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God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




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I met Lizzie West on the #6 Train on 10-27-05. She saw my "Vietnam Veteran" baseball hat, and my "PULL OUT NOW" Green Party button, and introduced herself. God moves in mysterious ways. God Bless you, Lizzy; your music has touched me deeply.

Soundtrack on this page: Lizzie West's "19 Miles to Baghdad" (see: www.LizzieWestLife.com ) (used with permission)

[Move your mouse over the photo for the story of how I met her, click on her photo to see video performance of her song "19 Miles to Baghdad"]


Visit Alex Jones's Web site at www.PrisonPlanet.tv and subscribe.

Read Actual Letters written by GIs during the Vietnam War http://herolettersvietnam.blogspot.com/

www.DemocracyNow.org News of Napalm and White Phosphorous use in Fallujah things human beings should not be doing to others.
www.WorldCantWait.org 2008 is too late; the World Can't Wait Let's get rid of the Bush Crime Family NOW!
www.MoveOn.org Supports Cindy Sheehan's efforts to discredit the War in Iraq. pre-written letters to write to editors of newspapers
www.VAIW.org   Veterns Against the Iraq War.
www.VAWatchdog.org Watchdog Organization monitoring VA health care cuts.
www.DOPCampaign.org The movement to establish a Department of Peace in the US Government.
www.BushCommission.org Bush Crime Family War Crimes web site.
www.HuffingtonPost.com The most important criminal case in history War crimes committed by the Bush Administration.
www.PoliticalMoneyLine.com Follow the money trail of campaign contributions whose interest do they have at heart?
www.OpenSecrets.org Track political campaign contributions.
www.JusticeVision.org List of town meetings and organizations in your area.
www.AirAmericaRadio.com Air America Radio program.
www.vaiw.org Veterans Against Iraq War eMail vaiw@hotmail.com
www.poetsagainstthewar.org/  Poets against the War.
  Veterans for Peace.


ON THIS SITE: Prophet Of Doom both eBook and AudioBook versions The FUNDAMENTALIST Muslim Terrorist Religion.
Links to Global Hawk I mentioned on Mike Malloy program on Air America Radio on 9/30/2005
www.af.mil/factsheets/factsheet.asp?fsID=175 Links to US Air Force Global Hawk.
www.airforce-technology.com/projects/global/ Links to US Air Force Global Hawk.
www.northropgrumman.com/unmanned/ Global Hawk in action Northrup / Grumman web site.
www.globalsecurity.org/intell/systems/global_hawk.htm Global Hawk Security against terrorism.
www.fas.org/irp/program/collect/global_hawk.htm  Global Hawk Intelligence Resource Program.
www.tidbitsnews.com/global_hawk.htm  Global Hawk from Tidbits News.
www.dark-truth.org Expose' on 9-11 "terrorism" WTC towers felled by controlled demolition.
www.9-11Truth.org Get the truth on September 11, 2001.


Activism for release of classified information on 9-1

www.ScholarsFor911Truth.org   http://www.journalof911studies.com/    http://stj911.org/ 

www.cooperativeresearch.org Complete 9-11 Timeline Paul Thompson's book "Terror Timeline"
www.PrisonPlanet.tv Documentaries Videos, Books, information on the TRUTH ABOUT TERRORISM and the Middle East Wars.
www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/trade.center/day.video.09.html#11th CNN video archive of 9-11 attacks.
www.WMDTerror.com Terrorist Organizations will use WMDs to start World War 3.
www.ReOpen911.org Organization dedicated to re opening the 9-11 Commission and getting the TRUTH this time.

www.okcbombing.org Get the facts on the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing. Were there bombs INSIDE? You decide!
www.vicmord.com Victor Mordecai discusses the Islamic threat.
www.lulu.com/content/384032 Victor Mordecai's one-hour lecture about the ongoing conflict in the Holy Land. 
www.godsaveusa.com Learn about the "Islamic" terrorist threat from within our own borders.
www.shoebat.com Analysis a former terrorist finds Jesus Christ.
www.hiddenwars.com Uranium bullets are contaminating the Middle East and making our soldiers deathly ill. 
www.readymaderesources.com supplies to prepare for the coming war
www.disastershelters.net build your own fallout shelter for the nuclear war. 
www.truthout.org Expose' on concentration camps in the USA.
www.globalsecurity.org Terrorism expert John Pike
www.fromthewilderness.com Former LAPD officer exposes CIA drug deals. 
www.usafreedomforum.com conversations about current events
www.frontline.org.za Wars and persecutions of Christians in Africa. 
www.newswithviews.com NEWS with truthful commentary & analysis.
www.israel-wat.com/x1_eng1.htm Israel's war against terrorism.
Hate symbols, flags, and what they really mean.
www.wingtv.net articles and video investigative journalism on 9-11
www.worldnetdaily.com or www.wnd.com World NEWS
www.newamericancentury.org 9-11 related conspirator web site.

www.911ShareTheTruth.com Grass roots movement to educate public on 9-11 Conspiracy.
www.911PressForTheTruth.com 911 Victims compassionate, great videos & interview with Norman Minetta.

www.americafirstparty.org Against globalism, social engineering, and the new world order.

www.newparadigminstitute.org  Daniel Sheehan, Esq. expose' on New World Order prosecuted Iran Contra case high-powered lawyer, well
     connected sued CIA FOR DRUG SMUGGLING former Christic Institute now defunct.

www.heartdrop.com Canadian garlic / cayenne / milk thistle FOR KELATION OF METALS and heart health on Radio Liberty.
www.madcowprod.com Books "Welcome To Terrorland" and "Barry and The Boys" Daniel Hofsiker (sic) truth about terrorism.
www.knowledgeofhealth.com  free health guide Bill Sardi's web site.
www.survivalvitamins.com Free literature on vitamins.
www.a2zpublications.com Economic books The Illuminati.
www.missionariestopreborn.com Pro Life web site.
www.frontline.org.za  Christian missions in Africa.

www.MadCowProd.com Mad Cow Morning News
book: "Welcome to Terrorland"
book: "Barry and The Boys"

www.adsx.com Verichip "Digital Angel" subcutaneously implantable tracking chip for tracking human beings the mark of the beast technology.
www.kenkleinproductions.net 1-800-888-1363 bi-monthly newsletter. 

www.ThoughtCrimeNews.com 9-11 analysis and radio programs / interviews about inconsistencies of government stories on 9-11.

Net4TruthUSA Ministries OPPOSES Borg implants and believe it is The Mark of The Beast of the Book of Revelation

           No event showcases the true intentions Verichip Corporation to a greater extent than a forced implantation of Alzheimer's patients in the hope of raising their plummeting stock on the NASDAQ. Without consent and without morals, Verichip is hoping to raise the amount of citizens that are chipped by corralling and herding non-consenting patients who are already victims of life due to their illness. To take advantage and exploit these helpless individuals is despicable and morally bankrupt . It is up to people like you who understand what is at stake to make time and be present whilst meeting people of like mind so we can take this important and vital message to the masses. We the This ministry stands hand in hand with Anti Chips, NoverichipsInside, and WeThePeopleWillNotBeChipped in full solidarity against Verichip Corporation.


JFK Assassination

www.Net4TruthUSA.com/VetsRapSessions.htm         Book discusses alternate theory about JFK that fits all the available forensics.

www.JFKReloaded.com               Video game digital (very realistic) simulation of the JFK assassination.
www.JFKMurderSolved.com        Information on the JFK assassination.

http://chaunceyholt.com/                The website on Chauncey Holt.
http://pages.prodigy.net/whiskey99/chapter6.htm                     The website of Edward C. Dorsch.
http://www.tvnewslies.org/html/fueling_conspiracy.html           The JFK section of     www.TVnewslies.org
http://www.jfk-assassination.de/index.php         The website of Ralph Schuster.
http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/JFK/jfk.html         The JFK section of www.whatreallyhappened.com
http://www.assassinationscience.com           The website of James Fetzer.
http://jfklancer.com/JFK2.html                    Assassination section of www.JFKlancer.com
www.thepresidenthasbeenshot.4t.com          Website of John Geraghty.

http://www.ciajfk.com       The website of Bruce Campbell Adamson says the Bush Crime Family was involved.
Bruce Adamson has been a guest on Radio Liberty as has WebPastor David Todeschini.

eMail: bca@got.net or bca@ciajfk.com
Mention Radio Liberty and Net4TruthUSA.

International War Veterans' Poetry Archives

http://iwvpa.net (Writings about War and its Consequences by Veterans, their Families, Friends and Supporters).
http://club.iwvpa.net IWVPA Club Writings (Non-war related writings by the Members of the on-line IWVPA Club).
http://themes.iwvpa.net IWVPA Club Monthly Themes (Monthly Themed Writings by Members of the on-line IWVPA Club).
http://icross-canada.com ICROSS CANADA (International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering Canadian Branch).
http://bushranger.ozbard.com Bushranger's Revetment (The Writings of Anthony W. Pahl).
http://raafvva.ozbard.com RAAF Vietnam Veterans' Association (Royal Australian Air Force).
http://armymom.ozbard.com  Army Mom's Safe Haven (The Writings of Christina and Friends).
http://becky.ozbard.com  Small Eagle's Eyrie (The Writings of Becky and Friends).
http://caliber.ozbard.com Red Cowboy's Poetry (The Writings of Lou J. Klaiber).
http://cfj.anzacpoetry.com A Lifetime In Words (The Writings of Colin F. Jones).

http://iwvpa.net/ International War Veterans' Poetry Archives.
http://icross-canada.com/ ICROSS CANADA.
http://bushranger.ozbard.com/ Bushranger's Revetment.
http://raafvva.ozbard.com/ RAAF Vietnam Veterans' Association.
http://armymom.ozbard.com/ Army Mom's Safe Haven.
http://becky.ozbard.com/ Small Eagle's Eyrie.
http://caliber.ozbard.com/index.htm Red Cowboy's Poems.
http://cfj.anzacpoetry.com/ The Writings of Colin F. Jones.


Georgia Guidestones on the Internet

The Georgia Guidestones have been called "America's Stonehenge". An Icon of New World Order secular Paganism, the stones give the "Ten Commandments for the New Age" advocating the elimination of 90% of the Earth's human population for "nature's sake".


Junk Science Debunked

www.JunkScience.com Fallacies of BS Science what the Bible calls "science falsely so-called" 1 Timothy 6:20 KJV.
www.DrDino.com Creation science and the debunking of "Big Bangs" and Darwinian Evolution. (also see my book).
www.FriendsOfScience.org Debunking Global warming, etc. Download FREE VIDEO.


Veterans For Constitutional Law, LLC  Call ((631) 474-4261 Veterans Advocates The ONLY Veteran's Organization that is NOT
                                        Affiliated with the Veterans Administration. If you are fighting for your benefits.

VA Myth Buster Photos and good stuff from an avid fan of this site.

http://www.manchu.org/ 9th Infantry Regiment  see http://www.manchu.org/sounds/ for music of the Vietnam era.

www.vaiw.org             Veterans Against the Iraq War.
www.bvsj.com            Black Veterans for Social Justice.

www.vvaw.org            Vietnam Veterans Against the War.
www.vfw.org              Veterans of Foreign Wars.
www.cathay-usa.com  Travel to Vietnam.
www.nchv.org/            National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.
www.AVER.US          American Veterans for Equal Rights (Gay vets advocating for non discrimination).

                                    Queensland Australia RESEARCH STUDY: Vets passing down mood disorders.


www.hirevetsfirst.gov/ Agency that advocates employers to hire veterans.  
Real-Time Power Job Finder  Search Thru MILLIONS of Jobs A must use tool to scan the internet for jobs in seconds. It's amazing!
www.Monster.com Best Mega Job Sites Brand name site with jobs added daily but also with 30,000+ resumes added daily.
www.Job-Applications.com   Job seekers resource financial institutions, airlines, department stores, pharmacies,etc.
www.HotJobs.com Great relocation center with useful tips and are in the top 5 visited internet sites. Also with a fresh supply of jobs daily.
www.ResumeMessenger.com Resume Distribution. By far the best and the leader in this category. eMail your resume to thousands of matching
      recruiters overnight.
http://www.jobapplicationforms.com/   Find printable job application forms for many popular companies along with help on how to complete them.
www.GoGlobalNow.info Global job positions available worldwide.


Job Search Databases
www.FreeLancersUnion.com Health Insurance for Entrepreneurs.
www.hirevetsfirst.gov/ Agency that advocates employers to hire veterans.
www.doe.org Web site of Ready, Willing and Able assists ex-cons also entry level jobs, domiciliary, stipends, etc.  


Club Trentino is a non-profit social club open to all Trentini and those of Tyrolean ancestry.
www.clubtrentino.freewebspace.com Stella Alpina Newsletter.
ritavis@hotmail.com Rita Visintainer Secretary, New York chapter.


www.axpow.org/ American Ex-Prisoners Of War Organization National org for Americans who were held as POWs.
http://userpages.aug.com/captbarb/prisoners.html American Women Prisoners Of War.
www.instinsky.de/image12.html    Boer War gallery many unique photos.
www.sherpaguides.com/georgia/civil_war/sidebars/pow_camp_sumpter_andersonville.html Civil War in Georgia.
www.churchill-society-london.org.uk/1945MJJA.html The Churchill Society of London.
http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2961374.stm British soldiers accused of prisoner abuse in Iraq.
www.vvaw.org/veteran/article/?id=96&print=yes Bill Clinton visits Vietnam.
www.vvaw.org/veteran/article/?id=272 The veteran William Cobb Jr. Visits Vietnam (VVAW).


www.conspiracycon.com  Conspiracy Conference / Chemtrails.
www.LindaChavez.org      Union betrayal Online Book.
www.copvcia.com President Bush Knew about 9-11.
www.CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com Illuminati, secret societies, Rosicrucians and The New World Order.
www.PushHamburger.com Videos, photos, editorials on current events.


www.juritas.com          Juritas Inc.
www.lexis.com             Online legal research (Sheperdizing).
www.accused.com        False allegations of sexual abuse & violence.
www.usa-people-search.com  Criminal Records Criminal background checks. Nationwide search, instant results! 


If you are being harassed by Phishing scams, forward the eMail to spam@uce.gov.
If you believe you are a victim of identity theft, file a complaint at www.consumer.gov/idtheft

Being bombarded with "You won the lotto" eMails? You gotta see: www.AssholesAmongUs.com/iwonthebritishlotto.htm


www.iotconline.com            Institute of The Constitution Online.
www.peacecorps.gov          Peace Corps.
www.redcross.org               Red Cross.
www.impactonline.org         Make a difference.
www.getinvolved.net           A variety of opportunities to serve.
www.voa.org                      Volunteers of America.
www.servenet.org               Network of volunteers.


www.mufor.org/   Malta UFO Research.
http://blogcritics.org/archives/2005/04/05/205021.php Did NASA lie about the moon landing (blog).
www.csicop.org/ Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the paranormal.


Custom Artwork & Company Logos Really Talented artwork see: http://www.iloveartbyang.com/index.html

PC Forensic Books Get AMBER Alerts

Click here to see books on Computer Forensics


Click here to see the latest AMBER Alerts on your PC

Click and enter your cell phone number to get AMBER Alerts on your cell phone free of charge



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