Terri Schiavo

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Messages from World Pastor Tony Alamo of Alamo Christian Ministries and WebPastor David Todeschini of Net4TruthUSA Christian Ministries about the sanctity of life, and what the treatment of sister Terri Schiavo tells us about those who run our government.


Go to Net4TruthUSA - The Web's most extensive Veteran's Web site. Ministry, books, articles, and lots of good information -  - Logo (c) copyright 2007 - TelsonUSA Web Enterprises - all rights reserved

The following letter was downloaded from Pastor Tony’s web site at:

www.AlamoMinistries.com by WebPastor David Todeschini of
www.Net4TruthUSA.com and posted here. Please pass this around. Something needs to be done. The only thing required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

Letter from Tony Alamo on behalf of Terri Schiavo:


Dear Sir,

Anyone watching Terri Schiavo being dealt with in this inhumane, satanic way and agrees with it and does nothing about it, is just as sick and guilty in the eyes of God as the demonic, depraved government agencies that are doing it and enforcing it.

God uses His chosen people on earth to show His life-giving power, His life-giving strength. When all seems hopeless, there is hope with God. "By [My] stripes ye were healed" are the truthful words of the living God (I Pet. 2:24). If I am permitted to spend some time in the room with Terri Schiavo (her father and brother can be there or anyone else as long as there are no distractions), I know that if I were permitted to talk to her and explain to her the things that God has already provided for her, such as salvation and healing, and if I were permitted to pray with her for her, I know that she would be healed. I’ve done this before with people who seemingly were hopeless.

God never says, "Kill the sick." God never says, "Starve the sick to death." Rather, He says pray for them, "and they shall recover" (Mark 16:18). What Mr. Schiavo and the U.S. government is doing is the exact opposite of what the Good Samaritan did when a man was almost dead.

Mrs. Schiavo has been suffering for years only because of her ignorance of the Word of God, which plainly states, "By [My] stripes ye were healed" (I Pet. 2:24). It’s already done. So many people, even Christians, are not knowledgeable of the Word of God, which tells of all the beautiful and powerful things that God has already provided for us. That’s why we are commanded to read the Scriptures for ourselves and learn of the Lord for He is good and merciful. Someone has to teach these truths to the people of the world; otherwise, they needlessly suffer and die.

The authorities have become like animals. They believe that it’s merciful to starve someone to death, to murder them. This should never be done to a dog, let alone a human being who is created in the image and likeness of God. In World War II the Nazi doctrine was to put everyone to death that they thought was not beneficial to society, such as the mentally handicapped, the aged, and the mongoloid, and now their doctrine is sweeping the entire world: Anything to save a buck and anything to stop the gospel, the Word of God, from being preached and taught that these people might be saved, healed, and not destroyed.

Our merciful God’s desire is that we sow mercy into the world that we may reap mercy in return. According to God’s Word, Mrs. Schiavo has already been healed. She only needs to hear the Scriptures that show her this fact.

The people in government and the entire world have been deceived into believing that starving people to death is merciful. It will save the taxpayer money. Why not let me witness to her and pray for her so that she is able to take up her bed and get out of the hospital alive? There’s a book written entitled, How to Get Out of the Hospital Alive. The only way there is to do this, in this case, is to let me enter the room with her family there and anyone else, so I can tell her that God has already provided healing for her.

Recently I prayed for a man who the doctors said had less than an hour to live. His mouth was filled with a tumor as big as a lemon, and a tumor in his brain was so large that it was pushing one of his eyes out of his head. The man now belongs to God. He’s alive and happy. This incident occurred more than sixty or seventy days ago. There are thousands of testimonies like this. This glorifies God. Of course the Roman Catholic government and media are not looking to exalt God or give God glory. The things that the people in this world are doing today are absolutely insane, and if they are not of the devil, what more could they do to prove they are of the devil?

There are many people in the secular government and throughout the world that would be saved and healed if miracles like this were printed and broadcast in the media rather than watching the man in Rome sitting on a balcony, waving his hand or a wand at people. He has his reward. It’s obvious that the Vatican and all religions do not believe God, but I do. Mark 16:17-18 states, "These signs shall follow them that believe; In My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; THEY SHALL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK, AND THEY SHALL RECOVER." God gives this power to those who believe all His Word. Christ is the Word of God (Rev. 19:13). "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ [the Word of God], and thou shalt be saved [and healed]" (Acts 16:31).

Every human body was created by God to be temples for Him to live in. "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God" "and ye are not your own?" (I Cor. 3:16, 6:19) So our bodies don’t belong to us, they belong to God. They are His temple to live in. "If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are" (I Cor. 3:17). It is a cardinal crime to commit suicide or to assist anyone to commit suicide. Everyone is commanded to trust God who raises the dead. It looked hopeless for approximately three million Jews when God delivered them from Egypt. When they were boxed in and at the Red Sea, the entire Egyptian army was hot in pursuit to destroy them all. God opened the Red Sea and delivered them. The foolish Egyptians thought that God would allow them to go through the Red Sea on dry land as well. That was a mistake. The water fell on them and they all died. It was hopeless, but God is the God of miracles. God wants to open the door, the Red Sea, for Mrs. Schiavo. Aren’t you curious to see if He will?

We are not to live by our opinions or ideas. Our opinions and ideas, the Word of God indicates, is of Satan. We have the Word of God in this world which tells us the right way to go. What I’ve written here is not my opinion or my idea. It’s the Word of God. The Roman cult, its "new world order," and its media are soon to be punished eternally for its blatant disregard for God’s Word, God’s people, and all humanity.

The media has painted me to be a Catholic hater, yet the woman whose life and soul I’m fighting for is a Catholic. What’s happening on television and in the media today is that Rome, the new world order, and the mouth of Satan, the media, is attempting to condition the world into believing that it’s all right to kill someone if they’re sick, including family members. According to God even if they will to die, someone who knows God should be allowed to pray for them, to raise them up from their sick bed. Then if God takes their life, at least there was an attempt made to follow God’s perfect instructions. If that woman’s soul goes into eternity unsaved, she will be in Hell. So the ones responsible for murdering her are not only condemned for murdering her but for sending her soul to Hell before she had an opportunity to repent and believe the Gospel.

I and my church are praying that at least one of you who has any ability to save this woman’s life that you repent before it’s too late for you. The Lord is very capable of extracting the spirit out of your body by just telling it to come out, and if He does, your soul will be in Hell for eternity. And in the end Hell with you and Satan in it will be cast into the lake of fire (Rev. 20:14-15).

I’ve done what the Lord has told me to do. I’ve delivered my soul with this message unto you. I’m off the hook with God, but you’re not unless you make a difference, unless you follow the dictates of this message. At least read this message to the world that they might pray for her soul and that her health is recovered in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the living God.

Again, anyone watching Terri Schiavo being dealt with in this inhumane, satanic way and agrees with it and does nothing about it, is just as sick and guilty in the eyes of God as the demonic, depraved government agencies that are doing it and enforcing it.

Tony Alamo
World Pastor

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries
PO Box 6467
Texarkana, Texas 75505
(479) 782-7370


 Letter from WebPastor David Todeschini on behalf of Terri Schiavo


            Dear Sir;

                My name is David Todeschini, and I run a small Christian Ministry on the Internet at www.Net4TruthUSA.com. I am writing you this letter to warn you that you are committing MURDER by denying Mrs. Terri Schiavo food and water.

                 I have lived to see this once-great nation degenerate into a bunch of spineless hypocrites, and you in the courts are where it all started. You make much ado about ONE life, and by your actions in denying this woman food and water, you show your true colors, for it was the exact same mentality in Weimar Germany, that started the pogroms and ended in the genocide of over 30 million innocent people. You feign morality, but you lack the personal ethics the morality necessarily consists of; for the morals of a society are reflected in it's laws, and the morality of a society is an amalgam of the ethics of the individuals which make up that society. When God's law is not the moral anchor, then the doom of a nation is sealed. We are not going, but we've already gone to hell in a hand basket. For those of you who would reply, "I don't believe in hell", let me tell you something. You can go to hell without believing in it; it's God's way of showing you that you were wrong. You will be there for all eternity, and the Bible says:

            "The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth". – Matthew 13:41, 42 KJV

            "And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm [consciousness] shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh".  – Isaiah 66:24 KJV (brackets mine)

        I adjure you who can influence the outcome of this tragedy, repent of your wickedness, and restore the food and water to Terri – you are starving her to death, and even though you think she cannot perceive suffering or pain, I assure you that she does. If she is to die, then it is up to the Lord; He will take her home in His good time, no matter what your medical science does. And God can cure her and make her well, no matter what your "educated" prognosis forecasts. You "Justices" feign concern, and you wallow in your sins and think it is alright because "it's legal". That argument was raised as a defense at the Nuremberg genocide trials; it was LEGAL to murder six million Jews, because the Jews were not "legally" people under your role model Adolf Hitler. The "value of life" is NOT for YOU to decide. You murder over 4,000 innocent babies in vivo every day in this country. And you are committing murder right now in front of God and everybody. 

        "[Your]  end is destruction, [your]  God is [your]  belly, and [your] glory is in [your] shame, [you] who mind earthly things". – Phillipians 3:19 KJV (brackets mine)

    "…Behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out." 
                                                                                                    – Numbers 32:23b KJV

The following from:  "Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation" – Ronald Reagan – A most incredibly moving essay written by a sitting President in his first days in office. Afterwords by C. Everett Coop and Malcolm Muggeridge – ISBN# 0-8407-4116-2

     "No more sick or misshapen bodies no more disturbed or twisted minds, no more hereditary idiots or Mongoloid children. Babies not up to scratch would be destroyed, before or after birth, as would also the old beyond repair. With the developing skills of modern medicine, the human race could be pruned and carefully tended until only the perfect blooms – the beauty queens, the Mensa IQ's, the athletes – remained..." – Malcolm Muggeridge

"Surely some future Gibbon
1 surveying our times will note sardonically that it took no more than three decades to transform a war crime into an act of compassion, thereby enabling the victors in the war against Nazi-ism to adopt the very practices for which the Nazis had been solemnly condemned at Nuremberg..." – Malcolm Muggeridge

     "The cultural environment for a human holocaust is present whenever any society can be misled into defining individuals as less than human and therefore devoid of value and respect." – William Brennan2

        Do not think for a minute that you will not be judged for your crimes. The Lord is coming, and His wrath will be swift and mighty, and powerful. He will cast the demons and all who serve Satan into the fiery pit. The innocent are silent; there are few who speak out on their behalf. The sick and the outcasts of society, according to your Nazi philosophy, are a burden on society and should be eliminated. Your victims are crying out to God at this very moment:

        "And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" – Revelation 6:9, 10 KJV 

            For over 33 years you have perpetrated a daily slaughter of the innocents.

            "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven". – Matthew 18:10 KJV

            The message of God is clear. The Lord will not tolerate such decadence much longer. God uses His people to bring the message to the heathen, that they too, might be saved. James, the brother of Jesus Christ wrote:

            "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away".– James 4:14 KJV

            Yes, this life IS a vapor... it is sustained by the will and the mind of God:

             "And he is before all things, and by him all things consist". – Colossians 1:17 KJV

                    We pray for Terri Schiavo, and we pray for those who slowly murder her by thirst and starvation. We pray for deliverance from God's wrath, and we speak out in the face of the evil and corrupt thing that the government of this nation has become. We await the return of the Lord and He shall set His people in a large place, and those who refuse to repent of their wickedness and continue doing the bidding of the demons of hell will join them at the sides of the pit.

                    Restore dignity to life; the lives of the yet unborn who would be murdered in the womb, and the lives of those like Terri Schiavo – ALL LIFE IS SACRED, and it is not a man's right or a government's right to deny life – because miracles happen if you believe they CAN happen. Leave the things of God to God. 

WebPastor David Todeschini


1. Referring to the author of "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire". 
2. Not the justice (judge).




            Just hours after Pastor Tony Alamo and I wrote the preceding letters, I was sitting at my computer in the Science and Industry Library on 34th Street and Madison Avenue, like I most always do these days – working on my Web site and my next book simultaneously. Connected to AOL via Broadband, I hear in my headphones the announcement "You’ve Got Mail". This was an AOL Alert that Terri had passed away.


            When I look at Terri’s picture, I see a beautiful young woman, whose life was tragically cut short – like so many others, and for what purpose, only the mind of God Knows. I can identify with the family who wanted so desperately for a miracle to happen – praying, crying, and trying to console each other as this bright young lady went home to the Lord.


            A similar thing happened to me in Vietnam, where I prayed for the life of a mortally wounded child, offering God a bargain to take my life and let the child live, as I held him in my arms, carrying him with a buddy to a MedEvac helicopter (see: Tragedy of War www.net4truthusa.com/tragedyofwar.htm and the poem Reflections www.net4truthusa.com/poem-reflections.htm I wrote in my book on Vietnam).


           No one on this earth has the right to decide when a person lives and when a person dies. There is a "right to life" upon conception (not birth), but there is no such thing as the reciprocal "right to die"… living will or not. I suppose now, that the government will be intervening in other such situations – not that they don’t have better things to do than to pontificate over whether or not a life is worth living. Such a thing was all the rage in pre-Nazi Germany, where psychiatrists and psychologists debated over the "value of life". You don’t have to believe me, dear reader; look it up for yourself. Go to my psychiatry links pages on my web site at www.net4truthusa.com/cchrlinks.htm and see what the Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes have done in the past. Where do we draw the line? Terri Schiavo, there, but for the Grace of an Almighty and Merciful God, go I… and you.


            The actions of the courts in this matter, are only the tip of the iceberg in the slow dissolutions of our liberty that brave men and women fought and gave their lives to protect. The courts and the government are trying to run our lives, drug our children for non-existent diseases (Attention Deficit Disorder), and if peradventure we protest about it – especially on behalf of someone else, then it’s open season for retaliation by those who have immunity from prosecution for perpetrating their malicious lies. I know. Been there, done that. Have T-shirt. I recently did an interview with a woman whose son was kidnapped by the State of New York because she made a valid complaint about a medical facility’s incompetence at treating her son’s ear infection (read about and hear the interview on: www.net4truthusa.com/acsabuse.htm.


            To the meddlers in the government, and to the courts that refused to save Terri’s life – and not only refused to save her, but stood by and watched her die of thirst, I have a scripture that I want to FLIP for you:


"And whoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward".   – Matthew 10:42 (KJV)


"And whoever shall deny a drink of water unto one of these little ones, feigning an act of compassion, verily, I say unto you, he shall in no wise escape his punishment". – WebPastor Dave 1:1



            Take your Nazi mentality, and go straight to hell with it. –   WebPastor Dave Todeschini 




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