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Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




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             Some people might call me a "conspiracy nut", but that's OK; It is better I should think, to believe in conspiracies where perhaps there are none and be "on point", than to dismiss overwhelming evidence of multiple conspiracies out of hand, and believe every harebrained bullshit story[1] the government concocts so that one doesn't have to expend any mental energy to figure out the truth. 

Our propensity to believe a lie because it is more convenient or more comfortable than the truth doesn't change the truth one iota. This kind of not-thinking and inability to confront painful or embarrassing truths, is explained in another one of my books.[2] This "dissonance[3] mitigation" is a flaw in human nature, which has plagued mankind ever since Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; it is a flaw that has been expertly exploited by every global tyrant from Genghis Kahn to George Bush.  

            To mitigate this flaw, and the "spiritual blindness" it causes, is the focus of my effort here. If you want absolute proof of what I allege, I'm sorry to tell you that there is no such thing as absolute proof of anything. What I'm trying to do is establish a level of credibility that will allow the reader to decide an issue "beyond a reasonable doubt", and "to a moral certainty". The evidence is there. I submit to you that there is what a good lawyer or prosecutor would call "a cause and effect relationship" between some heretofore-undisclosed events, and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. In order to know that the very real possibility exists that our own government brought the 9-11 attacks down upon us, is to study a bit of non-revisionist history. I recommend a particular book highly.[4] 

One of two conclusions that a thinking, rational individual could possibly come to is: 

1)         Either the 9-11-attacks were totally and completely unprovoked, in which case I must reluctantly advocate for drastic and extreme countermeasures to ensure our survival as a nation, 

or – 

2)         There is something more than meets the eye here, and it is being kept secret by our government (which is nothing new).  

Of course, it is obvious to everyone but a complete fool, that the latter is the case, because as brainwashed as someone might be, he or she does not blow themselves up without reason or cause. Moreover, after an attack, there is no point for the government to keep what it knows about what happened a secret... unless, of course, the release of that information implicates someone, or some agency in our own government as being complicit in, or at least giving tacit consent for those attacks. The perpetrators know what happened; what's the point of keeping secrets about it? It is OUR lives on the line here, and I say we have a right to full disclosure. The $64,000 question is, "What is being hidden from the American people, and why?" 

In the effort to get to the reasons for the 9-11 attacks, some people have attempted to make "sense" of the mentality that compels a suicide bomber to murder innocent people along with him / her self. Perhaps no "sense" can be made of it, because there is no sense to be made of it; Evil for evil's sake doesn't need a reason; evil for the sake of evil only requires resources and opportunity, and that is precisely what we have here... only there's one problem - To the average American, it doesn't make sense that the analysis that no sense can be made of it makes sense. Got me? 

            Let me put it another way: If one dismisses completely out-of-hand, the possibility of evil spiritual influences over the hearts and minds of men, then none of the reasons for the "senseless" and "mindless" wars, terrorism, genocides, infanticides, etc., that we see in the world can be discovered. Consequently, we cannot know the etiology, and so we are helpless in the fight against it. Because of our failure to determine cause, the problem will intensify and escalate into more senselessness, and more mindlessness, and we will never see the end of it; neither will our children, or their children - assuming, of course a nuclear holocaust doesn't happen in the interim. 

However, if we consider the fact that there are indeed, unseen, immeasurable, and undetectable spiritual forces at work, and if we accept the fact that those spiritual forces are mirrored in the physical universe, we begin to see a different world-view than those who do not have such discernment. Suddenly, everything that "doesn't make sense", makes perfect sense, because evil for evil's sake alone, is the Modus Operendi [5] of a certain character who used to be called "Lucifer", and since he can't BE God, and can't TOUCH God, and he can't be like US, he tries to despoil God's children - because we are made in the "image and likeness" of God. If you can't get to the Father, then ruining, despoiling, maiming, and killing His children is the next-best thing. It is logical only in the mind of a demented, psychopathic lunatic, and in the heart of "A murderer from the beginning, and the father of lies". Once we recognize the forces at work as satanic, then the picture becomes clearer. But if we deny God, and deny that there is a spiritual battle going on for the hearts and minds of men; if we delude[6] ourselves into believing that "we are the cause, and we are the solution", and buy into the John Lennon atheistic "Imagine" [7] Godless utopia, our arrogance will prove to be our downfall.  

Man is primarily a spiritual being, and to deny it, is just making yourself believe a lie; it is precisely what the Devil wants you to do. 

I implore you to make up your own mind on when to rest in the sufficiency of the evidence, but hear all the evidence first, and don't be so egotistic to refuse to admit that you could be wrong about something you fervently and tenaciously hold to be true, or adamantly assert that you don't believe. I'm not a vain man, and so I am always open to new ideas... convince me I'm wrong; I'll hear you out, and in this case, I would like nothing better than to be proven wrong, (except perhaps winning this week's Mega Million™ Lotto) because if I'm wrong, there's hope for America after all... but I know I'm right, and I'm not trying to prove anything by it; all I'm doing is calling it as I see it, and hope the message touches someone. 

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Sometimes that vigilance must border on the verge of paranoia, but better to be paranoid and a free man, than gullible and chattel.[8] If you allow yourself to be lied to with impunity, people will use and abuse you. If a nation does not call lying politicians to task, and doesn't question the motives and agendas of elected officials when those officials have proven themselves to be liars, then we've passed the last exit on the superhighway to certain oblivion. When we begin NOT to recognize the forces at work; when we give up trying to "make sense" of things that don't make sense; when we look at them with secular eyes, we either abandon ourselves to fate, or buy into the first lie that comes along that gives us "the warm fuzzies" of security: " shall NOT surely die". We need to get out of that mode; we need to climb out of the comfort zone of our own paradigms, else we will slowly lose what is left of our God-given freedoms. If there is no God, then our freedoms are at the mercy of governments and other men, and history has proven that men under Satan's influence will easily usurp the freedoms of a Godless people. 

We all know by now, that the war in Iraq is totally unfounded; at least a reasonable person will concede that we are NOT in Iraq for the reasons we were led to believe were why we needed to get involved in the first place. Peradventure some of us refuse to admit it - even to ourselves - but that doesn't change the facts.  

Let me take you through a line of reasoning, and on a course of critical thinking for a few minutes: 

If we are not in Iraq for reasons of National Security; i.e.: Iraq did not pose a "clear and present danger" to the United States as we were told by every politician (with notable exceptions) from George Bush Senior on down, then it is by definition a FACT, that we are fighting a war under false pretenses - there can be no dispute about it. We went into Afghanistan and Iraq because Afghanistan and Iraq allegely were instrumental in 9-11 - and we know now (too late) that that reason was most probably a bold-faced lie. Then it was WMDs in Iraq that were never found. Of course, it is impossible to prove the non-existence of something... we assumed (ASS-U-ME),[9] that Saddam had started to build nukes, but there is absolutely no physical  evidence to substantiate that assumption. The tertiary postulate[10] was supposed to be the alleged manufacture and stockpiling of biochemical agents, but the "mobile germ warfare factories" we were shown in satellite photos on TV by General Colin Powell, turned out to be jumbo Port-o-San poop wagons, or something. As of August 11, 2005, the president, in a news conference stated that he "strongly disagrees" with the majority of American's opinions that we immediately withdraw our troops from Iraq, stating that " would send a message to the terrorists... that America is weak". On the Air America program on WLIB (1190 AM) that evening in New York, host Mike Molloy expressed his utter contempt and hatred for George Bush, calling him a "terrorist and a psychopath". With great trepidation, I have to say that I wholly agree with that assessment and that opinion. George Bush's news conference on 8/11/05 sent a clear message that his "concern", his "respect", his understanding, sympathy, empathy, or whatever else you may wish to call it - for our troops and for their families, is nothing more than a badly (if at all) rehearsed act; it is an apparency and his hubris, arrogance, and megalomania is exceeded only by his contempt and disdain for anyone who stands in the way of his agenda. His chummy-chummy relationship with the Saudis, and the fact that his family has business ties all over the oil industry should scream out the truth to America: "BLOOD FOR OIL"!, but nobody except a few radio talk show hosts, and a few authors seem to be willing to call a spade "a spade". It should be obvious to all Americans after his news conference on 8/11/05, that the president of the United States could give a rat's ass about our brave young men and women, who have been snookered into fighting an illegal, unjust, and immoral war, and who, like those of us who fought in the protracted agony of Vietnam, have, and are - fighting and dying, not to defend our country against unprovoked attacks, but to further pad the coffers of the elitist shadow government that has been running this country ever since John F. Kennedy was murdered, and possibly before.

 George Bush's comments today (8/11/05) have revealed him as a pathological liar, and a megalomaniac psychopath. We The People should demand his immediate resignation from office, and barring that, we should have him impeached as incompetent due to clinical insanity - he is, by any reasonable person's casual observation, clinically insane. George Bush's "flat affect"[11] immediately after 9-11, as evidenced in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911", and his really badly feigned compassion for a woman demanding an answer to why her son had to be killed in Iraq, is evidence of "Loony Tune" insanity beyond any doubt. George Bush is beneath contempt, and pity would be less merciful than a .357 in the brain pan. 

Finally, we have "intelligence reports" that intelligence per se' (obviously) had nothing to do with, and the FBI and CIA, et al. by their own embarrassing admission, "failed to connect the dots". Well, as I stated in my book on Vietnam[12] perhaps they "failed to connect the dots", because they ARE the dots! It is better by far, is it not, to grudgingly admit to bumbling incompetence and to be embarrassed, than to be found guilty of treason and be put up against a wall and shot!

The premises[13] for our nation going to war, at least since WWII, has always been contrived situations; The US knew that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor, and let it happen. In the Vietnam era, they intentionally attempted to provoke firefights with the North Vietnamese against US merchant ships. When that failed, they simply manufactured a provocation and fabricated the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and that lie escalated into our 10-year involvement in Vietnam. The same strategy was used for getting us into the 1991 Gulf War, and I'm afraid that history has repeated itself yet again on September 11, 2001... only Americans refuse to believe it, since they want to have trust and confidence in the government that they (supposedly) elected. 

 As those of us who are old enough to recall November 22, 1963 will tell you, and those of us who have quit kidding ourselves know deep in our hearts; If the president we elect does not go along with "the agenda" of the powers that be in the shadow government, most likely he will end up with a bullet in his throat, and his "wig pushed back" like John F. Kennedy.[14] 

The terrorist attacks on 9-11 gave the government the excuse they needed to pass the Patriot Act. Great sounding name until you realize that Nazi SS-troops were also considered "patriots".[15] The Fuhrer's "Fatherland" has become OUR "Homeland". The Vietnam War was a diversion to take God out of our schools, teach children to use drugs and have casual sex as "free love", and legalize the cold-blooded murder in vivo[16] of over 40 million innocent babies in the 32 some-odd years since Roe vs. Wade. The Devil is having a good time. 

Wars and the Middle East aside, consider this: If politicians were chosen by the flip of a coin, we would be in the same situation and in the same dire straits as we are now. For all of our agonizing and debates over whom to elect, we the citizen / taxpayers / voters, always end up on the short end of the stick. Since 1950, the material well being of the average American worker has declined by a factor of (at least) ten. For example, the average blue-collar wage earner in 1950 earned from $14,000 to $18,000. The average 1-family house cost $14,000. A new car cost between $2,600 and $3,800. That means that in 1950, a person could just about pay cash for a home with one year's salary; he could buy 3 good American-built cars. 

Contrast those facts with today: The average salary is $28,000 to $35,000 and the average one family home costs $350,000. Not only is the property ten times the cost, the worker has to get a loan from the bank, and will end up, on a 30-year mortgage, paying twice the cost. A new car, comparable in quality to the 1950s is made overseas, or largely with foreign parts, and costs more than a year's salary. Insurance adds another third to the cost. 

Add to this the fact that bankruptcy laws are about to change. Make no mistake about it; this entire scenario is expertly engineered - it is not coincidence. When someone borrows $350,000 to buy a house, and is locked into $750 / month payments for 40 years, what happens when the market collapses? The forthcoming collapse is also engineered, and it will happen just after the bankruptcy laws change. The spiraling cost of housing is a game of "musical chairs", where the poor, ill-informed working man will be left with a house worth $60,000 that he financed a third or a half of a million dollars against. Not only will he have no equity in the property, when the market goes belly-up, but he will have no legal recourse by which to extract himself from the debt; if he sells the property for $65,000, he will still owe the bank $285,000, and be homeless. When he loses his job (the economy will collapse right along with the housing market), he will go to debtor's prison for defaulting on the loan agreement. If you think that something on this order is not in the offing, you will look back on this article and claim it was prophetic. 

Another drifting towards global despotism is the current "tracking" of allegedly "dangerous" criminals. Take my word for it; 60 to 75 percent of so-called "criminals" are nothing of the sort, and up to 90 percent of people imprisoned for "sex crimes" are innocent beyond any doubt.[17] The NEWS media plays favorites with the shocking allegations plastered on the front page, and covers acquittals as an "Oh, and by the way" on page 82. The reasons for these travesties are many, and the irony is that while an innocent man does 27 years for a crime he didn't commit, the real perpetrator escapes justice via the 5-year statute of limitations. The etiology of corruption in the "Criminal Justice" system (it IS criminal) is material for another book,[18] The point here is that a system is being put in place, that Adolf Hitler could only have dreamed of having! The politicians create the apparency[19] of a problem, in order to come up with a "solution". Today we GPS-track rapists and pedophiles, and tomorrow we track political dissidents. Once the system (the computer hardware and the networking database software) is in place, adding your name to the database doesn't cost a thing. They'll pitch it as some sort of "safety measure", or "anti-terrorist" mumbo-jumbo, and we'll come another step closer to George Orwell's "1984". Don't think so? Just sit back and do nothing. You'll see. 

The next thing on my list here has been blogged[20] to death all over the Internet, so I'll mention it in passing. Bar codes on products have been with us for years, and it's hard to imagine modern-day supermarket checkouts without them. Subcutaneously[21] implanted ID chips will be marketed as a means to keep your children safe. With GPS technology[22] you will (and the cops will) be able to locate anyone on the planet with a margin of error of +/- 12 feet. Like the Social(ist) Security number, they'll initially promise not to use it for anything else. When the public's memory fades, they will secretly GPS-track anyone they want to. If they don't like you, because you excoriated some politician on your Blog, why they just might steer a cruise missile up your ass. 

The situation in our public schools is a book-length dissertation. Our children are being taught a state-sponsored Pagan religion[23] as "science", taught how to use condoms, and make false allegations of sexual abuse against parents, friends, and relatives. They are being given dangerous drugs for non-existent "disorders" that aberrate their perception of reality, and render them malleable for brainwashing. If they were to suddenly stop taking their "smart pills", as they are called, they may become prone to violence or suicide - see links to FREE literature on this topic on:          

The war in Vietnam ended 30 years ago, and the effects are still being felt to this day. Over 4 million acres of triple-canopied rain forest is forever lost - contaminated and poisoned by 2,4-D paraquat and other defoliants. Children and US and Vietnamese soldiers who were exposed back then, have a high incidence of miscarriages, stillbirths, and infant mortality   (SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Many who survive to term, are physically deformed or mentally impaired. I understand a lawsuit is pending on behalf of the people of Vietnam.

The Vietnam fiasco is being repeated again in Iraq, and again, criminals in this country's government are knowingly and maliciously perpetrating even worse maladies on the innocent, and on our own soldiers for God only knows what purpose! The American people, misinformed, lied to, and brainwashed by that infernal boob tube, are in a quandary about what to do, or even what to think.  

I'm sorry, but I must say it, because it is true, and to leave it unspoken would be a lie of omission on my part. Not with the purpose of elevating myself above the average "Joe", but the people in this country are STUPID. Too much Jerry Springer, and sports up the Wazoo, 2,000 cable channels, and 95% of them mindless Sitcoms with crude sexual innuendos done in bad taste supported by canned laughter - it's enough to make me want to toss my cookies! 

America! WAKE UP! Your God-given freedoms are being swept out from under you. Your livelihood is being eaten by government spending that is unauthorized by the Constitution. Your sons and daughters are being sent to foreign lands to fight and die - not for freedom, and certainly not to keep us safe from terrorists, but as an army of occupation in lands rich with oil and natural gas. Our troops are cannon fodder for mega-rich elitists who run this government like the Star Chamber of the movie of the same title. You and I... our votes... our control over the government is an apparency, and it has been that way for a very long time. It will remain so until we are all literally slaves, or until we rise up and take it back. 

My good friends, you don't need to be another Isaiah or another Daniel to discern the signs of the times; all you have to do to see what's coming is to stop believing bullshit stories, and stop forcing yourself to feel warm and fuzzy behind the promises of people who have proven themselves to be pathological liars time, and time again. Liars and traitors, and those who would encroach upon our liberties as Americans, must be shown for what they are. Those who have maliciously engaged in genocides, infanticides, and engineering wars to suit their own agendas should be tried by a jury of knowledgeable citizens, and if found guilty, they should be mercilessly tortured until they beg for death.  

My faith tells me to "love your enemies", and I advocate against my own beliefs in this case. However, we are talking about our very survival here. If people don't wake up and take back this country, in 10 years or less, we will have a Technology-based Nazi nightmare that George Orwell, in his wildest imagination, and most frightening nightmares, could never have dreamed possible. 



Click here and sign the petition to STOP Bush's war crimes in the Middle-East


[1] The government isn't even "good" at concocting the stories, excuses, and cover-ups; they don't have to be; they've learned that most people will believe anything that's told to them by someone in authority. This phenomenon is explained in my book "The Lie Detection Manual" in the section titled, "The Cognitive Dissonance Factor" ISBN# 1-4116-1821-1 - Id  at 20.
[2] Commonly but erroneously called "denial".
[3] Dissonance - a term in psychology where one attempts to hold on to two or more conflicting conclusions.
[4] Source: "People's History of The United States" - Howard Zinn ISBN#  0-06-092643-0 - Harper Perennial.
[5] Modus Operendi (Latin, legal term) "Mode of Operation".
[6] Delude - to lure someone into disadvantageous action or belief  to cause someone to believe a falsehood.
[7] "Imagine" - a popular song by the late John Lennon, that paints a secular utopia without God. See the video "They Sold Their Souls For Rock n' Roll" available from
[8] Chattel - unfree person; slave; thrall; serf; chattel; bondsman; peon; bondservant.
[9] Assume - you make an ASS out of yoU and ME.
[10] Tertiary postulate - A third reason given (in this context, a third lie told). Postulate - to put forward as being the case for the sake of argument something assumed for the sake of argument or for use in a proof.
[11] "Flat Affect" (Psychology term) – almost
[12] See: "Land of Childhood’s Fears" on Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War - David Todeschini
[13] Premise - something assumed for the sake of argument or for use in a proof.
[14] In my book on Vietnam, several vets with high military security clearances and I, lay out an entirely different scenario for the JFK murder. The author (William Cooper) who made the original allegation was killed in a very suspicious confrontation with police.
[15] Patriot - someone who puts his country first.
[16] In vivo (Latin) "in a living body".
See my article "The Michael Jackson Witch Hunt" on and Judge Judy Scheindlin's book "Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining".
[18] Watch for "The Wheel of Ixion - Beyond The Belly of The Beast" on my web site.
[19] Apparency – That what appears to be, but is not what it appears to be.
[20] Blog (web slang) acronym for: weB LOG
[21] Subcutaneously - under the skin.
[22] I am intimately familiar with this technology, as I was president of Telson USA from 1994 to 1998 - a GPS equipment company that sold professional and recreational navigation equipment worldwide.
See my book "The Book of NeoGenesis - The Evolution of Mankind From Rocks" on



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