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We are kicking some serious ass here!
Hey! - It's about time my readers share some of the workload here... so I set up a couple of Blogs that you are welcome to participate in. Please feel free to engage in appropriate comments - there is much to discuss, and this is your opportunity to share your opinions with the world... DO IT - WHILE IT'S STILL CONSTITUTIONAL!
Please feel free to contribute to our Blogs and E-mail them to your friends    

These will all be UNMODERATED Blogs - Lord knows I have enough to do. However, if I find inappropriate behavior, I will ban you from the Blog. I expect my readers to behave with a modicum of civility. Please feel free to leave your eMail address AND your Web site URL (if you have one) in the Blog comments. These blogs will run the gamut from political satire, religious philosophy, and outright bufoonery - give it time. These are the Blogs so far:

  1. Another Night With The Frogs. This blog starts out with a reprint of one of my sermons. It is one of the most commented-on sermons I ever wrote. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359588

  2. Born Again Myths - What does it mean for a TRUE CHRISTIAN to be "Born Again"? - This article clears up some of the commonly misunderstood terminologies about being "Born Again", and clears up the thinking about SIN - Yes, I said, "SIN" - and how we redefine sin in our lives by giving the behaviors different names. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359568

  3. V.Q.L.A.N. If you know Barry Campbell, or you have been helped by his organization, please send others to this blog, and post your own testimony. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359525

  4. Davinci's Code - Does it matter to your faith if Jesus and Mary Magdalene were "lovers" as the popular book alleges? Read this article and you'll feel differently. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359558

  5. The NEW Serenity prayer - Many people have commented positively on this article posted on my web site by eMail. Now is your chance to post your own comments and feelings. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359508

  6. Psychiatry And Confession - A reprint of a 1948 pamphlet by the Paulist Press - You will NOT BELIEVE the "official" doctrine of the Catholic Church on psychiatry... and the author slips in a bit of Darwin's theory (since psychiatry and "Evolution" are related), and your jaw will drop when you read that the Catholic Church thinks that God used "Evolution" to create Adam and Eve!

  7. The Battered Spouse and The Abused Child - Why does a woman who is beaten half to death remain in an abusive relationship? This analysis is right on the money, and will help loved ones and family members to better understand the process, and thus be better able to assist the victims of this terrible trend in American society. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359439

  8. The 23rd Psalm - A breakdown of the most quoted psalm in the Bible - a thrilling and moving analysis.

  9. Prison Rehab - The only "rehabilitation" prisoners get in prison, is from Christian Ministries. Learn how criminology actually CREATES the criminal element in a vicious cycle that politicians exploit as "fear factor" to get themselves elected (again).

  10. Butterfly Farts - How little things that are insignificant can affect the world. You'll laugh 'till you cry - then you'll come to realize it's all true.

  11. Trouble in Israel - The entire world is puzzled about Israel, and God said, "I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling". You will see that the events today were "predicted" in the Bible thousands of years ago. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359395

  12. The Book of NeoGenesis - Are you one of those people (or do you know anyone) who the Bible calls "a fool" - Only a fool says in his heart, "There is no God". Well, there ARE. Some people believe that God used Evolution to create Man. Well, this blog is a re-write of the first three chapters of Genesis - rewritten to what you would have to believe if you believe in "Evolution".

  13. Homeless Veterans - US Service  veterans are sleeping on the subway, and eating out of garbage cans in Times Square. Hopefully we will generate enough OUTRAGE in this country - when we are housing, feeding, and clothing ALIENS and encouraging export of jobs - that a change will be made... don't hold your breath... but it is written that evil prevails when good people do nothing. I (and hopefully, YOU) am trying NOT to do nothing. eMail the expose' to your friends and congressmen. Add your voice to the outcry, and let us make it so that there is no such thing as a homeless veteran in America. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359360

  14. My personal testimony on Jesus Christ and what He means in my life. This sermon was very well received as posted on my web site. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359345

  15. Requiem For Common Sense - Have we gone INSANE? http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359332

  16. Michael Jackson Witch Hunt - Besides being the "easiest" crime to be convicted of without a shred of evidence, many people overlook the fact of ulterior motives and police corruption in the arrest of Michael Jackson, and his PERsecution for alleged child sexual abuse. The Hick-farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes can brainwash anyone - and if you don't believe it, then read this piece.

  17. Shrinks Busted - This blog starts out with an expose' of a "multi-million dollar fraud". This is a first-person account of a Confidential Informant working for the New York State Attorney General's Office - Medicaid Fraud Control Unit - New York City, who turned in and busted psychiatrists who were counseling "sex-offenders" and billing Medicaid for treatment for alcohol and substance abuse.- Another related psychiatric firm in New York City fraudulently billing Medicaid for "therapy" for sex-offenders, claiming it under their OASAS license as "substance abuse counseling"... and my 90 year-old mother who worked all her life is having trouble qualifying for her Medicaid card. Only in America, folks... but not on MY watch! http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359312

  18. ADD is a MYTH - Is your child diagnosed with "Attention Deficit Disorder"? If so, this article has good news - There is NO SUCH THING as ADD/AHDD, and the article has links to prove it, and to people that can be of assistance. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359269 -

  19. Criminal Mentality - The etiology of "criminal thinking". Can any one of us become a criminal? What IS a criminal, and what gets a person to the point of operating as a social terrorist? http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358834 

  20. Abortion is Infanticide - "Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet I will not forget thee". – Isaiah 49:15  KJV.  Abortion is perhaps the greatest single tragedy to ever befall mankind. This thing; this evil; this abomination in the eyes of Almighty God, has claimed more innocent life than the Holocaust of Nazi Germany, and all of the wars ever fought on this planet. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359246

  21. "He who departeth from evil, maketh himself a prey" is such a profound truth, that it should be posted in neon in Times Square. How many times have we taken advantage of each other’s good nature, or exploited someone’s kindness – taking it for weakness? How many times have we violated the trust placed in us by others? http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358943

  22.  Conditioned Apathy - This article describes the escalating condition of insensitivity in modern society - insensitivity to human suffering, and insensitivity even to the concept of right and wrong. This is a disease of our own making - and the closely-guarded secrets of mass deception that government uses to make us believe what they want us to believe, and behave the way they want us to behave.

  23. A Christmas Story like you've never heard it told before. Some of the beautiful Apocryphal texts are quoted to make this a very realistic, powerful, and moving story.  http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359871

  24. Knowing Who You Are - Almost 2000 years ago, a medium-sized sailboat with 276 men aboard (Acts 27:37), set sail from the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea towards Rome, which was about 10,000 miles away.  Among the men were a few prisoners, one of whom was the Apostle Paul (Acts 27) http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358917

  25. AIDS is a genetically-engineered disease. So say the experts who have appeared on Radio Liberty with Doctor Stan Monteith. You can read an article and hear a Podcast of Dr. Stan talking about it on my web site. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358902

  26. "Reflections" The poem from which the book Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War". derived its title. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358863

  27. "Flashbacks" - A poem  - from the book "Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War".

  28.  There are Assholes Among Us! - God! They're EVERYWHERE. Quick! - Run Awaaaaaay!!! - We have to channel the energy that "the old man" generates, somewhere. There are just so many hours in a day, but idle hands are the devil's workshop. Pastor Dave got together with a few other "assholes" to have some good, clean ("clean" is such a relativistic term) fun. Laugh your ass off with the crew, and visit the web site for even more. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358764

  29. Criminal Mentality "Respect" - This short blog discusses the mentality of people who DEMAND respect without ever EARNING respect. This is a sub-culture in America which is directly related to the loss of Christian values.

  30. Your Innocence or Your Life - A true moral dilemma is the decision to ruin your child's innocence with Sex-education and AIDS prevention classes, or risking that the child - in this aberrated society will engage in a single, innocent act of adolescent curiosity that could end-up killing him / her with AIDS. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358807

  31. Being Sane in Insane Places - Could you talk your way out of an insane asylum if you were "accidentally" committed? A team of researchers did a "double-blind" study , and you wouldn't believe what they discovered - but we knew it already, didn't we?

  32. Sewer Lips - A young woman is upbraided by Pastor Dave for cussin' up a storm in front of her 5 year-old son. How much of this sort of thing do we tolerate in this society? Someone has to draw the line. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358790 -

  33. The Hegelian Dialectic - What is it, and how does it figure in the scheme of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The concept is not difficult to understand when explained in laymen's terms with a very practical example. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358767

  34. Read a Banned Book "The Plot To Seize The White House". See the blog for this newly-released title.

  35. NTEU - Fluoride is a deadly Neurotoxin. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359619

  36. We didn't name it "Make A Lot Of Dough" for nothing!! - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=358820

  37. War Crimes - Op Ed piece on the atrocities committed in Iraq. http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=586338 

  38. Pay-Per-Click is a Ripoff - Destroy your competition's PPC Ad campaign in minutes - learn how they can do it to you!


  1. Bernklau Vs. Principi lawsuit over VA Benefits. - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359857

  2. Bernklau on VA corruption to deny benefits to vets. - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359753

  3. Depleted Uranium ammunition in the Mideast Conflicts. - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359712

  4. The Gauntlet is thrown downBernklau’s tirade continues. - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359705

  5. Is this Justice? - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359700

  6. No draft without Constitutional Restorations. - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359696

  7. VA & The Law - One of Art's best articles on the Veteran's Administration. - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359678

  8. VA – Corruption in the Chicago Veteran’s Administration. - http://ww3.yuwie.com/blog/entry.asp?id=211208&eid=359644


Posted by: David Todeschini
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