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Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




Skin For Skin
Copyright 2005 WebPastor David Todeschini

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Book of Sermons - Volume 1 for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life". Job 2:4b

           With those words, Satan challenged God to allow him to afflict Job, after his earlier attempts to get Job to curse God failed. Job 1:11 - 19 Satan had killed Job's children, and his servants, and caused his livestock to be stolen, and after it got so bad, even Job's wife advised him to "... curse God and die", but Job would have no part f it.

           The book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible, and its 42 chapters tackle the timeless question, "Why me?" In all of Job's troubles; even when he is sitting in ashes on a dirt floor with sackcloth [aka: burlap] for clothing, scraping pus out of the boils on his body with a broken piece of pottery [potshard] (2:8), and his wife telling him, "... curse God and die" (2:9), never once does Job blame God for what he's going through. Even though God saw Job as unique in all the Earth: "...a perfect and upright man..." (1:8b), Job saw himself differently:

           "If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me: If I say, I am perfect, it shall also prove me perverse" (9:20).

          One might argue that God and Job had opposing opinions, and we could go around in circles with that argument, until we apply God's statement to our own lives; how we feel about that one very special someone in our lives who we love fervently, and in whom we can see no fault. God, I believe and this is my opinion; it is one way of looking at the story loved Job more than Job loved himself. We are told that " [love] shall cover the multitude of sins". 1 Peter 4b, and there is no doubt that God loved Job, and it is obvious from the story, that the feeling was mutual. 

          No man except Jesus Christ has ever been perfect, but God saw Job in a special light, and God knew that Job could stand the test of his faith. 1 Corinthians 10:13 

          Many of us can relate to Job's lamentations, and the majority of us won't be on this earth for very long before we have Job's words coming out of our mouths. 

          Because Job was loyal to God; because Job endured the many trials Saran put him through, God blessed him abundantly in the end. The book of Job contains a personal message, and a message to our country; to any nation of people who are called God's children. All of us have our own personal tribulations thankfully not as severe as Job's and our nation and the world has its share of troubles since September 11th, 2001. The Devil has "... touched [our] bone and [our] flesh" (2:5), and is betting that in our human weakness, we abandon our faith and curse God to His face. In the wake of 9-11, this country turned to God briefly; in the confusion and desperation, we wandered onto the right path until the politicians were able to convince the American people that they had the situation under control... and of course they do, because the politicians are the ones who brought that disaster upon us to begin with.

They "couldn't connect the dots", because they ARE the dots. Satan, who operates through the "...principalities and powers..." Ephesians 6:12 knows that once he can convince a nation that there is no God; Once he has succeeded in removing the almighty name of Jesus Christ from our lips, and the lips of our children; men thus reduced into thinking themselves to be no more than an evolved monkey that ultimately crawled out of the borboros [slime] 3.5 million years ago, he will give up his money, his possessions, his rights, his freedoms, his dignity, his self-determination, his country, and his faith in God and everything else, in order to save his skin, and in order to gain a (false) sense of security. 

          The fall of a nation always begins with the fall of individuals, who depart from an abiding faith and lose the concept of moral absolutes. When right and wrong is determined by the individual, and when what is permissible under the law (abortion, pornography, et al.), and what is tolerated (and even welcomed) in the house of God (homosexuality), is dictated by the opinion of the majority, political correctness, or Supreme Court decisions; historically speaking, and God notwithstanding, we are indeed on the slippery slope to oblivion. 

          Is it any wonder then, knowing the Devil's devices, that the world is in the shape it is in? Are we so blind that we cannot review the history of mankind on this planet, and not seriously consider the question: "What is wrong?" and come to a logical conclusion based on the overwhelming evidence? Denial of the facts does not make the facts any different, and the majority of people who believe a lie to be true, does not make it so. 

          Satan can do nothing of himself; he works by influencing the men and women that listen to him. The communication is not verbal; it is through thoughts and the philosophies, and "junk science" (1 Timothy 6:20) that lead to those thoughts, that he leads us to the edge of the pit. These philosophies are taught in our schools and universities as "scientific fact", and our children emerge from their educations with a perverse view of the world, and a very low opinion of themselves. It is easy then, for corrupt governments to mislead them into believing that more government and stricter (and more absurd) laws and legislation, is the answer to the evil around them. What we have, in essence, is the arsonist who just happens to show up at the scene of the fire that he, himself set, and put it out in the nick of time; he is actually the villain, but is perceived as a hero, and nobody suspects the truth; the reason for fire extinguisher in his hand is either not questioned, or seen as a fortuitous coincidence. 

          Too many times in history we have seen terrorism used as a means to incite a nation to anger and go to war. Adolf Hitler had his SS troops set fire to the Reichstag (German Parliament building), and then blamed it on the Jews and the Gypsies, who had nothing to do with it. With this lie, Hitler was able to rise to power in Germany as elected dictator. He subsequently used the fabricated hatred for the Jews to foment the pogroms, Kristalnacht (German lit: "Night of the broken glass"), and finally, the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews, and 20 million others were murdered. 

          The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was also a staged incident, which was designed to bring the United States into World War Two. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fabrication it never happened but it touched off our involvement in the protracted agony of the Vietnam conflict. The attacks of September 11, 2001, I believe, fit into that category or "modus operandi" (method of operating).

           At no other point in our history, have the American people been so willing to give up "certain" rights to "ensure" their safety. If nothing else, Satan has a Rhodes scholar Sumna cum Laude understanding of the human mind; he has had plenty of practice since the first two he lied to. He has   succeeded once again in brainwashing an entire nation of people into putting their trust in government instead of God.

           As a Vietnam veteran who worked in military intelligence communications, I perhaps have a clearer insight into the problem of terrorism than the "average Joe". September 11th, 2001 I have come to believe, was a staged attack, much like the burning of the Reichstag in Weimar Germany was staged. I believe that the evidence, although entirely circumstantial, tends to indicate our government's complicity, or at least tacit consent. I write this with a great deal of trepidation, because I love this country, and I wish it weren't true. However, if what I, and others of like-mind suspect, is true, then 9-11 being some sort of CIA "Black - Op", circumstantial evidence is all we will ever have.

           As Americans, we may find such allegations hard to swallow but at 14 years old, I personally found the Warren Commission report on the JFK assassination to be an insult to my then naive intellect. We still don't know the truth about November 22, 1963, and I find it a bit unsettling that the American people seem too busy, and when they're not too busy, they're easily distracted from the really important issues by convenient and "juicy" sex scandals. We don't know the truth about JFK 42 years later. The passage of so much time has possibly erased the truth forever. In the same way, we won't ever know the truth about 9-11 in the year 2050; assuming America is still here by then.

           Very serious allegations against President George Bush and other government officials allegedly being involved in the 9-11 attacks have been made by attorney Stanley Hilton, on behalf of the families of 14 victims.

(See: If the allegations are true, then we are talking about high treason a crime for which the penalty is death by firing squad.

           I do not intend the message here to be political, although the Holy Scriptures are replete with the politics of their time. If we do fancy ourselves so unique in all of history that we perceive that none of the lessons of the past apply to us, then verily, verily, I say unto you, the past is prologue. Americans as a whole, may not see it that way, or so clearly, because history is not taught in our schools as it ought to be taught... or it is not taught at all, since most students today never heard of Pearl Harbor, and only a few more know anything about Vietnam.

           "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6a And indeed, knowledge about the real cause of the 9-11 attacks has perished piecemeal with the (alleged) execution of Timothy McVeigh, who had ties to Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard. There is also a failure to find a single Weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq, despite all the reconnaissance photographs bandied about by General Shwartzkov, which was the impetus and justification for the war in Iraq. In the meanwhile, US veterans of Desert Storm (1991) are suffering the effects of virulent biotoxins of unknown origin, and soldiers returning from the latest quagmire in Iraq, have been poisoned by radioactive dust from their own depleted uranium-cased ammunition. The government, of course, denies all of this, just as they denied poisoning soldiers in Vietnam with the known carcinogen Paraquat, or Agent Orange. (See: the "Ill Wind" issue of Freedom Magazine available free on

           The circumstances surrounding the 9-11 attacks reek of the type of government corruption that the American people find repulsive to think about, but which the vigilance by which freedom is sustained, demands that we seriously consider. Until all of the evidence can be examined  which might be never, as with the JFK murder I believe it is wise and prudent to err on the side of caution, and accept only those things that are supported by physical, empirical evidence. 

          Now some may say that evidence can be fabricated, and that the US government is just as, if not more capable than a Third World Banana Republic dictatorship, of conjuring up boogy-men and bogus "facts". I can personally vouch that this line of reasoning is a very astute observation. This is all-the-more reason to sharpen our vigilance to the point where it borders paranoia; they've lied before, they're lying now, and you'll hear the truth only when the facts are obvious to a fool. These people (CIA) have been known to murder people in staged accidents, or staged confrontations with police (as what happened to William Cooper, author of Behold a Pale Horse) in order to silence those who threaten to expose them. There is no reason to believe that these sorts of plots won't continue, because the American people just won't believe that such things have in fact, happened, or are even possible. The result of our lack of vigilance, and the lack of resolve to hold government officials personally accountable, is that we now have a government that is accountable only to itself. We only have to look 50 years back into world history, to pre-Nazi Germany, to see a reflection of America today. 

          As a patriot; someone who believes in the principles this country was founded upon; someone who held one of the most trusted positions in the military, it is with great trepidation that I say to you, that I don't trust this government any part of it as far as I can spit up-wind in a Saigon monsoon, and you'd be wise not to, either.

           Now someone should not, in all fairness, make a statement and use his "credentials" or former position to lend an air of verity to his assertions. So briefly, I will give a few of the facts that persuade me to my point-of-view:

          #1     The hijacking of four commercial jets on September 11, 2001 admittedly was a well planned, and almost flawlessly executed operation. However, presumably the terrorists in their well-planned crime would want to kill as many people as possible. There is room here for circular arguments and endless speculation, but if I were a terrorist, I would have timed the strike to occur at noon, when over 100,000 people would have died. To maximize both the death toll, and the after-effects of my Jihad, an oil refinery with topped-off liquid natural gas tanks (preparing for the winter months) across the river in Elizabeth, NJ, would been more of a logical target to maximize death and destruction, and an economic catastrophe in the fact that major highways and bridges would have also been destroyed.

           #2     Notwithstanding the anthrax mailings which mysteriously stopped no further terrorist  acts followed 9-11. This is inconsistent with the FBI profile that has been bandied about by the media, at the behest of the Washington politicos. Had I had access to Saddam Hussein's billions, and I were looking to destroy the United States, I could hire an army of Brooklyn street thugs to do more damage than crashing planes into high-rise buildings could ever accomplish.

           What I am trying to postulate here, is that the modus operendi does not make sense from a terrorist Third World dictator plotting to kill and destroy; certainly Saddam had at his disposal, the resources (capital) to finance something much more nefarious than what happened on 9-11; not that I'm defending him. If the M.O. does not fit the profile, then we must consider this as an "out-point", and re-evaluate the data. It is possible that 9-11 was another German Reichstag, or another Gulf of Tonkin type incident? Is it even remotely possible that all this was done with the aid, and / or with the tacit consent of officials or operatives within our own government? If this is so, then we can call it what we will, but this is not the Unites States of America any longer. If the allegations are not true, then the 9-11 attacks in their apparency of strategic target mis-selection and flawed timing, was brilliant, in that it has caused us to mistrust and suspect government that although fallible and imperfect, was, and indeed is operating with the best interests of Americans at heart, even amidst scathing criticism and vicious attacks from within.

           The problem with politicians is that they cannot be trusted to tell the truth; they cannot be relied upon to keep their promises, and in all honesty, "We the People" are equally at fault for our willingness to continue to believe them, in spite of the fact that we've been lied to much too often not to know better. So many lies have been told, and so much truth has been obfuscated; and it has been demonstrated that certain elements within the structure will stop at nothing even the assassination of a president to fulfill some nebulous hidden agenda, that it is difficult to trust impossible for anyone but a complete idiot to trust in what is said. 

          And so we are stuck with a dilemma in which the country has come under attack, and we can't really trust what our own government tells us, because the politicians who run it are pathological liars. We know this is the case, because they've been caught in their lies numerous times.

 Was 9-11 orchestrated by our own government in order to justify the war in Iraq? It wouldn't be the first time that such a thing was done. If there is no complicity, then a real threat looms in the shadows, and if there is complicity, then the threat lives among us in sheep's clothing. Will we ever know for sure? I don't think so, and it is my considered opinion that more terrorism will ensue; the result being that the people will flock to support a "savior" just as they did in Germany after the Reichstag burned.

          "Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath..." If we don't wake up now, I'm afraid we will relive that Nazi nightmare! 





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