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Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




            On November 9, 2005, I was informed by certain individual within the NY State legal system - a real nice fellow whom I've had good rapport with for almost 18 months, that an article I had written on this Web site had generated some "heat" up in Albany. The article posted here, was an opinion piece followed by an interview with a woman who I met on the way to the library, sitting on a bench bewailing the loss of her son to Child Protective Services, because she dared to rail on them when she could not get her (then) 3-year-old son properly treated for a persistent ear infection. There is no need for me to duplicate the facts here; you can see the article for yourself. Since my mother who was 89 years old at the time was in the hospital at the time, I chose NOT to fight the issue, and I removed all of the content from this web site, and half a dozen "satellite" web sites as per the request. We have a mutual respect for each other, and perhaps I am culpable for putting him between a rock and a hard place. At the time, doing what I could to bring public attention to this woman's plight, was my promise to her as I listened to her muse about which was the better course of action; to commit suicide or commit murder. She calmed down after a few hours of counseling, and I fully empathized with her situation - all the paperwork she had, supported her allegations. And so I did what any good reporter would do; I read the papers VERBATIM into a tape recorder, and posted it as a Webcast on this site. No doubt, there was attention called to it; so much so, that they DARED to violate my Constitutional right to freely speak my grievances and advocate for others when they are not able to do so, by ordering this site shut down. I could have filed a lawsuit, but I HATE courts, and just being around lawyers is enough to make me physically ill. I temporarily took this site down, since it would probably have taken over a year to litigate the case, and the expense would have taken much-needed funds away from this ministry. It's payback time, and the file is here to stay, unless the interviewee requests that it be removed. I also was instrumental in the investigation of several Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes - the people who created so much trouble for me - for Medicaid fraud (see my Curriculum Vitae' - PDF file). Wanna' play? Let's play!

The following are the pages that took the place of the "home" page temporarily, while this situation was being negotiated and litigated:


Released to public domain


        This web site is temporarily undergoing extensive offline revision and addition to its content. This extensive modification cannot be done "on the fly" at the present time, as it is too time-consuming. 

The proprietor of this site has shut it down temporarily, under coercion and duress from some people in this government who donít want you to know the truth... or at least some of that truth... even when that truth is a matter of empirical public record. I have posted this lengthy essay to explain to my audience, why this site is being re-worked. 

 Apparently, MY brand of "in your face" on "Page 57" is too much for some people to handle. Denial is not so much lying to yourself, or to others, as it is an inability to confront or be confronted with a painful or embarrassing truth. - Just the truth, folks - verbatim from their own documents! - Public record, no less... but if youíre not specifically looking for it, youíre not likely to find it unless someone like me runs into it purely by accident, and puts it "out on front street". I did that. I am a responsible ĎNet journalist / evangelist / preacher telling the truth. God and me; God and me. How much of a threat could I be if I was lying? Enough said... for now. 

The fact of the matter is, dear reader, that whoever you are in this country; whatever your views, from whatever background you come, no matter what your religious beliefs, that faded piece of hemp parchment, written by God-fearing people long, long ago; men who held that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are inalienable rights given by God and untouchable by government under any circumstances - even to the least of us, and even to the worst criminals among us, is now as worthless as used toilet paper.  

Your rights as an American can only be guaranteed if you have the money to hire a lawyer who is a better legal gamesman than your opposition; facts and truth have nothing to do with it. It is a true datum that a jury decides a case based on the razzle-dazzleability of the lawyers. Who cares about facts when the case is tried in the media? Who cares how many votes you get in an election when a court in a state where your brother is governor gets the final say on the tally? Who cares if it was Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or Mickey Mouse who was behind 9-11, as long as we get to blow shit up, kill people, and make mad money in the process? 

This is not the United States of America anymore... and I say it with great trepidation, because I love the USA, but hate what it has become. This country has become a Nazi Neo-Con, corporate-run, covert dictatorship financed by legal multi-national drug cartels, and Madison Avenue ad firms that can sell you a pill to mask any little negative feeling you may have at the instant moment. Thatís life... if you wait 80 or 90 years, youíll get over it.  

The fact that I must post this notice here - even temporarily - is empirical proof of the fact that your freedom to speak, write, blog, or eMail your piece, is mere illusion.  If you donít understand, then perhaps you havenít seen the web site. Youíll know soon enough. Stay tuned. 

When agents of the government or the state can literally come into your home, or stalk you miles into the boondocks and arrest you "under color of law", with no warrant, no sworn complaint, and no probable cause; When they can electronically read your eMails; When they can hold you incommunicado at Guantanamo Bay for years without a lawyer, and without due process of law until you perceive that your only way out is to literally starve yourself to death; When they can accuse you of crimes you did not commit, fabricate evidence, lie under oath, conspire to obstruct justice, cover up the results of an investigation from the very plaintiffs that filed the complaint, and refuse to hear character witnesses or allow exculpatory evidence; When your only defense against a battery of malicious lies and fabricated evidence gained under an arrest done "under color of law" is the risk management of a plea bargain because you finally realize precisely what youíre dealing with; When even the court goes against the advice and testimony of its own forensic "experts" when it doesnít suit their purpose of political hay-making; When a jury can convict a man of murder with the flip of a "lucky" Kennedy half-dollar as happened in New York in November of 2000; When the government hires "contractors" who are not bound by the Geneva Conventions, and can torture people, bomb innocent civilians, and innocent children with white phosphorus and Napalm; When they can invade sovereign nations using bogus intelligence, "out" sheep-dipped CIA agents in retaliation for the truthful criticism of their fake intelligence documents by the agentís husband;  When they can brainwash your own children to turn against you and against God; When they can give them condoms, and teach them the official  State-sponsored Evolutionist Pagan religion masquerading as "science" in public schools with your tax money, abort your teenage daughterís out-of-wedlock baby without your knowledge or consent, involuntarily drug your children with dangerous psychotropic drugs for bogus "mental disorders" (ADD/ADHD) which are in reality, just sugar-fueled youthful exuberance - all to feed the windfall profits of pharmaceutical giants and employ hordes of Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes - and if you object, remove your children from your home and put them in foster care; And when they can censor what you legally have access to in the privacy of your own home on your own computer because some of us use this medium to tell the truth - raw, unbiased, and with no other motive other than to restore a bit of sanity to this sick, sick society, then it is time for drastic action - and you may read into "drastic" whatever  you wish. Read The Federalist Papers. 

I am here to tell you that your freedoms - all of them - are an illusion; they are an apparency. They "appear to be", but are NOT what they appear to be. Is this my opinion? I wish it were... I wish that I was paranoid and insane, and things were not exactly as I say they are... for your sake... for your sake... and for the sake of your children who will inherit an Orwellian nightmare of Biblical proportions. 

In the book of Job, in the Bible, after the Devil had tried to turn Jobís allegiance from God; and even his wifeís admonition, "... dost thou still retain thy integrity? Curse God and die" failed, the Devil said to God, "... skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life". Job stood fast. The test of loyalty and integrity was upon him. He scraped the pus out of boils on his body with a broken piece of pottery, but even though it may not have seemed so to a casual observer, Godís allegiance to Job was true, and deep in his heart, Job knew it, else he would have taken his wifeís advice. 

We all know what happened in the end. For those of you a bit rusty on scripture, Job got blessed - big time! 

On September 11, 2001, the Devil - operating in the "Principalities and Powers" of this government, caused those towers to fall. One manís terrorism is another manís patriotism. And now we the American Sheeple, were ready to endure yet another fabricated war because 3,000 of our citizens - two of my best friends among them - perished "... in the day of the great slaughter when the towers fall" as it says in Isaiah 30:25. 

 This country has turned into a Nazi police state - and sadly, thatís an empirical fact! If Adolf Hitler had a Palm Pilotô, we would all be singing "Edelweiss" and cooking Jews in the ovens right now. We are turning into a nation of "made" criminals - "offenders" and "victims" alike, who are constructed out of thin air by people who are experts at convincing the public that apparencies are actual facts, and that actual facts are apparencies. As my good friend Doctor Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty says in the opening of his radio talk show, "...Reality is usually scoffed at; Illusion is usually king, but in the battle for Christian civilization, itís going to be reality, not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring...". The future does not bode well at all. The reason is public apathy, and failure to be outraged at even the most egregious violations of our rights as citizens, and failure to recognize that a violation of one of us, is a violation of all of us, and the one offense against our freedom should no more be tolerated than a million violations. If the Gestapo isnít knocking on your door, it seems, youíre not motivated to act - or to even object, for that matter. 

I have digital audiotapes that prove my assertions here beyond any sane personís doubt - over 300 hours worth - will that be proof enough for you? Theyíre in safekeeping; in the office of the NY State Attorney General, and Iíll leave it to you to see if Iím lying. Actually, they donít exist in my posession; I erased them by accident, my hard drive crashed and I donít have a backup. Do I have to post them anonymously for fear of being retaliated against? 

When will you people rest in the sufficiency of the evidence? As long as no crime has (or is the process of being) committed; As long as malicious libel or slander is not engaged in; anyone in this country has the right to speak and write - post, or blog whatever they wish. Opinions - mine included - are like assholes; everybodyís got one... some of us have two; one at each end of the alimentary canal. Freedom of speech; the right to admit, deny, or refuse to answer. Talk, or weíll hook your nards up to a cattle prod. Freedom of speech, my ass! The caveat is that you must be careful not to piss the wrong people off. Donít tell the truth about people who destroy families. Donít try to advocate for a child whose personality is being destroyed by Ritalin, or any of that other stuff the schools dole out to exuberant children who "disrupt" the Zen-mantra-like monotony of the over-crowded classroom. Where is all this Lotto money going? It helps education? Sure... and if sparrows had banjos in their asses, there would be music in the air. 

If the right to be heard was denied to William Cooper; it is as good as being (and is being) denied to me. Soon, it will be denied to you. What you see on TV, and most of what you hear on the radio is covert propaganda specifically designed to make you come to your own (wrong) conclusions. Of course, if you have the wrong information, youíll innocently come to the wrong conclusions, but itís still hard to argue with yourself. Now you know the essence of what is called "Psy-Ops" in the military. My MOS gives me all the credibility I need amongst those who hail from mil-Intel backgrounds. They tell us "9-11 couldnít be prevented because of failure to connect the dots". Well, maybe they donít want to connect any "dots", because they are the dots! Cop out to bumbling incompetence, and perhaps the public will believe youíre a clown or a fool instead of the traitor that you really are. Divert attention, change the subject, segue onto non-issues or celebrity / priest child abuse, and gruesome murders. Light the building on fire, then show up with a fire extinguisher in your hand. People will say, "What a hero!" If the shoe fits, Cinderella... you know who you are, and I know, too. "Your sin will find you out"

This is the world that psychology has given us. Psychology from the Greek "psyche", meaning "soul", and the Greek "ologia", or "knowledge of". Therefore, the word "psychology" literally means "knowledge of the soul". Ironic, isnít it, that the basic tenet of psychology is that Man is merely an intelligent animal that "evolved" out of the primitive borboros; a soul-less creature whose behavior can be controlled by manipulating his environment? That tenet is only true when a law-abiding man is forced to turn into a criminal because heís treated like an animal, or ends up hanging himself in a jail cell despite a promising future as a best-selling author because of the psychological torture and brutal physical abuse he suffered at the hands of people who were attempting to "rehabilitate" an "incorrigible" 12-year-old. Happens every day in this country... and we go digging in Abu Ghraib to have an injustice to rail against! How about cleaning our own house, first? What did Jesus say? "... Cast the beam out of thine own eye, and you will then see clearly to take the speck out of thy brotherís eye"

All of your eMail - whether you know it or not - is now being monitored by a battery of Cray X/MPô supercomputers locked away in some underground FBI/CIA secret monitoring operation somewhere. The text is being parsed and dissected by Artificial Intelligence Engines (programs) that "learn", and can automatically engage you in eMail "chats". You think I jest. In the late 1980ís Anita Sinclair of Englandís Magnetic Scrolls Inc., wrote an interactive computer game called "The Pawn", which ran on an Atari ST with less memory than your espresso coffee machine. One could converse with the characters, and if you didnít know it was a game, youíd swear it was a live person... and weíve come a long way in all those years since. Well, go ahead and donít believe it. See what happens. If youíre like the scoffer who says, "I donít believe in hell", my answer to you is, "You can go to hell without believing in it, just as you can go to prison for "outing" a CIA agent without knowing it is illegal to do so". The technology definitely exists, and whoever has control of it, will ultimately control every aspect of Americanís lives.  

The would-be despots want a totalitarian regime right here in America. "Not so", you say? "Canít happen in our Homeland", you assert? Well, prior to Hitlerís rise to power, Germans didnít believe it could happen in their Fatherland, either. Case in point. 

Like "Evolution", the "science falsely so-called" spoken of in 1-Timothy 6:20, when you want to believe something bad enough, anything can become evidence to support your theories. 

If this little essay disappears and this site goes away, you will have all of the proof you need that what I, as a God-fearing, loyal American who served honorably in Vietnam with the highest of Top Secret security clearances, am not embellishing the facts one iota, or even beyond the point where I can empirically prove it to an objective reader using the governmentís very own documents. You donít have to believe me - I donít expect you to take my word for anything - who am I that I have any credibility? Do you know how many whack-os inhabit cyberspace? How do you know Iím not one of them? Easy... try to catch me in a lie... never happen. Canít "catch" what doesnít exist.  

I thought I was wrong once, but I checked my sources, and found out that I was mistaken (about being wrong, that is) - Ha, Ha! ;-) (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). 

Seriously, folks, vets have fought, suffered, and died to preserve our rights... because of lack of vigilance, we are not losing them; weíve already lost them. It is pathetic that weíve lost our country, and because the information you see and hear is ultimately controlled, and the rest of it can be controlled at the governmentís whim, most people donít even know it. Try getting a copy of "The Boys We Left Behind" by Monica Stevenson. "Skin for skin, yea...".... but "Be not deceived; God is not mocked"... not for long. 

          This web site is primarily an expression of my Christian faith with a bit of Scientology mixed in for good measure. Many of you have been here before. Some of you have purchased my books, and most of you have downloaded the free "sermons" Iíve posted here. I thank you for visiting, God bless you, and this is by no means "goodbye" - not by any stretch... youíll see. Trust me! I sincerely hope that I have not only educated and enlightened you, but I pray that I have touched your hearts and your spirits as well. This site WILL be back up shortly... ON STEROIDS!  

Time now spent maintaining, will temporarily be refocused to developing additional content. Please bookmark this page, as you will see posted here, in the form of essays, railings, blogs, and Podcasts, and other things that will rival anything youíve ever encountered on the Internet. 

          Every good Christian - or anyone who believes in God, must, as a consequence of that belief, also hold true that there is something much more to this existence which is "threescore and ten", and then the grave. The Bible says that "God is not the author of confusion", so that leaves Man and the devil; take your pick.   It is fast becoming that the latter two are indistinguishable from each other. Scientology has long-since mathematically proven the existence of the soul (or Thetan). And so, if the soul is our essence, and the body is merely a vessel; a means by which the intangible essence of spirit interacts with the physical universe, then it is not a problem to risk or give oneís life for a cause, or for a greater good, or in defense of the innocent or the defenseless; "What can men do to me?", scripture asks. If who I am transcends this mortal existence, then it is not a problem for me to speak the truth when I know I might be retaliated against, because God is in control, and He takes care of His own. The Bible says that "... all things work together for good to them that love God... and to those who are the called according to His purpose". The God I serve is a God of unsung and largely unrecognized miracles; He uses even the evil that comes against those who love Him to suit His ends. He uses lies to contrast the truth; for without darkness, there would be no need to light candles. He guides His own to places they would have never gone to on their own volition. I have done the Lordís work here. Why I was called to do this, I have no idea; the Lord put it on my heart to help veterans, I guess because Iíve seen so many of them abused and exploited, and belittled after serving their country - or honestly believing they were serving their country. Fool me once, (Vietnam) shame on you; fool me twice (Iraq), shame on me. God chooses whom He wills, and it may sound strange - but God rarely chooses His disciples from among the secular law-abiding "saints" in whom no fault can be found. His best workers have, almost without exception, been the former criminals, and the former dregs and (Iíll say it because itís true) filthiest scumbags who have had some sort of "Damascus Road" experience. You canít have a testimony without a test. What doesnít kill you makes you stronger. What you turn against in the name of Jesus Christ, you never go back to... unless, of course, youíre using God as a "front". That sort of thing is easily exposed. We know them by their fruits

Attempts at suppression and unconstitutional injustice create people with life-long "missions" of intractable, stubborn, and dogged persistence. Count me "in". 

          Due to the nature of what is happening here, I cannot go into specific detail at this time. I am filing my writs under 42 USC ß 1983 and itís a first amendment slam-dunk. stare decisis. I learned a lot from Jerry "The Jew" Rosenberg. In the meantime, suffice it to say, in Scientological terminology, that a Suppressive Person or a suppressive government only brings about a Potential Trouble Source. I have proven, and I have a reputation in some circles, that I am a Pit Bull PTS to contend with. They underestimate me... truly, they do. "Page 57" to those of you who understand from whence I coined that phrase. Iíll cite an albeit unrelated example: 

People in high places who thought they would prevail, and fool people forever with their lies, are now facing pending indictments for treason... as the Bible says, "... their God is their belly", and "they sowed the wind, and reaped a whirlwind". You wonít hear it broadcast on CNN, or on FOX news; but itís nevertheless true, because one does not lie and commit perjury under oath to conceal a non-offense. Truth doesnít change; it needs no second postulates to mask primary postulates or statements that are permitted to remain. Truth is easy to remember because you donít have to keep mental note of what lies you told to hide the fact that you were caught lying in the first place... or make tertiary postulates to conceal the fact that the lies you told to explain the lies you told to cover the initial lies, were lies.  

Truth always prevails - although it may require some time to surface through the turbulence of so much deceit. Truth, if youíre guilty, always comes back to bite you in the ass. If the shoe fits... 

          There are some people in this country who can turn the most innocuous of truths or facts into nefarious lies, or fabricated evidence. There are people in this country who are offended by the truth, and who unfortunately have control over the mainstream media, and even what you see on the ĎNet. Case in point. 

          Censorship, like prohibition, will not stand. The issue here has nothing whatsoever to do with pornography - letís set the record straight on that before the spinmeisters and Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes twist it into something it is not... and never was. I never engaged in publishing or viewing any web content that I wouldnít want my 89-year-old mother to see. My site could be Net-Nannyô approved, but is not Gestapo approved. 

If I could say a word and wipe all the pornography and racist bigotry off the ĎNet, I would, but it simply would go elsewhere - a true axiom states that "Aberration finds the path of least resistance". With the easy tools to author web sites, came the thieves, charlatans, scam artists, bigots, and the ubiquitous perverts. The "Net has been a virtual sewer ever since they announced Netscape Navigatorô. Youíre a damn fool if you believe you can outsmart the vigilance of relentless scrutiny by software "robots" waiting for you to make the wrong move. You assholes know who you are. He that pisseth up a rope stinketh to the high heavens. 

The fact that I would censor porn or Nazis if I could probably does not make me too popular among some people who believe itís a "slippery slope" towards banning everything else, however, sanity and morality demands we draw the line somewhere, as sanity and morality dictate that one does not leave a loaded machine-gun in the hands of a 5 year-old. 

The Bible says that "one cannot serve two masters". I serve God. I cannot in good conscience, equate "free speech" with what many consider "harmless entertainment" or "freedom of speech" - not when access to it by children is so easy, and not when scripture says that if mine eye offends me, I should pluck it out rather than my soul should perish. I may become a prisoner of the State, but I am, and have always been a prisoner of Jesus Christ. "Old things are passed away; behold; all things have become new". This is the obverse view of the ubiquitous Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes who would have people living in the past forever - if they could, and barring that, they will fabricate "pasts" for those who are beyond (secular) reproach. 

If you can admit your sins, your faults, and your shortcomings to yourself and to your God; when you can make amends to those youíve hurt, offended, or harmed - either directly, or vicariously, you can have a Metanoia change in your life, and move on. Remember, you cannot have a testimony without a test... and if you speak the truth, believe me - you will be tested, but if you love the truth and persist; if you stand your ground against the evil in your path - donít go looking for trouble, just tackle what you run across; that will suffice - you will, like Job, be tested, and blessed in the end. 

I cannot walk past a hungry person on the street. Vets especially - men and women who honorably served their country eating out of garbage cans in Times Square, or being denied Hepatitis-C treatment in prison unless they take a substance abuse program (Standley vs. Wright - S. Ct. NY 2000 for you legal scholars), is a national disgrace.

You want to see prisoner abuse? You donít have to travel far - only the abuse here on these shores is far more damaging than being led around naked on a leash, or having your Koran flushed down the toilet; It is spiritual abuse; It leaves no physical scars, but it destroys oneís connection with his soul; It robs him of self-determinism, and thus takes away his sanity. 

Iím sorry, but I cannot ignore a woman weeping on a street-corner bench who is contemplating whether to commit suicide or manslaughter, albeit half-heartedly, because her son was taken from her by the State. I cannot help but comfort a crying child; Iíve seen too many suffer and die, and held a young boyís hand as he bled to death of inoperable shrapnel wounds. Without hesitation, if I were put into a situation, Iíd step in front of a bullet to keep that innocent child from harm. God will let happen what He will. I know that Iíll have my reward. Iíll do whatever I can to set at least some of the evil in this world right. Unfortunately, that endeavor has brought my family and me more grief than I can expound upon, even with 50 gigs of server space. My weapon is the truth; my sword is a pen, a keyboard, and Web tools. My inspiration is the dichotomy between my God-given ethics, and what I see being perpetrated all around me. My mission is peace, reconcilement, forgiveness, justice, and love above all. 

You donít have to be a Christian, or a Christian / Scientologist as I am to do these things - or to want to do these things. I find that I am happiest when I help someone else overcome a struggle. I am ecstatic when my neighbor prevails over injustice, because Iíve prevailed over injustice in the past, and I know how it feels. I live for more of that prevailing. 

I need no pay; His grace is sufficient; helping others is its own reward, and itís like an opium addiction... you just canít get enough. Jesus said to rejoice when you are being persecuted for His nameís sake, or for doing what He commanded, for then you shall have a greater share of the consolation. People donít understand this, and some filthy-minded individuals, looking inward, read into your actions nefarious motives or imaginary events, and take attacks on what they do, as personal attacks on them. All I did was read a document that is public record into a Podcast. 

Many people these days are afraid to express their humanity because of the way it might appear to other people with aberrated perceptions. Psychology calls these misperceptions "cognitive distortions".  

The Bible says in Isaiah 59, "... and he who departeth from evil, maketh himself a prey". In other words, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". I have met hundreds of people who have suffered as a result of good intentions over the years; and if you know me, you know one of them. For example, I know a man - a two-tour decorated Vietnam veteran; a trained paramedic - who was sent to prison for seven years because of his "criminal history"; his probation for his self-reported drunken in flagrante delicto with a minor, was violated for saving a six-month-old baby who was choking to death in her stroller on the beach in Upstate NY - according to the court transcripts which I saw with my own eyes - a violation of his probation contract which stipulated "no contact with minors, even under emergency situations". If I didnít see the documents with my own eyes, Iíd have thought the man to be entirely insane for concocting such an incredible bullshit story... especially since he did turn himself in, and never denied his offense - but itís true, and it could just as easily have been your child he saved that day. He knowingly and willingly paid the price for saving that baby, because he was compelled by his humanity to act. He couldnít have lived with himself if he could have helped, and instead chose to "look out for number one" instead. That is the problem - the main problem with this society today. In the Koran, Muslims are taught to physically intervene to prevent harm from coming to another person; They are taught that if they cannot use their bodies, then they must speak out against it, and if prevented from speaking, then to at least resist that evil in their spirits. The book of James in the Bible says that if a man knows to do good and doesnít do it, to him it is sin, and in Romans, that when resisting evil, having done all, to stand - stand your ground. I shall NOT be moved... not for long. If the State seeks to "rehabilitate" someone, and then punishes him for acting in a manner consistent with what any citizen would do in identical situations, it is entirely counter-productive to the stated objective. It is entirely counter-productive, and these people are not so damn stupid that they donít know it. By creating the problem, they can show up in the nick of time to save the day. Beware of conveniently appearing fire extinguishers.  

 I knew a man who was raised by the State since he was 12 years old, who had been beaten, drugged, violently raped, psychologically tortured, and locked in dark rooms without food, clothing, or personal hygiene for months at a time... in a New York juvenile institution... in this country! He educated himself, but God was never, as far as I know, a part of his life. Jack Henry Abbott was released after many years, and published a NY-Times best-selling book titled "In the Belly of the Beast", but he had been so aberrated by the abject brutality of what he had been subjected to practically all of his life, that he committed another worse crime, ended up back in prison, and with no hope of ever being released, ultimately committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. That, in essence, is what the taxpayers can expect from "Corrections"; what has come to be laughingly referred to as "The Department of Corruption". With eighty percent recidivism rate in a nation with 6 to 19 times the incarceration rate of any other Western country (USDOJ statistics, a/o 2003), our prisons are criminogenic; i.e.: they create criminals. Criminology, which is based primarily on psychology, is no more an "ologia" or "knowledge of" than psychology. Am I missing something here?... oh yes... Jesus said, "You shall know them by their fruits". The vines are ripening, and Iím not afraid to say it, because again, it is true; There is so much injustice in our "justice" system, that our prisons are known to be ripe recruiting fields for what I will coin another phrase and call "American Taliban"; and you think we have problems now? An army of Osama Bin Laden wannabes are being "trained" right here. They are being shown that justice is an illusion, and compassion, reconciliation, and forgiveness are out of the question. With nothing left to lose, theyíll wreak more havoc upon this nation than hurricanes could ever produce. Being alienated, disenfranchised, and disconnected from society, theyíll destroy it; and perhaps destruction - what Scientology calls "A creation against a creation" is needed, because I see no hope of reforming it.

By being slack in our vigilance, we have allowed to be perpetrated upon us, the government we deserve. Because people like the late William Cooper, author of "Behold a Pale Horse" are seen as "radicals", the truth they write is seen as fiction, and we end up losing thousands of sons in a war that is fought for nothing other than corporate greed and political hay-making. 

You as an American citizen are faced with this reality. When William Cooper stumbled upon a little bit too much of the truth, he was murdered by SWAT teams for his on-air tirade against the government. You can Google the story for yourself. He was one pain-in-the-ass gadfly that had to be swatted before he gained any real credibility. Step on the wrong toes, they shut you down; if they canít shut you down, theyíll concoct a reason and fabricate the evidence and the circumstances to put you in jail, or "whack" you, and make themselves out to be the heroes who are protecting society from "dangerous" criminals. Sad part is, the public - at least most of them - falls for it every time. In the immortal words of George "Dubya" Bush: 

"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you need to concentrate on."
- Gannett News Service - USA Today, Aug 14, 2003 - Article by James Bovard.

 Yes, I admit... Iím no saint. Iíve done more than my share of sinning, and Iíd be (literally) a Goddamned liar if I told you any different. I have PTSD - diagnosed by three "shrinks", going on four. I get "triggered" when people lie to me, lie about me, insult my intelligence, or try to silence me. I am not known for being a diplomat. I tell it like it is, and to hell with the consequences. Consequences are temporary; at best they follow you around for the rest of your life - mostly because people do not have the faith it takes to forgive themselves, so how can they forgive you? They are so spiritually aberrated - mostly through no fault of their own - that there are imaginary "mirrors" everywhere that they cannot escape from. They imagine in other people, the spiritual wickedness they see in themselves. To them, all the "proof" they need is opportunity, because the opportunity for them to act out their secret sick fantasies, perhaps never presented itself. Such people construct "Ally Computations" with unwitting victims who will eventually tell them precisely what they want to hear, and ultimately believe it themselves - much like the young Boy Scout who loses sleep after being told a ghost story around a campfire, because acting as if he was scared got him attention from the Scoutmaster, and it (subconsciously) becomes "valuable" because it can be used to gain the attention no one else is getting. They engage in what is known in Sociology as "Boundary Maintenance" - by railing against deminimus offenses and conjured-up boogiemen, they draw attention away from the fact that they, like Jesus said, "... strain at a gnat and swallow a camel".  

They will put you or me in prison for disciplining our children, or expressing a bit of affection off camera, and condone the cold-blooded murder of an infant moments before it is born, and call it "choice". Personally, I am anti-abortion, and pro "choice". That may seem to be an oxymoron; a contradiction in terms; what psychiatry calls "cognitive dissonance", and what the law calls "antinomy", or a paradox caused by a contradiction. I can no more stop you from having or performing an abortion than I can move mountains by thinking about it. I can, however, speak against it, and resist it in my spirit, which I vow to God to do as my "reasonable service" until they send the SWAT teams to silence me. Iíll agree to support your "right" to murder, when you agree not to coerce me into complicity in infanticide by compelling me to support it with my taxes, or put it "in my face" and expect me not to rise up in defense of that innocent soul who would be a blessing if you just let it. If I couldnít stop it, my conscience is clear; Iíve sounded the alarm, and God will not require that childís blood on my hands. Do no harm, and cause no harm to be done. If, peradventure, harm is done, then "Agree with thine adversary quickly, whilst you are in the way with him...", the Bible teaches, else, like William Cooper, you end up "paying the uttermost farthing". Case in point. 




    "Too many men are being driven to become government fearing and time-serving because the government is being permitted to strike out at those who are fearless enough to think as they please, and say what they think..." - Re Anastaplo, 366 U.S. 82, 116  (1961) (Opinion by Justice Black) - US Supreme Court case.

    "42 USC ß 1983 imposes liability on anyone who, under color of state law, deprives a person of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws. The purpose of ß 1983 is to provide compensatory relief to those deprived of their federal rights by state actors.... color of state law requires that the defendant in a ß 1983 action have exercised power possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer  is clothed with the authority of state law... ".
                                                                                                              - 2004 U.S.Dist. LEXIS 23807, *

    "The threshold inquiry in speech cases is whether the government has adopted a regulation of speech because of disagreement with the message it conveys".     - 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 17807, *1

    "Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard".    
 - 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 17807, *38





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