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Pastoral Counseling Services                                

Pastoral counseling is NOT psychiatry. Pastoral counseling is NOT psychology, nor does it use anything from those professions.

        Psychiatric counseling does not work
and you don't have to take MY word for it check out the short article here: 

        Sometimes it seems that there is no one to talk to and no one who will understand. Ultimately, you have to trust someone, and a Minister or Priest is the logical place to go. Psychiatry, or other Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes will only make matters worse, and no matter what they tell you, there are certain things you can't tell them, without their blabbing your business all over Creation.

        Basically, a pastoral counselor is a minister in a church or in a ministry like this one, who will listen to you, and help you to find your own solution to a problem, or perhaps steer you in the right direction, or to someone who can directly help you. Primarily, pastoral counseling is of a spiritual nature, and is always sacrosanct under the Constitutionally protected minister / penitent agreement. "Sacrosanct" means that whatever you say to a minister or priest is NEVER EVER discussed with anyone else even if a judge orders it under penalty of contempt of court. Any problems discussed are strictly confidential. If anyone asks, it's like the conversation never happened. I am willing to spend time in prison rather than divulge what we talk about in confidence (I will win a hefty lawsuit if anyone tries to coerce confidential information from me).

        In order to avoid potential ethics problems, I ask that you be 18 years of age or older, or have a parent's permission to call. If your problem IS your parents, I fully understand. Get a trusted adult to be with you when you call. Please don't call for frivolous matters, or to play mind games. I have caller ID, and can trace your call whether you have it blocked or not. In the interest of protecting myself from entrapment, please understand that I have the capability to digitally record all incoming calls for note-taking and archival purposes. The audio files, of our conversation, are held in strict confidence, and are promptly and irretrievably destroyed after resolution of the problem. In no case does anyone other than myself have access to the recordings which are (when they are made) DES-Encrypted with 128-bit recursive encryption that cannot be broken. If your call is being recorded, you will be informed, and you then have the option to opt out of the conversation.

        You cannot (or SHOULD not) discuss any legal matters over the phone. I am NOT a lawyer, and WILL NOT give you legal advice. However, I CAN discuss strategy with you, and discuss spiritual and emotional matters with you. If we get into strategic and technical matters, I GET PAID for that kind of work. You will NOT BE BILLED unless we BOTH agree that the consultation requires a consultation fee (this is rare). Be aware that if the consultation goes in this direction, or if you are under 18 years of age, I MUST require a signed consultation agreement. You do NOT need to enter a written contract in order to make the initial call.

        The best time to call is after 9PM Eastern Time during the week, and any time on weekends. My phone number is: (856) 322-6414. If your situation is urgent, please feel free to call anytime. If I don't answer, please leave a phone mail message with your phone number, and I will call you right back. If you have caller-ID block, I will NOT pick up the phone I have too many call marketers using up my minutes.


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The author of this web site and the books featured here is available for conversation. It is best to call after 9PM on weekdays, when my "minutes" are free. If you have caller ID blocked, I will not answer the phone, but I WILL call you back if you leave a message. If you do not get through, please leave a message on my phone mail. Please take your time to speak slowly and clearly when you leave a message, and I WILL get back to you.

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