Homo Paraphilia

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Homo Paraphilia
Human Attraction
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God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

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The Homosexual Paraphilia

© Copyright 2005 – David Todeschini – all rights reserved.

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Also see the article on Human Attraction


Up until the mid 1980’s the psychiatrist’s manual on mental disorders[1] classified homosexuality as a "mental disorder" and homosexuality was "treated" by a variety of methods – none of which achieved the desired effect... turning the patient towards more "conventional" sexual drives.


In Romans 1, the Bible says that towards the end-time, God will give people up to "a reprobate mind" and they will "do those things which are not convenient" (KJV).


In modern times, due primarily to political pressure from "gay" activist groups, the American Psychiatric Association has deleted homosexuality from the DSM, and being "gay" today, is accepted as an "alternate lifestyle". If being homosexual is an "alternate" anything, then it implies that there is a choice involved. Many "gay" people will tell you that they were "born gay", and the politically-correct media and the "scientific" communities will support their assertions with examples of "gay penguins",[2] and other animals found to be exhibiting what is purported to be homosexual behavior.


The truth of the matter is, that homosexuality in some cases, is an aberration – it can be an acquired computational malfunction that is inflicted upon a person unwittingly – sometimes at such a young age, that the person actually comes to believe that he or she was "born like this", because as long as they can remember, they had been attracted to members of their own sex, and/or repulsed by members of the opposite sex.


Often, the "gay" person, early in life, becomes curious about a particular behavior, possibly by being exposed to it – such as via pornography, sexual innuendos on TV shows, explicit parades of aberrant behavior on Jerry Springer, et al., or by being sexually abused. Exposure to sexual innuendos on TV, in my opinion, is more damaging than exposure to pornography, because the former causes a curiosity that cannot be satisfied for lack of data. A child so exposed, will develop an insatiable desire to satisfy that curiosity, which quickly turns into infatuation, and then into obsession. He or she begins to imagine themselves as "gay", and moral support of their delusions by friends, family, the psychiatry profession, the media, and even some "Christian" churches, together with (reluctant) acceptance by the society, transforms this relatively easy to erase aberration, into a life-long self-fulfilling prophesy.


The preachers that interpret God’s Word tell us that homosexuality is a rejection of the Creator’s intention, and that sex should be confined between a married man and woman. In their eyes sex is perverse in any other context or setting – but some of the preachers who are so adamant against homosexuality, are themselves "gay" on the down-low. God rained down fireballs of sulfur on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, because their entire society had flung the sanctified use of sex between human beings in God’s face… NOT because they were homosexual and wanted to "know" the (male) angels who were guests in Lot’s house.


The question here is not so much "is homosexuality a sin", because God’s Word cannot be more crystal clear than it is, if you read it properly. The questions I wish to raise here are, "is attraction between two men or two women abnormal, and if so, how does a person acquire this aberration"? Moreover, what if anything, can someone do to mitigate or even entirely erase this behavior from his or her life? Those questions are not easily answered. They are not easily answered because there are numerous vectors by which this behavior is acquired – and make no mistake, it IS an acquired behavior; the acquisition of which CAN BE post-conceptual and pre-natal in many cases.... so the validity of the statement by some homosexuals that they were "born this way", is not a lie per se’ – it is an apparency.[3]


This author is of the opinion that in an indeterminate number of cases, homosexuality is an unwittingly acquired behavior that overwrites the natural sexual programming of an individual. It stands to reason, then, that the acquisition of that aberration can be rejected by the person, once he or she discovers the reason for his/her behavior. Seldom, if ever these days, does one hear of someone seeking "treatment" for homosexuality. Even if such help were sought, there is little if anything a "shrink" could do for such a patient, except relieve him or her of the burden of carrying all that money around in their wallet (or purse).


How then, does one approach the issue of helping someone who realizes he or she is attracted to the "wrong sex", and is seeking to become heterosexual? There is no codified[4] method in psychology to deal with any sexual paraphilia; besides, psychiatry no longer recognizes homosexuality as a disorder, and a "shrink" is likely to try to convince the person that "This is the way you were born, so you have to accept it". Believe it or not, that is the current nosology.[5] This society is in deep trouble, because it is firmly in the hands of The Merchants of Chaos.


However, there IS good news for some. If the disaffection[6] is caught early enough in a person’s life – in early adulthood at least – homosexuality and all manner of true sexual paraphilias respond remarkably well to Dianetics, particularly when it is coupled with traditional Christian spiritual counseling. You can learn more about sexual paraphilias and treatment methodologies by reading my book "The Sexual Paraphilias – Therapy by Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes".[7]


Traditionally, a minister is obligated under oath not to discuss any case or confession of sin from a parishioner or penitent with anyone. This is called "Minister / Penitent Confidentiality". U.S. courts have consistently protected this right of secrecy between a parishioner and the clergy. There is no such protection against disclosure by a psychiatrist or psychologist – even though they will do everything in their power to lead a person to believe that their personal problems are kept confidential. The law compels such a person to disclose certain things to the authorities, and so a person who is aberrated in this manner, has no avenue by which to address his or her problem, until the aberration is so well-integrated into their behavior that it becomes all but intractable.


A pastoral counseling session is a simple procedure. The person seeking assistance is assured of complete secrecy between him and his / her counselor. The counselor acts only as an ear to listen. He makes no judgments, and does not question the validity of what is disclosed. The counselor does not make any assumptions, or add any "hypothesized cues" to the client’s colloquy in the sessions.


In point of fact, the paraphilia of homosexuality is, as most of these behaviors are, usually due to an early-life trauma, or to what Dianetics calls an "Ally Computation". Many people who claim to be homosexual are in reality, not truly "gay"; what has happened is that their sexual appetite is just different than the "tastes" of most people. Having no other socially acceptable sexual niche to fall into, they unwittingly accept the "fact" that they are homosexual. You ARE what you BELIEVE you are. Very simple.


Once the propensity for the behavior is acted upon (an initial sexual experience) without the benefit of prior counseling, the condition may degenerate into a non-specific chronic promiscuity, because the person does not, in early adolescence or young adulthood put love into the sexual equation. The latter is clearly the case with a majority of gays. Some will have sex with multiple partners, but cannot form emotional bonds with any particular partner because the relationship is secretly believed to be unnatural. These men and women seek emotional and / or spiritual fulfillment from a physical act. When that fulfillment is not forthcoming, the behavior escalates into more intense forms; the frequency of the behavior increases, and the person may use alcohol or drugs to dull the emotional pain.


The sexual behavior which a person engages in without the requisite of true caring for one’s partner then becomes connected with the drug abuse / addiction, and the two become inextricable. The relationship is compromised by the aberrated partner seeking emotional gratification by a physical (sexual) relationship with another person. The net effect is that the sexual behavior becomes promiscuous for promiscuity’s sake, and just as addictive as the drugs or alcohol, and the other partner – if he or she is not similarly afflicted – suffers emotionally and spiritually as a result.


The fact that a person CAN choose the behaviors he or she engages in, is one key to the effective treatment of a sexual paraphilia. Guided properly, a person can be relieved of the aberrations that he or she does not wish to carry. I have personally had good results with this methodology, over many years, occasionally counseling cases of sexual abuse, violence, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Survivor Guilt. Because psychotherapy is totally ineffective in such cases, a person can be "in treatment" forever, and have absolutely no relief from his / her affliction.


The most difficult case I ever had to counsel was a Vietnam vet who I call "Sox", who suffered from PTSD and survivor’s guilt. He was free of his emotional burden after approximately 68 hours of counseling by this author. Prior to that, he had been in weekly 2-hour sessions with a shrink for almost 30 years. I devoted a chapter to him[8] in my book on Vietnam titled: "Land Of Childhood’s Fears".[9]


As a minister, I have a moral obligation to expose the truth, when a lie that is believed could do so much harm. Anyone who is aberrated by a paraphilia, is harmed mentally, physically, and spiritually. Obviously, one man cannot counsel the multitudes that need counseling; he cannot assist those who have become so comfortable with their affliction, that they don’t WANT any assistance. Those will, as Romans chapter 1 says, continue in their reprobate minds, to cause their bodies to "do that which is not convenient".


However, there are those who are troubled by their lifestyle, and would do something to change it, if only they knew how. The more they struggle, it seems, the more difficult it becomes to get at that "thing" that drives them. Those are the ones who can be helped by pastoral counseling.


As an aside here, these types of problems are never made better by "group counseling" or "rap sessions". Group therapy and "rap groups" were dreamed-up by some Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabe somewhere, in order to multiply his therapy fees. Any counseling of such a personal and delicate nature has to be done one-on-one, in person, in private, and in complete and total confidentiality, or it is worse than useless.


Now don’t go thinking that I am making myself out to be an "authority"; I’m doing no such thing. Counseling for paraphilias is not my profession, but I’ve done it when I had to, and done it only when my initial consultation indicated that there would be a swift resolution of the case. I simply do not have the time to spend on such pursuits. However, I will try to assist those that seek my counsel – no matter what the problem is. If I can’t help, then I’ll try to put the person in touch with someone who can. My recompense is that it is my "reasonable service" to the community.


Trauma cases are emotionally draining because they require the counselor to be empathetic (not merely sympathetic). Most sexual paraphilias are trauma cases in disguise. Resolve the trauma, and you erase the sexual aberration. By helping to resolve "long-forgotten" (non-sexual) trauma in several young people, their sexual issues were also resolved. Often, it is not even necessary to discuss sex in-session, other than to be informed that the person you’re counseling is having a problem in that area of his / her life. Counseling in any case; sexually-related or not, is not the "rocket science" that the shrinks with the Ph.D.s would have you believe. They would like for it to be rocket science so they can claim exclusive "expertise" and charge astronomical counseling fees.


All it takes to be an effective counselor is the ability to be a compassionate friend. No "emotionally detached" psychoanalyst can effectively help you. You’re better off spending that money on a vacation to the Bahamas or Hawaii... you’ll get tanned instead of burned.


I posted this article here for the benefit of those who are looking for answers to difficult questions. I am NOT advertising my "services", but I will speak with you if you are having difficulty, or if you just want to ask questions – If I can’t help you, I can refer you to some competent people who are not shrinks, and who you can trust implicitly and completely.




Also see the article on Human Attraction


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If you’re dealing with liars in your life, you need to read "The Lie Detection Manual" 

It would also be a good idea, if you are considering a consultation, to read "The Sexual Paraphilias – Therapy by Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes".


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Links to this document can be found on:


http://www.lulu.com/content/106260 - PDF Format (Printer-friendly / Free Download)


This is a public service of  www.Net4TruthUSA.com and WebPastor David Todeschini


This document is posted on: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/HomosexualParaphilias.htm





[1] DSM - Diagnostic Statistical Manual.

[2] NY Metro, Feb 9, 2005.

[3] Apparency - That which appears to be, but is not.

[4] Codified - Documented and researched.

[5] Nosology – The current philosophy or thinking on a matter.

[6] Disaffection - Lack of contentment.

[8] With his permission, of course.



 Links to this document can be found on:


http://www.lulu.com/content/106260        -           PDF Format (Printer-friendly / Free Download)


This is a public service of

www.Net4TruthUSA.com and WebPastor David Todeschini


This document is posted on: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/HomosexualParaphilias.htm



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