teaches, is to resist in your spirit, and pray. The rest will follow as the Spirit leads. 

Until then; until sane people rise up and take this country back... until then, I have just two words for the Neo-Con Fascist, faux Christian hypocrite scumbags, the Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes, and the "Principalities and Powers" in high places. Two words...

                                      ... And it ainít "Merry Christmas!"

                                       ... If you get my drift.


By the way, in the spirit of Mike Malloy of Air America Radio, have I forgotten to mention how much I hate these people? 

And for those who may have been offended by the occasional expletive not deleted herein, let me assure you, I am in good company, for the prophet Isaiah wrote, "... woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell amongst a people of unclean lips...". I have vented my anger, and the "editing for content" would have robbed you, the reader, of sharing a bit of my rage, and would have taken me one small step towards becoming just like the liars I so desperately abhor. 

To those of like mind and kindred spirit, I say to you,


Peace, Goodwill to all.

  WebPastor David Todeschini

Web site:       



[1] USDOJ statistics
"What is Scientology?" Ė L. Ron Hubbard ISBN# 1-57318-122-6> Ė Id at 636, Logic #19

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