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Government Snoops
© Copyright 2005 Ė WebPastor David Todeschini Ė All rights reserved

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            There are precious few who are still around, that remember World War II. Rarer still, are those who were in Europe or Germany, who remember, and can articulate the truth about that war. My late father immigrated to this country from Trento, a little picturesque mountain town in the Austrian Alps,[1] shortly before Adolf Hitler was elected dictator of Germany. At a young age, he had the "sense" - or perhaps "spiritual discernment"[2] would be a better term - to look at the political landscape, and see what was coming. My father, lacking more than a grade school education, was very wise at a young age, and he was someone I deeply admired for his wisdom, wit, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and unimpeachable integrity. 

            Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Theocracies, and Totalitarian regimes, ultimately seek the same thing; control of the population; the micro-management of everyoneís life, as in George Orwellís classic novel, "1984"... if it were possible. 

The thinking is not that the people are incapable of managing their own lives, and is not motivated by selfless benevolence,[3] but rather, the philosophy of these governments, and the individuals who run them, is covertly motivated by the opportunity of the "Principalities and Powers"[4] in high government offices to exploit the masses, and become wealthy beyond measure in the process.

             There are currently almost seven billion[5] living souls on planet Earth. If somehow, you could have a penny from each of them, you would have only $70 million - almost enough to buy a decent summer house on Lake Tahoe. I would wager that very few among those seven billion would notice that single penny was missing. 

            Politics is all about greed and power; and if you donít believe me, just take a good, honest look at George W. Bush. He and his Crime Family cannot possibly extract a penny from every living soul on the planet, and so what heís done, is to steal the birthright from the yet unborn in this country - and thatís why he says heís opposed to abortion... somebodyís going to have to pay off the debt!  

Mr. Bushís regime has spent (a/o December 2005) a third of a trillion[6] dollars, pissing up a rope in Iraq. That money didnít just disappear; it went into the coffers of the oil companies, Halliburton, and Bechtel, and a few military contractors who are using our troops to carry out torture of political prisoners in Abu Ghraib, and other "secret" hell-holes nobody knows about... yet. 

The thieves, liars, and scoundrels in Washington, also managed to borrow from China and other foreign governments, more money than ALL of the prior administrations COMBINED. 

            In order to fully make my point here, I must necessarily present it against a backdrop that will give it a modicum[7] of credibility, because the facts are almost unbelievable prima facie.[8] When youíve studied these things for as long as I have, you learn that in order to break through the set-in-stone paradigms[9] of people who "donít get it", you must first attack those things that stood in the way of your own "enlightenment".

            This is not so much to say that "people are stupid", because most people in this country are too busy providing for their families, to give deep political analysis any "processor time" in the old brainpan[10] (apparently, present company, excluded). A more accurate indictment of the average citizenís (myself included) culpability in this mess would probably be a sin (error) of omission - failure to maintain a tenacious[11] and potent vigilance over their own liberty.  

The latest impeachable offense to which this despot[12] in the Oval Office arrogantly admitted, is the wholesale spying on everyday American citizens, done without warrants, and without review by even a "rubber-stamp" secret FISA court,[13] and certainly without probable cause - engaging in what in the police vernacular is called "A fishing expedition". Talk about leaving the fox to watch the hen house!  

I personally have my own theories on this, and this being written on December 23, 2005; if Iím right, some will say Iím a prophet... but Iím no prophet; I just know what I know, know what Iím talking (writing) about, and am one of the few who have the cohunes[14] to say it, and put it here, despite attempts to censor it. 

I believe that another Watergate-style spying operation is afoot here, and that is the reason Dubya doesnít want even a "rubber stamp" secret court to review or approve who heís snooping on.  

Take that with a grain or a shaker full of "salt"; thereís no empirical proof, and Iím not one to make unfounded allegations without the legal (and ethical) caveat:

"And for those things herein alleged, I believe them to be true".

Iíll even go one strep further:

"The danger with the use of circumstantial evidence is that of logical gaps; subjective,[15] inferential[16] links of low probability, or insufficient degree" - People v. Cleague 

This could be just conjecture[17] on my part; what do I know? What I do claim is an acquired ability to match motives with behavior, and discern lies from the truth. Since I was lied about and lied to so many times in the past few years, I had to, as a matter of survival, learn how to think as the enemy thinks. I got so good at this, I wrote a book on how to flip liars like pancakes at I-HOPs. I was able to single-handedly expose a multi-million dollar fraud in an upstate New York prison, involving a phony "psychiatrist" from the Canandaigua Veteranís Administration, and Groveland prison in SONYEA,[18] New York. Iíve posted the VA Inspector Generalís report on this Web site for all to see, and now Iím gloating in the fact that whenever someone does a Web search on any of these peopleís names, the first "hit" on most search engines is that report and my analysis and exposeí thereof, which will remain on this Web site indefinitely. You donít have to believe me, but the DVA-IG report backs up what Iím telling you. 

Payback is a bitch, and I know it is probably not what Jesus would do... but Iím not Jesus. I canít "hold down" being exploited or abused, lied about, and slandered any more than the next man... and I damn-sure am not going to stand by and not do anything about it when I see it happen to someone else... even if it is someone I just met.

Iíll do whatís right, and deal with the consequences; and whether the result is good or bad, I know it is all in Godís hands. Romans 8:28, and Genesis 50:20 ... you canít touch this! "... What can Man do unto me?"[19] 

Therefore, I vent my frustration at being restrained by my faith from bustiní a cap in their monkey ass, and so I piss in their coffee instead. Frustration mixed with Delayed-Onset PTSD[20] finds a constructive outlet on the Internet.  

Jesus said, "... love your enemies", but He didnít say I had to like them; He didnít say I had to talk to them, fraternize with them, or be anywhere near them... He said, "love them"... so, OK, I have a funny way of showing it ;-).  

Personally, I walk away from these types of people... when I can... but sometimes, one is forced by circumstance to deal with them. Iím not going to sit here typing lies and become the hypocrite I hate. Iím human. God gave me emotions and feelings for a reason, and he gave you emotions and feelings, too. Let yourself be stirred up to hate the evil in this world; to hate what isnít of God, and isnít born out of love for your fellow man. Get frustrated, bent out of shape, yell, scream, carry on, protest, and come out of the corner where youíve been hiding and denying that all of this is happening, and saying to yourself, "What the hell can I possibly do about it?". Tell that bullshit to Rosa Parks, because Iím not tryiní to hear it. If it wasnít for one brave woman standing up for her God-given right to be treated as a human being... Iím gonnaí say (write) it, so donít get "offended" (youíve heard worse and survived)... If it wasnít for Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, alla yíall niggasíd still be in da backada bus; youíd still be sayin, Yowzhuh boss, pleeze dunn hit me wiíd da whip no moe. Moreover, no matter your race or ethnicity, you know itís true. In the same way, you know that what I have alleged here, and on my web site, and in a few of my books, is true. Without proof, there can be no conviction or impeachment, but there is proof... the stupid bastard said he was spying on Americans without a court order, and without probable cause, and he dared to say he would keep doing it, and the Constitution authorizes it... I donít know what VERSION of the Constitution heís looking at; my copy says nothing of the sort. HE SAID IT! The stupid, ignorant bastard said it out of his own lying mouth; itís probably the first truth heís ever spoken. WHAT MORE PROOF IS REQUIRED? When will the American people rest in the sufficiency of the evidence, and DEMAND that this Neo-Nazi scumbag be summarily removed from office pending a COMPETENCY HEARING before shipping him off to The Hague to stand trial for WAR CRIMES. 

Sometimes you cannot avoid offending people. I know Iíve offended lots of people with my tirades here. I wonít say, "Iím sorry" for speaking the truth. A few have tried to take this Web site off the Internet. They have the freedom to <click! >, Goodbye, or close the book and use it for a doorstop... but deep down, hopefully, most will reconsider, and give thanks to God that they still have the liberty to read something like this, because if things continue on their present course; if George Bush is allowed to violate the Fourth Amendment with impunity, those days are surely numbered.

             Not for nothing, but a government that has lost the (domestic) "war on drugs", lost the "war on poverty", lost the "war on crime", and has left more children "behind" than most Third-World nations, supports a psychology profession that invents bogus disorders (ADD/AHDD), is "in bed" with a pharmaceutical industry that has twelve million kids on dangerous psyche medications, and a Federal Emergency Management Agency that canít (wonít) even snatch a niggaí off a roof in New Orleans, cannot possibly do... is incompetent to do anything about "terrorism".

            Many of those people who are NOT at the point of exercising their Second Amendment right to go (lame) duck hunting, and agree with this Liar In Chief will say, "I have nothing to hide, so why should I mind if the FBI reads my eMail, or tracks me around town by my cell phone signal?", and they will rationalize that wholesale snooping is a justified "need" of the government to "protect us against terrorism".

We havenít had a "terrorist" attack since 9-11, because there is no one left to blame it on. We captured Saddam, who is the biggest scapegoat since Lee Harvey Oswald. The truth of the matter is, nobody DARES to say what he or she knows to be closer to the truth than the Neo-Con party line. That thing that is closer to the truth than 19 hijackers that commandeered four planes on 9-11-01, is that our own government took over the flight control and communications systems of those planes with Global Hawk, and had the World Trade towers professionally demolished - along with the building at 7 WTC which collapsed, even though it wasnít hit by anything - making the whole thing look like somebody else did it... shades of the German Reichstag, Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident... ALL LIES! 

No aircraft parts were ever found at the Pentagon, and the silence of the NEWS media on these issues just smells of a Grand Olí Party cover-up; it smells of the dusting off and revival of the Nazi tactic of burning the Reichstag[21] in 1933, just before Hitler was elected. If you have any doubts, you should read my sermon, "Skin For Skin".  

If our national security can be attributed to improved Intelligence, or the "Patriot" Act, then the FBI and CIA have come a long way from being the incompetent, bumbling assholes, who just four years ago, "couldnít connect the dots"... and perhaps thatís true in another sense; they "couldnít connect the dots", because that would be cutting their own throats, and admitting that there was no valid justification for invading Afghanistan or Iraq in the first place. Perhaps they "couldnít connect the dots", because they ARE the "dots". Meanwhile, a six-foot something tall Arab dragging around a dialysis machine strapped to a camel is aimlessly wandering around the desert like Moses looking for the Promised Land. Still, with geostationary[22] spy satellites equipped with eighty-inch Carl Zeissô telescopes and state-of-the-art million-power digital zoom that can tell what brand of cigarette you smoke from 22 miles up in orbit, we just canít find the son-of-a-bitch. I know! He has one of those Klingon cloaking devices; he presses a button on the camelís saddle, and light beams are bent, and matter becomes transparent. Heís there - right in front of our noses, but heís cloaked; heís invincible, because heís invisible... or maybe he was snatched up to heaven by Allah, like the prophet Mohammed (PBUH).[23] 

While the hunt for Osama drags on for over four years, police without all the hi-tech resources of the FBI and CIA, corner a rapist on the lam from New York, using the GPS locator feature on his cell phone when he momentarily answered a call... but we just canít find Osama bin Laden. Please! Iíve had enough smoke blown up my ass! Donít pee on my leg and tell me itís raining![24] They might get the average Joe to believe this bullshit, but I, for one, know a snow job when the blizzard is upon me. I have enough sense to put the waders and the thigh high boots on, when itís getting deep; but it looks like Iím gonnaí need an Aqualungģ before too longÖ 

            So far, the case George Bush made for surveillance of Americans is shaky, at best. By admitting he did it, and will continue to do it, he freely admitted to a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution; CLEARLY AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE which could (IT SHOULD) put him in the same Hall of Presidential Criminal Infamy, alongside "Tricky Dick" Nixon and the Watergate "plumbers".  

Yes, we capture crooks and criminals with hi-tech surveillance - and all of that is legal; it is justified, and it is well within the law because there is probable cause, and / or review by a court. If youíre stupid enough to be "on the lam", carrying your cell phone, sell drugs to an undercover narcotics officer, or try to lure children for sex on the Internet, you deserve to get nabbed... and itís certain you will, but that stuff is not justification to monitor everybody - or anyone whom you choose, just because you feel like it. This is precisely the same twisted "logic" that enabled the Bush Crime Family to invade a sovereign nation that didnít have anything to do with 9-11, didnít have any weapons of mass destruction, and posed no threat whatsoever to the United States.

  Using that line of reasoning, they could imprison an accountant or an armored car driver because they MIGHT steal some money. They can put a guy in jail for walking into a bar, because he MIGHT get shit-faced in a few hours, drive drunk, and kill somebody... hell, itíll save the cops having to chase him down the highway. While weíre at it, might as well lock up all you ĎNet surfers, because you MIGHT commit a Cyber Crime someday... like pulling up WebPastor Daveís site, and reading what we donít want you to see

            Just because you "have nothing to hide", is no reason to tolerate invasion of your privacy. It is your Fourth Amendment right to be secure in your person, property, papers, and affairs. If you give up that right without a fight - and I mean a fight with nothing less than bullets flying, if thatís what it takes - then youíre a wimp, and you should click off this site immediately, and let someone who deserves his / her freedom get the bandwidth. 

            "A people who will give up a little bit of their freedom to gain security, will end up with neither". (Paraphrased) [25] 

Anyone who can violate ANY of your civil rights can imprison you on whatever they decide is appropriate. It is already happening in Gitmo.[26] If you donít know what your rights are - precisely - then when your rights are violated, youíre too ignorant to know it. Stupidity is the pursuit of ignorance (2 Peter 3:5 talks about people who "willingly are ignorant"). Donít be stupid because youíre ignorant on purpose; listen to and heed the warnings of people who have no hidden agenda, and have no ulterior motive to lie to you. I know my rights, and that is precisely why I fought censorship of this web site, and I want to teach you that you donít have to tolerate being treated like a terrorist, by a government led by a traitor. I want you to use your rights, and defend them before, as Plutarch once said, "Little and little...", or as the prophet Isaiah wrote, "... here a little, and there a little..."[27] you lose the entirety of your liberty. 

            For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Intelligence community,[28] let me give you a short, but by no means complete run-down on what "surveillance" these days means: 

ē           Your eMail is constantly monitored by an "artificial intelligence" (AI) program running on classified supercomputers beyond your wildest dreams. Scrutiny is maintained 24/7 over your communications, and what web sites you visit. If you pull up this page right here, on this web site, you might as well stay around a bit; explore the whole web site, because youíre no doubt already on somebodyís "shit list". 

ē           Your home phone and cell phone, as well as your office phones are "tapped". They are monitored for content by voice recognition programs that recognize any language or dialect, using supercomputers that are twenty years ahead of anything youíve ever heard of.[29] Say something wrong, and you might get a visit from the M.I B.s.[30] 

ē           Your bank transactions are recorded, traced, and scrutinized. 

ē           Your whereabouts are tracked by GPS whenever you use your cell phone,[31] and by your transactions whenever you use a credit card or an ATM. 

ē           If you have an E-Z Pass for bridges and tolls, they know where you are, and can tell how fast you were going to get from one toll to the next one.

ē           Your credit card purchases are tracked, what you buy, and where you buy it is recorded, and anything "suspicious" is flagged. 

ē           If you have one of the new "Blink"ô cards (microchip credit cards, or equivalents), you can be tracked anywhere the government places a passive detector - whether you make a purchase with it or not. 

ē           The same system used to track "sexual predators" with GPS ankle bracelets is already being tied into the cell phone network. The cell company can send a signal to your phone - even though you donít answer it - and command it to turn the GPS locator in your phone on (even though you set the option to "off" or "911 only"), and transmit its location (typically accurate to +/- 200 feet) on demand, or at set intervals.

Note: some cellular phones maintain a "handshake" signal with the host network, even though theyíre turned off. The only way to defeat this capability is to remove the battery, or smash the phone to bits. 

ē           Your house can be bugged, and conversations clearly heard.   

ē           Infrared LASERs aimed at a window will pick up and record even a whisper spoken in a room.  

ē           Infrared cameras can see (heat silhouettes) through walls, and your movements inside your own house, can be monitored. 

ē           Your car can be followed by spy satellites in geostationary orbit, or by a tiny GPS receiver / transponder placed almost anywhere in, on, or under the vehicle. 

ē           "Shotgun" microphones mounted on parabolic dishes can hear a conversation three miles away. 

            Moreover, that, by no means, is even close to an exhaustive list of hi-tech capabilities. The question is why does this government feel it necessary to put us all under surveillance? Totalitarian regimes can only get that way if nobody objects. Sometimes the "objection" comes in the form of protected speech that is designed to "sound the alarm", and put the rest of the population "on point"... like this Web site, and a hundred more like it. Getting too close to the truth is why they murdered William Cooper, author of "Behold a Pale Horse",[32] and you see why this "business" - doing the Lordís work - can be hazardous to oneís health... just ask Avi Lipkin... or Dr. Stan Monteith. As long as youíre in church singing hymns and praising God, theyíll leave you alone... for now. However, when God puts it on a manís heart to tell the truth, and to speak out against evil, abuse, exploitation, corruption, thievery, treason, and outright murder, the preacher becomes an enemy of the State. Tell you what... Iím an enemy of the State, because the State is an enemy of God, and an enemy of the American people. This government has gone against everything I believe in, and everything this once-great Republic once stood for. The American dream has become an Orwellian Neo-Nazi nightmare, and the sad part is, that there seems to be no offense great enough, no crime serious enough, and no violation egregious[33] enough to stir God-fearing people to righteous wrath anymore. 

            When Satan wanted to test Jobís loyalty to God, he told God, "Ö skin for skin, Yea, all that a man hath, will he give for his life".[34] As far as I know, thatís the only time in the Bible that anything came out of the Devilís mouth that wasnít an outright lie or a covert negative. (See my sermon Skin For Skin).

            Terrorism... or what has been skillfully made to appear as terrorism, is the "skin for skin" excuse that the Bush Crime Family has used - and I believe actually knowingly instigated, or gave tacit[35] consent for - in order to scare the American people into supporting (at least, initially) not only the invasion Afghanistan and Iraq, but to economically, socially, morally, and spiritually destroy this country, which is the last major obstacle to their "Skull and Bones", long-coveted Novus Ordo Seclorum.[36]  

What we are now witnessing happening here in our Homeland is precisely what happened when the Reichstag was burned by the Nazis in the Fatherland in 1933. There was a contrived mandate against "Jews and Gypsies" then; there is a contrived mandate against "Terrorists and "Islamic extremists" today. Smoke, mirrors, political propaganda, and unmitigated[37] psychobabble bullshit. If we "found" Osama bin Laden, the jig would be up. This government has created "The best enemies money can buy", in order to nullify the US Constitution (whatís left of it) with the Patriot Act, and various and sundry other violations of our God-given rights, using "Terrorism" and "Homeland Security" as both an excuse, and a rallying point against a fabricated enemy. 

            If we want to win the war on terrorism, then we must go after the source. He and his accomplices in TREASON against the people of the United States, currently occupy the offices at 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

            That, dear truth-seeker, is the long and the short of it. There are thousands of pieces to the puzzle; and in its entirety, it can only "fit together" one way. The more seemingly "unrelated" data one examines in his quest for the empirical truth, the more nefarious, and far-reaching the plot seems to be. There are conspiracy theories quite simply because there are conspiracies. The trick of "knowing how to know", is having the "rules" at hand to help you catch a lie as it is being uttered, and knowing when to rest in the sufficiency of the evidence. That is why I wrote "The Lie Detection Manual". Recognizing a totalitarian government in the making, and knowing the mindset of a dictator, is the reason I put together a book titled "A Synthesis of The Russian Brainwashing Manual on Psychopolitics". How do you tell when a politician is lying? His lips move. I donít mean that to be a joke; Iím as serious as a triple bypass. It remains to be seen whether unwarranted surveillance is tolerated by the American Sheeple. If I were a betting man, Iíd wager most people will grudgingly put up with it, even though AOLĎs online polls show them decidedly opposed. One more step down the slippery slope to a Nazi totalitarian nightmare, and I tell you - Iíve said it before - if Adolf Hitler had a PC or even a Palm Pilotô, we would probably be singing "Edelweiss" right now. If Dubya gets away with this one, itís not long before this country isnít worth living in anymore.

     It would be ironic if the first-generation American son (me) of an immigrant / refugee (my father) from an imminent Nazi dictatorship, had to go back to where his father came from, to escape the same thing his father escaped... A father fled the Fatherland and came to what would later become the Homeland; Fatherland sub nom.[38] His son is seriously contemplating leaving the Homeland that became the Fatherland, to go back to his fatherís Fatherland  which became a Homeland

            On the eve of Christmas Eve[39]


God bless --- no ---

God HELP America...

Peace, and Godspeed,

WebPastor Dave Todeschini



[1] The same town and region where the Von Trapp family lived, and "The Sound Of Music" was filmed.
[2] 1 Corinthians 2:14 KJV.
[3] Benevolent - for charity rather than profit; charitable;  nonprofit; notĖforĖprofit; philanthropic.
[4] Ephesians 6:12
[5] Seven thousand million.
[6] A trillion is a thousand billion; a billion is a thousand million. One third trillion written out is: $ 300,000,000,000.
[7] Modicum - the tiniest amount.
[8] prima facie (Latin) "on its face"; at first sight.
[9] Paradigm - the perfect embodiment of something; a pattern of thought which affects conclusions.
[10] Brainpan - bone enclosing the brain; cranium; skull.
[11] Tenacious - dogged; sticking to a goal; firm; resolute; persevering; persistent; singleĖminded.
[12] Despot - dictatorial leader.
[13] This court is called a F.I.S.A. review (Foreign Intelligence Security Act, and even this courtís Constitutionality is in question).
[14] Cohunes - (Spanish) testicles; "balls".
[15] Subjective - displaying subjectivity in judgment; non-objective; impressionistic.
[16] Inference - the science of drawing logical consequences; something deduced.
[17] Conjecture - to put forth an opinion without prior substantiation; guess;  hypothesize; presume; suppose; surmise; theorize; speculate; reckon; hypothesis; leap in the dark; S.W.A.G.
[18] SONYEA - an acronym: State of New York Epileptic Association. Groveland prison, a medium security facility on 80 acres, near Rochester, NY, used to be a mental hospital where epileptics were imprisoned. Prior to that, it was a Shaker colony. The original, historic houses have been converted to prison dormitories.
[19] Hebrews 13:6b KJV
[20] PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
[21] Reichstag - German Parliament building.
[22] Geostationary - a satellite that orbits the earth at the same speed of its rotation. These satellites appear to "hover" over the same spot on Earth.
[23] Peace Be Upon Him.
[24] "Donít Pee On My Leg And Tell Me Itís Raining" - (Judge) Judy Sheindlin - ISBN# 0-06-092794-1
[25] Your homework is to find who said that.
[26] Gitmo - Guantanamo Bay.
[27] Isaiah 28:10
[28] I am intimately familiar with Mil-Intel - my USAF MOS  was 3ABR-306-50/F
[29] Technology in the civilian sector is like "stone knives and bearskins" - to quote Mr. Spock - compared to what the US Intelligence community has at its disposal.
[30] MIB - Men In Black (Covert government agents)
[31] GPS locators are built into every cell phone manufactured after the year 2000
"Behold a Pale Horse" - William Cooper - ISBN # 0-929385-22-5
[33] Egregious - in obvious violation of propriety.
[34] Job 2:4 KJV
[35] Tacit - understood without being said;  not said aloud; unspoken; unvoiced; unexpressed; unmentioned.
[36] New World Order under One World Government  Illuminati / Masonic agenda.
[37] Unmitigated  - partaking utterly in the nature of.
[38] Sub Nom (Latin) "under another name".
Jesus was not born in the winter, but the world celebrates His birth on that day.


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The author of this web site and the books featured here is available for conversation. It is best to call after 9PM on weekdays, when my "minutes" are free. If you have caller ID blocked, I will not answer the phone, but I WILL call you back if you leave a message. If you do not get through, please leave a message on my phone mail. Please take your time to speak slowly and clearly when you leave a message, and I WILL get back to you.

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Any of my books can be ordered directly from the publisher.
Many are available as E-books, and there are FREE DOWNLOADS all over this web site and its satellites

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