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Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.





© 2005, David Todeschini – all rights reserved.

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         The new-age thing in politics seems to be what I will call "preventive prosecution". We already have TRIAL BY PRESS, where the accused pays the penalty for an "alleged" crime – by the destruction of his good name and reputation, even before he sets foot in a courtroom to raise a defense. Now, since they’ve gotten away with that for so long, Trial by Press is being taken to another level. For lack of something completely descriptive, I call it "preventive prosecution". 

        The US Constitution is built on the premise that a person is presumed innocent of any wrong-doing or any crime, until he is found to be guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt", and "to a moral certainty" by a jury of his peers. Many people wouldn’t know what "moral certainty" is if it jumped up and bit them. This is because they don’t know what "morality" is... they’ve been conditioned by Jerry Springer to believe that the world is full of weird-os, and by Maury Povich into thinking that "lie detectors" really can tell if someone is lying. Stupidity is rampant in the USA, and the definition of stupidity is "the pursuit of ignorance"; what the Bible calls "willingly ignorant" [1]  (in the original Greek, it means "dumb on purpose") 

        Preventive Prosecution is the notion that criminals must be punished BEFORE they can do any harm. This was the mentality that drove the Salem witch-hunts, the Fell’s Acre day care center child abuse trials, the war in Iraq, the Coby Bryant fiasco, and the harassment of Michael Jackson, among thousands of others similarly situated, sans the sensationalist media coverage.

         President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, and bombed the beJesus out of Baghdad, like his father before him, on the basis of an unfounded speculation about weapons of mass destruction that were never found. Well, he’s in good company, because Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t kill JFK, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident that drew the United States into the protracted agony of a 10-year war in Vietnam NEVER HAPPENED. It was all a lie! Now just because we didn’t find WMDs in Iraq doesn’t mean that they don’t exist... Saddam had plenty of warning, and plenty of time to move them to.... wherever.... some place where the UN inspectors wouldn’t even think to look. The whole thing stinks of lies told badly, and I, for one, am sick of having my intelligence insulted by professional pathological liars who are not very good at tertiary postulates. In fact, the liars in the government told us that 9-11 was carried out by "Radical Islamists". I’m beginning to doubt that Islam, although it is a pagan jihad religion, had anything to do with 9-11.

        What I think really happened is that Bush and his boys needed an excuse to take over Iraq for their oil wells. He had to have an excuse to seize the country, and so he delegated the responsibility for creating that excuse to his co-conspirators. Bush didn’t know precisely WHAT was going to happen, but I believe he knew SOMETHING was going to jump-off that day, and that is why he was in that schoolhouse reading about goats to a class of children.

        When he was told that planes hit the Twin Towers, he was shocked, because he didn’t know the precise plans. Videotape doesn’t lie. He continued to read about goats instead of being outraged and sending for "the football".[2]

        As a nation, we simply must come to terms with the very real possibility that the government in our country is a complete and total apparency; something that "appears to be", but is NOT what it appears to be.

        George H W Bush is a liar. George H W Bush is a member of a secret satanic fraternity called "Skull and Bones". George H W Bush is a Nazi, because his family has ties to the Nazis going back to WWII.

        George H W Bush is a traitor, because he gave tacit consent for 9-11 to happen.

        George H W Bush is a mass-murderer, because he was party to the terrorist attacks.

        George H W Bush is NOT a Christian; he serves Satan in his Masonic cult (Skull & Bones) fraternity.

        George H W Bush is NOT a Patriot; because patriots risk and lay down their lives to defend liberty... he kills  people – including our own soldiers for greed and filthy lucre.[3] 

        As a nation, we can no longer afford to keep the status quo intact. The status quo is the criminals who run the government lying to the people who ignorantly trust them with their lives and their livelihood.

        In a nation that promises "due process of law", we have hundreds of innocent people being held incommunicado and without legal counsel or bail, in Quantico, VA ever since the 9-11 attacks. If the government has evidence against these "detainees", then let’s hear it! If the people being held illegally are guilty of terrorist acts, then prove it, then put them up against a wall and shoot them, or if you can’t prove it, let them go.

        Three years is a lot to lose out of your life if you’re innocent, and the people responsible for this atrocious travesty of justice should be held personally accountable and sued for treble damages.[4] As for the time spent in prison, those who are acquitted or never charged for lack of evidence or probable cause should be compensated 3 years of earnings per year of jail time, or one million dollars per year, whichever sum is greater. All of those in the legal system, who allowed this travesty to stand, should serve the maximum time that would have been served by the people whose rights they violated, and to hell with "qualified immunity". The notion that judges should be immune from prosecution is an archaic tradition, left over from British jurisprudence, and should be ruled unconstitutional. If you’re a cop, a judge, or a prosecutor, and you lie, knowingly admit false evidence into a courtroom, coach witnesses, manipulate facts, withhold exculpatory evidence, forge documents, plant evidence, and maliciously prosecute innocent people, why should YOU be above the law? You should rot in prison 3 times longer than the people you tried to railroad.

        Those of you reading this please do yourselves a favor – don’t think yourselves to be immune from false arrest, malicious prosecution, crooked cops and equally crooked judges out to make a reputation for themselves. There are more of them out there than you might think – by no means a majority, but a significant enough number to make "justice" a mockery. When ONE person has his or her life destroyed by vultures in the "justice" system, ALL of us lose our freedom. I say they should be taken out and shot... slowly... with bamboo bullets.

        When a public official steals money; that’s ONE thing – but when they destroy a person’s life, and disrupt the lives of his children and family by acts of depraved indifference and prosecutorial conspiracy, the sentence of death by slow torture is too lenient a punishment; to die quickly, is insufficient recompense for the damage caused… and I am speaking as someone who is AGAINST the death penalty.

        If one traces the etiology of this trend to place the burden of proof on the accused instead of the accuser, you will find that it has its roots firmly in the fertile ground of psychology, sociology, and criminology. The ground is fertile, because there is a lot of bullshit in those three "professions". The beginnings of our society going down the hopper began with Sigmund Freud. Kids turning their schools into reenactments of the My Lai massacre began with the introduction of "counselors" – Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes – in our public schools. The 80% recidivism rate in our prisons is a direct result of "therapeutic" programs such as "Aggression Replacement Training", "Cognitive Therapy", and such-like.

         If the reader would like a detailed dissertation on my allegations here, please read my three books: "Brainwashing – A Synthesis of The Russian Manual on Psychopolitics", "Psychiatry, Mind Control, Genocide, and Infanticide", and my forthcoming title "The Wheel of Ixion – Beyond The Belly of The Beast". These books cover all the aspects of how Psychiatry and Psychology – what I call "The Ologias [5] from the pit of hell" – are threatening the very existence of this country. In some of these writings, I quote the expert’s own words and textbooks, and you will know that I stray not one inch from the empirical truth.

         Now the question remains: What do we do with this information, once we establish its verity beyond a shadow of a doubt? Well, let me make a few suggestions, because non-constructive criticism is worse than useless:

       #1.    All civil cases involving an alleged violation of a defendant’s constitutional rights automatically become federal cases where the prosecution bears the burden of proof that the defendant’s rights were NOT violated. If a rights violation is found, the case against him is summarily dismissed with prejudice.[6] The persons found to have violated the defendant’s rights now become personally liable under 42 USC §1983 (civil rights lawsuit).

       #2.    No evidence, including alleged statements made by a defendant under arrest are admissible into evidence unless they are given with "the free and unfettered exercise of free will" AND in the presence of an attorney.

        #3.     A defendant is NOT allowed to waive his right to an attorney UNTIL he is provided counsel.

        #4.    After counsel is present, all statements made by the defendant MUST be videotaped to be admissible. No tape and no other evidence sufficient to establish probable cause; case dismissed with prejudice.

 (# 3 and # 4 would negate the need for Miranda hearings, and squabbles over admissibility of statements). 

        #5.   Cops who are found guilty of testi-lying[7] are to be fired, put in prison for perjury, and forfeit their pensions.  (Yeah. That’ll be the day!)

           Those should suffice to cover a multitude of sins; but don’t hold your breath waiting for them to be enacted. Too many people in the justice system are profiting from innocent people that cannot prove a negative. The "profits" of which I speak are most often not monetary – at least not directly. A cop who lies and causes the unlawful incarceration of a dozen innocent people who can’t prove their innocence, is seen as a "hero", is he not? Well, heroes are promoted, they get raises, and that’s their profit. Some crooked cops even write books ("We Get Confessions" by Lt. Al Joseph – Rochester NY PD – retired) that teach how to get around the Miranda laws. How many innocent people are in prison because of his lies, and the lies he teaches others to tell? – There is simply no way to know. 

            And so if we are ever to have an equitable society, we must start somewhere. Laws are NOT a deterrent to crime; we have more laws than we know what to do with, and ditto for crime. The law makes the criminal, and the psychiatrist creates the mentally ill and emotionally unstable. 

            It has been proven by many studies that something that is forbidden will be engaged in by some people for the simple fact that it is verboten; and the reasoning is that if it is forbidden, then there MUST be something to it; a classic example of coming to the right conclusion with the wrong reasoning. 

            The simple fact is that laws and prisons create criminals, and it is not because of the criminals that we need more and more prison space – 6 to 19 times that of any other Western country.[8] Free? – Don’t make me laugh! Do we do away with prisons entirely? No, I don’t think so. We wouldn’t need so many of them if this country got back to its Judeo – Christian principles and stopped allowing the government to meddle in people’s lives… especially the "counselors" and hordes of Sigmund Freud Wannabes we have crawling around in our public schools. Most are good people and well intentioned, however, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.   

            We have become so paranoid in this country because the NEWS media puts ONE act of violence in our face, and it becomes the conditioning that allows us to accept more and more depravity as "normal". The outcome of such a thing is that the society becomes aberrated by focus on a single boundary, and collectively engages in witch-hunts to assure themselves that they are moral, safe, righteous, or just plain "OK". Public officials love it, because it is one more thing they can use to get the publicity they couldn’t pay for otherwise. A judge will selectively admit evidence; ignore exculpatory evidence and allow falsified data to be entered into the record. The false convictions that are the result of such behavior are legion, and it’s about time we pass a Constitutional Amendment that dissolves qualified immunity for all State and Federal employees. If you’re a crooked judge, prosecutor, or cop, and you are caught trying to railroad an innocent person, you become PERSONALLY liable to the victim; he / she can bring a civil lawsuit against you. In addition, you would be held under the criminal charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice, tampering with evidence, or whatever it is you did to railroad your victim. The fact that you violated the public trust and the vows you took to gain that office should be met with the most extreme of sanctions.  

        Serving three times the maximum sentence you sought for the defendant without possibility of parole in addition to the sentence under the criminal charges would be fair. No, it won’t deter the next crooked politician from attempting it, but it sure as hell will keep YOU out of the recidivism statistics.



[1] 2 Peter 3:5 KJV

[2] Football – an attaché case containing the orders and verification codes for the launch of nuclear missiles.

[3] Filthy lucre  – Biblical term – ill-gotten gain or filthy profit; tainted, or blood money.

[4] Treble damages – triple the actual and reasonable estimate of losses.

[5] Ologias – from the Latin/Greek "ologia" or "ology" – meaning "the knowledge / study of". 

[6] With prejudice – (legal term) – means the case is moot, and the state drops all charges.

[7] Testi-lying – The common vernacular of police for lying under oath.

[8] US Department of Justice Statistics a/o 2002





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