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God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




My Reaction to "Prophet of Doom"

© Copyright 2007, Rev. David Todeschini – Conditionally Released to the Public Domain


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After listening to the 29 files – over 40 hours – of the AudioBook "Prophet of Doom" by Craig Winn, several times, I am at a loss to communicate my reaction in a statement that doesn’t approach the length of the 1,000 – page written manuscript and the ten-year study on which the book (and audio book) is based…. I will endeavor to TRY, but I implore the reader – and every American who wishes to know the TRUTH about so-called "Islamic Extremism" (and the source of the mentality that creates suicide bombers and will start a world-wide thermonuclear holocaust) to download a copy of the book or audiobook.


            I am reminded of the ancient Chinese curse (not easily translated into English context) which says, "May you live in interesting times". Interesting, indeed!


            There are those of us which represent a great section – if not the majority – of Americans, who are content to live day-to-day as if September 11, 2001 never happened. Oh, we were scared for a while, and in our shock and confusion, made a run on bookstores and churches to snap up every copy of the Bible we could get our hands on. We sought comfort in the God we turned our backs on, and when the perception of danger subsided, and when the mainstream media was able to convince us that some towel-head camel driver hiding in a cave in Afghanistan was the madman behind the attacks; and since no more such incidents have happened to date, it has become "business as usual". Time to forget the past and move on…. We HOPE. We deceive ourselves at our own peril. Just as the taking lightly of Adolph Hitler’s "Mien Kampf" resulted in the holocaust of World War II, public ignorance of, and the toleration of political correctness about the Quran and the Islamic (terrorist) religion will result in World War III in which billions of people will die.


            For those of you who can’t find the time to read a 1,000-page book on the subject, there are several alternative options:


            To get an overview, Avi Lipkin’s (Victor Mordecai) 2-hour audio lecture is available in MP3 format directly from the author’s Web site at: This lecture gives an overview, but in no way is as detailed and cross-referenced as "Prophet of Doom".


            You can download various VIDEO documentaries and select from hundreds of MP-3 files from our LINK page at: Load them onto your iPod or MP-3 player and listen to / watch them on-the-go.


            Every American needs to become educated on this most important issue – our very existence as a nation is at stake. However, I am not holding my breath that the warnings will be heeded in time to avert the unprecedented DISASTER that awaits us in our ignorance. As with WWII, Vietnam, and the current debacle in Iraq (and soon, Iran), those who don’t know their history are condemned to repeat it. The Bible tells us:


"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame".[1]


There is certainly a lack of knowledge on the part of the American people when it comes to the terrorist religion of Islam. The Quaran – Islam’s "holy book" is nothing of the sort. When you hear it read verbatim, and when you read the revered "commentaries" taught in the Mosques, you will be as shocked as I was.

One of America’s most revered freedoms is the freedom of religion; it is one of the foundational tenets of our republic. However, contrary to what is believed about the religion of Islam – the FUNDAMENTALIST religion as outlined in the "scriptures" – Islam’s Quran – is a TERRORIST MANIFESTO.  One of the principal LIES about the Islamic religion is that "Allah is the Arabic word for God", and that Muslims worship the same God as the Christians and Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the proof of this statement lies in a very cursory exegesis of the Quran. The author of "Prophet of Doom" proves this a thousand times with the very words of the so-called "prophet" himself. I am loathe to even think about what I must now write and propose – because I am an American, and I believe in the spirit as well as the letter of the US Constitution…. But I must propose it; the alternative being to know what I know and just let what I know will happen without making any effort to stop it.


If America is to prevail in this clash of civilizations – which is what the War in the Middle-East actually is – we must ERADICATE the religion of Islam from within our shores, and extend this effort and mission to the rest of the world. Most importantly, we as Christians, must do all within our power to RESCUE good Muslim people from the "religion" of oppression, war, revolt, terrorism, and moral debauchery in which they are trapped by the compulsion that Islam imposes upon them: Leave Islam and a Fatwah[2] will be upon you.


The Islamic (Muslim) religion is built upon a book of questionable origins which contains demonstrable contradictions, historical and scientific inaccuracies, literary errors, and its tenets are the antithesis of the Christian Bible. The Quran both affirms the Old Testament as true and "of God", and simultaneously condemns it as being corrupted and inaccurate. The leading scholar of Quaranic studies has admitted that one out of five Suras (chapters) in the Quran are "meaningless and unintelligible". Craig Winn, author of "Prophet of Doom" has stated that the Quran’s (Arabic) "flowery" language and rhyming but incoherent prose replete with meaningless words such as "Nutfah" [3] (sic), dangling modifiers and incomplete sentences, random switching of contexts, genders, and person, and completely devoid of meaningful context or chronology, is equivalent to today’s worst "hip-hop" or "gangsta rap" lyrics; its rhythm is pleasing and seductive, but the message is morally corrupt – and criminal – by any rational definition.


Craig Winn’s exhaustive 10-year study of the religion of Islam proves that the Quran is mostly comprised of bastardized plagiarisms of ancient Hebrew texts, and rewritten parts of Apocryphal Biblical works, along with coincidentally-timed "revelations" designed to justify the author’s (Mohammad’s) complete moral turpitude. The religion of Islam is in reality a Pagan religion, and "Allah" is (literally) a black rock (meteorite) which was worshipped along with 359 other rock idols in Arabia long before Mohammad the so-called "prophet" was born. The tenets of the religion are in fact SATANIC, and any rational human being would never attribute such literary trash as "the word of God".


Criticisms of the religion’s scriptures aside, the TRUE religion of Islam is the exact OPPOSITE of the Christian religion. The Quran ("Allah") approves of war (jihad), terrorism, murder, rape, incest, adultery, polygamy, prostitution, slavery, child abuse, thievery, lying, and every sort of moral debauchery imaginable. This is not MY opinion…. This is what the Quran says – allegedly in Mohammad’s (or Allah’s) own words. This is verified by the official commentaries and oral traditions, and exposed in "Prophet of Doom".


It is unconscionable that our President[4], who definitely knows these facts, has committed thousands upon thousands of our brave young men and women to fight in an un-winnable war, in which the "enemy" is in reality a spiritual corruption which can only be fought against with the TRUTH. Even if we were to wipe Iran and Iraq off the face of the planet with a thermonuclear first strike, the terrorists – those who believe in the FUNDAMENTALIST religion of Islam – 15 MILLION of them – will still be within our shores, protected from scrutiny by the very Constitution they abhor and seek to destroy.


It is ironic indeed that the scriptures of this so-called "religion of peace" should contain so many graphic representations of the most cruel and unusual war crimes ever conceived in the mind of Man. It is the supreme hypocrisy that Muslim commentaries include the obligatory phrase "Peace Be Upon Him" (usually abbreviated in brackets as: [PBUH] ) after every single mention of this so-called "prophet’s" name, when he (not God) is the source material for the most violent and aberrated book ever written[5]. So many accounts – in the Quran itself and in the Sunnah and Hadith[6] have been written about the "prophet’s" terrorist raids and sexual debauchery, that it is difficult NOT to come away from reading them (or hearing them read) that every breath that Mohammad drew was in itself, a crime against humanity. And do not be deceived – our elected officials are fully cognizant of everything we reveal to you here. Not only are they AWARE of the threat, they have conspired with the terrorists to bring this evil upon the world – all for a satanic agenda that is exposed in the numerous video documentaries you can get here.


Make no mistake about this, my friends…. Islam is a threat to anything that can be called "civilization". In all of the places on Earth where Islam prevails, there is oppression, poverty, and complete lack of anything that can be called "moral"; a complete lack of anything tat can be called "Godly" in civil society. The Lord Jesus Christ tells us that "…. You will know them by their fruits". The fruits of Islam are bitter, indeed. If we are to maintain what is left of our standard of living here in the United States – and if we are to preserve our way of life – we must move to ACTION right now…. Indeed, it may be too late – we DO live in "interesting" times. I, for one, would not consider a nuclear mushroom cloud over New York Harbor "interesting" – but you can bet that given the wherewithal and the opportunity, the minority of those who actually practice the Islamic religion as set forth in the pages of the Quran – those "FUNDAMENTALISTS" that the mainstream media in true Orwellian New-Speak fashion has errantly labeled "RADICAL ISLAM", and others have accurately called "Islamo-Facists" will seek to make it happen. They will be aided and abetted either consciously or unwittingly (it will make little difference to those who will die) by high-ranking officials in our own government.


Islam is nothing short of SATANIC. "Allah" is NOT another name for "God"; "Allah" is actually Satan, Beelzebub, and the great deceiver, and who Jesus called "The Father of Lies". All that is said by the mainstream media about Islam and all that is said by the Catholic Pope about how Christianity and Islam are so much alike is either a product of willful ignorance or it is a bold-faced LIE – take your pick. The DEAD will not have the opportunity to make any scrutiny; they will be dead, and those who survive will LEARN the truth long after it is too late to do anything to stop what is going to happen if drastic action is not taken.


We sit by and do nothing…..

And we become accomplices to the evils that we fail to oppose –

We failed to stop Fascism when Adolph Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf".

The ranting of Adolph Hitler is a mirror-image of the religion of Islam….

Only the Quran and its commentaries make "Mein Kampf" look like a children’s fairy tale.

We immerse ourselves in meaningless and mindless ball games….

We live the soap operas as if the actors were family members….

We spin the "Wheel of Fortune" and watch "As The World Turns"….

We ignore this "Clear and Present Danger"….

We make light of it, and we believe we can do nothing….

We preoccupy ourselves with insignificant drivel, and we do it at our own peril.



[1] Hoseiah 4:6, 7 – KJV

[2] Fatwah – a religious edict or "contract" (death sentence) issued by an Islamic cleric.

[3] Nutfah – said by the translators to be a mixture of male and female "semen".

[4] George W. Bush

[5] The Quran was not written by Mohammad; he was illiterate. The Quran was set to paper more than 300 years after his death.

[6] Commentaries and Oral Reports.




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