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Abu Ghraib
Inside Prison
Prisoner Abuse USA
Prison Economy
Prison Therapy
Worse Than Denial

God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




© Copyright 2006 – David Todeschini – all rights reserved.

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 It is a little-known fact that the United States has 6 to 19 times the per-capita incarceration rate than any other Western Nation.[1] I have raised this issue before, and I raise it again here, because the reason behind this outrageous fact lies at the very core of what we believe is our liberty. In this article, I will prove to the reader beyond a reasonable doubt, that the explosion of the prison population is a calculated and premeditated outcome of various policies and practices that are all tied in to a great unspoken conspiracy to destroy America's freedom. The Russian president Nikita Khrushchev, in the 1960s said that America would not be destroyed by an invading army, [or Communist hordes arriving by sampan from China], but from within. It turns out that our own greed; "The love of money", as it says in the Bible, "is the root of all evil".[2] America, as a whole – its citizens collectively – seem to have lost sight of the fact that there are just some things that are worth more than money. Money is the great opiate, not "religion", as Karl Marx once postulated.

             In order to trace a crime, police know, it is useful to follow a "money trail". Ill-gotten gains always lead to disputes, and disputes escalate to violence and ultimately end up with someone being carried from the scene in a body bag. However, murder is only a small part of the problem.

            The reader might ask, "Who profits from the crime problem?" A valid question; but it is based on a premise – that there is, in fact, a crime problem. When you have dealt with these issues for as long as I have, you develop what I can only call "spiritual discernment". It is not that one would see demons and devils where none exist; it is that you see the reality behind the apparency of a problem. The "crime problem" in the United States is an apparency; that is, it seems to be, but it is not what it seems to be.

            The law has an axiom which states, "The danger with the use of circumstantial evidence is that of logical gaps; subjective inferential links of low probability or insufficient degree".[3] Jesus said, "Ye shall know them by their fruits".[4] I ask you, what are the "fruits" of our "Criminal Justice System?" What are the "fruits" of the Leviathan called "CPS"[5] or "ACS"[6] that we have allowed to grow out of control in our midst? I'll tell you. The former is a system that is criminogenic [it creates criminals], and the latter two destroys families for no other reason than it can do so with absolute impunity, and they profit in the process of so-doing. 

            Who profits by creating criminals out of thin air? For one, the prison system profits. For another, the hordes of "therapists" [aka: "Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes" or "Merchants Of Chaos"] who have succeeded only in creating violent criminals – the passive-aggressive type, who plan their crimes and lash out at society after their release from prison because of the abuse and exploitation they endured during their [often unjustified and unlawful] incarceration. 

            We have the crime problem because the job of ministering to lost souls has been gradually and progressively been taken out of the hands of the communities and the churches... and the communities and churches were all too eager to relinquish those responsibilities. Where "real people" get involved with "hardened criminals" such as the fellowship in the Kairos Prison Ministry, the changes in a person's life are almost without fail, dramatic.

I have witnessed what can happen, and I will tell you from having seen with my own eyes, and experienced with my own heart, that the genuine Christian Love shown to men who haven't had the loving homes most of us come from, is a powerful and even miraculous healing force that in no way can be compared with the psychology-based "therapy" programs, which only serve to further aberrate an individual – sometimes to the point of lethal violence... and sometimes to the point of suicide. Case in point: Jack Henry Abbott, author of "In the Belly of the Beast", who committed suicide in Wende prison in Alden, New York because after all of the abuse he suffered at the hands of people who "rehabilitated" him from the tender age of 12, he lost all hope of ever being released. 

If one studies the history of psychiatry, it will become apparent that as the practice spread and became increasingly ubiquitous in our daily lives, the incidence of senseless violence and crime followed; it is not the other way around. This country never had school shootings before it became "vogue" to introduce "counselors" into the public school system. We never had such aberration among very young children before we started giving out Ritalin™ and Peppermint Prozak™ for "disorders" [AH/ADD] that do not actually exist.

 Who profits?

·        The drug companies.

·        The "therapists".

·        The prisons.

·        The towns surrounding the prisons.

·        The lawyers.

·        The Judges.

·        Politicians who make political  "hay" out of deminimus[7] offenses. 

What is gained besides profits all-around is that the government can arrest anyone they want to. The Merchants of Chaos have created the problem that they are pretending to "solve". An analogy appropriate to the situation would be an arsonist who sets a fire unobserved, and then shows up after everybody notices the house is burning, extinguisher in hand. Whether or not the blaze is actually extinguished is irrelevant; the fact that "He tried to put out the fire", makes him a hero in the unsuspecting public's eyes. So it is with psychiatry and psychology; their methodology is wholly ineffective, and so they blame their inability to cure anything on the "intractability of the patient's condition". Total hogwash, and they know its hogwash. Instead of efficable technology, they use dangerous, mind-altering drugs to suppress the symptoms. The person being "treated" is effectively restrained from his (allegedly) aberrant behavior with chemical handcuffs; he or she is just as much a prisoner as if they were physically behind bars.  

We know them by their fruits, and if you honestly examine the history of the psychiatry "profession" in context with world events since Freud and Wundt, a number of coincidences appear. Prima Facie, coincidences are circumstantial, and do not, in themselves constitute evidence of anything beyond the logical and factual statement that "a coincidence" has indeed occurred. However, examining the mindset of the war mentality, and the mental justifications one has to make in order to be able to literally dissect a living human being out of a mother's body before he/she is born, goes right back to their philosophy that some life is not worth living. Ronald Reagan in his book "Abortion And The Conscience Of A Nation" with commentary by Malcolm Muggeridge and C. Everett Koop, eloquently and skillfully trace the world's problems today, and for the last 60 years, back to the advent of Psychology. I have incorporated quotes from this most excellent book into my literature "Please Don't Do This" – a pamphlet speaking to young women contemplating legal infanticide. 

Don't think for a moment that I have strayed from the topic here. A society that condones and tolerates the outright murder of the unborn will [and it has] develop insensitivity to offense. Collectively, we assert that we are a moral society, when in fact, just the opposite is true. We go on to "prove" to ourselves that we are "good", by persecuting people for deminimus offenses, and indeed, for offenses that are conjured up out of apparencies[8] that some people create in their own aberrated perceptions. Sociology calls this phenomenon "Boundary Maintenance", and it is closely related to what Dianetics would call "Asserted Rightness"; where being empirically "right", and "moral" quickly becomes divorced from the assertive position that you're right; "right" being equated to "good". A society that has to be "last-ditch right" is teetering on the brink of extinction. If you believe it cannot happen here, you are unfortunately, sadly mistaken.

             A good example of what the agenda of The Merchants Of Chaos really is is the practice of tracking certain "sex offenders" using GPS technology. If Adolf Hitler had access to the technology we have today, you can bet that we would all be singing "Edelweiss"[9] right now. Their agenda is to scare people into giving up their rights and freedoms – "Little and Little", as Plutarch once said. Today we have GPS tracking of "sex offenders" – fully 90% of whom have never committed a crime in their entire lives, and ten years from now (in 2015), everybody will be fitted with an RFID[10] chip at birth – and it won't be an "option". The public will pay for their groceries by waving their hand over a scanner, and if one crosses the line and objects to a government policy, their "number" can easily be deleted from the system. The "Mark of the Beast" [11] will have become a reality. No one will be able to buy or sell without that chip, just as today, every product sold in stores (including my own books, by the way) must have a UPC[12] bar code. Try getting a product into a supermarket without a bar code... it's not going to happen!

             The sad fact of the matter is that well-meaning people have fallen prey to the system, as they honestly believe some good will come of the application of a "technology" and philosophy that can be empirically proven to have been the underlying cause of both World Wars, and the ills of every society that has embraced its tenets and practices. 

            You might say that I believe in conspiracies – I believe in conspiracies because there is overwhelming evidence supporting a rational belief in conspiracies. It is the nature of a well-planned conspiracy to be unbelievable or incomprehensible, and in this way, even when the conspiracy is alleged, people won't believe it even with empirical evidence right there in front of them. The question is, when will you rest in the sufficiency of the evidence, and accept as factual, what is empirically obvious? I'm not asking my readers to make any leaps of faith; all I'm asking you to do is to not take the path of least [mental] resistance; don't believe a lie just because by doing so, it relieves you of the mental burden of investigating the facts for yourself. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We cannot delegate the responsibility to be vigilant to anyone – especially not to elected officials who couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it. 

            Everyone but the accused profits from false allegations. Peradventure the defendant is exonerated, he has no legal recourse to recover damages. If the Qualified Immunity laws were stricken from the legal books tomorrow, we would see even more malicious lies and outright witch hunts than we witnessed in the Michael Jackson case. The "Abstinence Violation Effect" (or whatever one wishes to call it) holds true for politicians, judges, cops, and human beings in general. Oaths of office do not absolve one of his or her humanity.

            It does our society no good to keep pretending to ourselves that harsher penalties deter crime. All throughout history, neither the sanctions of Man nor the wrath of an Almighty God acted as a deterrent to criminal behavior. In fact, studies have proven that just the opposite is true. An aberrated person who steals, robs, rapes, or murders, will do what his/her aberration dictate they "must" do. Suppressed aberrant behavior, like water flowing downhill, finds the path of least resistance. When the "primary" outlet is "plugged" by suppression, the "pressure" (if you will) to commit an offense, naturally finds a weakness in the container; it "leaks" out or "blows" out there. 

You fool yourself if you think that all these Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes don't know that what I just told you is true. The problem is that they have way too much time, money, and effort tied up and invested in convincing themselves that the tenets of their profession are right, and that everyone else – including the impersonal empirical reality – is wrong... after all, they have their Ph Ds! (I'm impressed! Can you tell?).

             Therefore, again we see that what "appears to be", is not what it appears to be. The entire "Criminal Justice System" is corrupt – and it has been corrupt for a very, very long time. Beyond the corruption, it is actually criminogenic; it would be far better off for society as a whole, if it were entirely abandoned. After over 200 years as a nation, we are still passing legislation – as if Hammurabi and Moses weren't enough; as if there is "something new under the sun"[13] that they somehow overlooked. Laws make matters worse. Period. Attempted suppression of aberrant behavior results in the continued and escalating assertion and repetition of that behavior. After so many years, you would think that someone would have come to the realization that human beings cannot be taught to "behave" like dogs are taught to behave. Human beings thrive on controlling their environment, however aberrated that method of control might be. Treat a man like an animal, and you reap what you sow; an animal – only this "animal" will constantly plan and plot in order to assert himself over the forces of what he perceives to be "oppression". Take away his ability to be self-determined, and to the degree you actually control him; to that degree you make a man insane. Rehabilitate his ability to confront his behavior, and fix his misperceptions about his environment, mix in a bit of genuine caring and true concern; expect better of him, and you will have made a well man; you will have performed a miracle second only to Jesus calling Lazarus to "come forth" from the tomb.[14]

             The public is never exposed to such analyses, and thereby are dependant upon "experts" to tell them what needs to be done. To keep themselves employed, they must have an ever-increasing crop of criminals; criminals which they, themselves have created, unwittingly or otherwise. 

            In New York, our governor (George Pataki) has overseen a ten-fold increase in the number of prisons in this state. In reality, more criminals (the majority of which were created out of thin air) necessitated the construction of more prisons, and then he has the chutzpah to claim dramatic reductions in crime on his watch. If the latter is true, then who, if not "criminals", are occupying 70,000 prison cells? This is what a logical person would call "a non-sequituer",[15] and the political dupes in the media never confront these politicians with the hard questions; it makes one think that perhaps all of this – even the press conferences – are scripted in advance. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me. The construction of prisons is a boon to small upstate towns. They provide jobs for unskilled rednecks, and equally unskilled "therapists", who had nothing better to study in school than the black art of "psychology".

The prison population is counted in the census of these towns, and the residents benefit by increased Federal funds as an apportionment based on population, where sometimes 75% of that "population" occupy 8 x 10 prison cells, and are fed "food" that you'd be loathe to feed a stray cat (cats won't eat that shit). Isaiah was right when he wrote: 

"But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore".[16] 

            As an example of corruption, exploitation, and outright thievery, read the report of Veteran's Affairs Inspector General Richard Griffin – Hotline Case #2001-HL-0066, Report # 01-00290-22 dated October 31, 2001 posted as a PDF file, accessible on The report is self-evident, and in itself, is an obvious cover-up – my analysis explains why. This sort of thing is not unusual; it is par for the course, and taxpayers are footing the bill. What are they getting for their money? I can tell you – they're getting abused and exploited people who are emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically and sexually abused, who when (eventually) released from prison, will avail themselves of any opportunity to revisit that abuse and violence back upon the "society" that inflicted it upon them.  

We have on our hands, an escalating war of asserted rightness, until one has nothing left to lose. We are then on dangerous ground, since such an individual is capable of anything his mind can conceive. Being trained for years in the "Gladiator Schools" of maximum-security prisons, such a "warrior" is a force no one in his right mind would dare contend with. The criminologists know this; and if they don't know it, they are, as the Bible says in 2 Peter 3:5, "willingly ignorant"; that is they are guilty of being what they accuse prisoners of being – "in denial". Unfortunately, they've convinced the rest of society that there is no other means to deal with criminal or aberrant behavior than to continue to do, and do more of what has proven itself not to work for over half a century. Read my article on The Etiology of Recidivism on:   

            The end-all of all this, is that politicians, for all their pompous posturing and incoherent rhetoric, if they are ignorant of a solution, they certainly are cognizant of the cause of the problems. Their failure to apply effective solutions is by design, and more often than not, they are the cause of the problem. If they've failed to "connect the dots", it is perhaps because they are the dots.

             Spending more money on prisons, and passing more legislation is like pissing up a rope (please pardon my use of a colloquialism). What this society needs is more love; more genuine, other-centered love and genuine caring. Love works miracles in people's lives, and I would encourage you to seek out and become part of a prison ministry like Kairos. You will then see that those "behind the wall"; those who have been disconnected from society – even the murderers, rapists, and drug dealers – are just as human as you are. Show a bit of love, compassion, and genuine caring, and you could trust any one of them with your wife, your son or daughter, or your most valuable possession. You can hate what they've done, but in no way does it justify exploitation and abuse, but such is all too common in the US today. "Boundary Maintenance" dictates we take the heat and the spotlight off of society, and redirect it to soldiers in Iraq; it's not like the same things are not happening right here in our own country. The world knows, and God knows. We are in denial because we can't confront reality anymore; we refuse to believe that we are no different in that regard, than any Third-World Banana Republic... maybe worse, for we add hypocrisy and a "holier than thou" attitude to the offense. The truth hurts, but the truth boldly spoken and humbly accepted; the truth will set us free.


Abu Ghraib Inside Prison Prisoner Abuse USA Prison Economy Prison Therapy Worse Than Denial


[1] USDJ statistics a/o 2001
[2] 1 Timothy 6:10
[3] People vs. Cleague 22 NY2d 363, 367, 292
[4] Matthew 7:16, 20
[5] CPS – Child Protective Services 
[6] ACS – Agency for Children’s Services
[7] Deminimus (Latin, legal term) "minimum"; of little or no consequence.
[8] Apparency (ies) – That which "appears to be", but is actually not what it appears to be.
[9] Edelweiss – A flower which grows only in the high altitude of the Alpine Mountains; Title of a song which is the German National Anthem, featured in the musical "The Sound of Music".
[10] RFID – Acronym for "Radio Frequency Identification Device".
[11] See: Revelation 13:17;  14:11;  15:2;  16:2;  19:20;  20:4
[12] UPC – Universal Product Code – The bar code on almost all consumer goods sold.
[13] "… new under the sun" – see: Ecclesiastes 1:9
[14] See: John 11:43
[15] "non-sequituer" – (Latin, legal term) – "It does not [logically] follow.
Isaiah 42:22



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Abu Ghraib Inside Prison Prisoner Abuse USA Prison Economy Prison Therapy Worse Than Denial

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