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Note: This article contains active hyperlinks. If you are reading this on an Internet-connected PC, clicking on the underlined links will take you to context-relevant pages or Web sites. 

            This article is primarily about government corruption, and censorship of those who would expose that corruption. In this piece, I try to tie together all of the data that supports the allegation that there is, in fact, a grand conspiracy to destroy the United States of America from within.  

With this piece, I strike at the very core of our fast-disappearing freedoms, and try to ascertain the reasons why the American public is so apathetic when it comes to their God-given rights being violated. You might find that there is a lot of "rambling"[1] in this piece, however, the seemingly unrelated segues will provide many pieces of the puzzle, with the intent to clarify the "big picture" of the message I'm trying to convey here. 

            The US Supreme court once stated that even a prisoner in a State or Federal prison facility does not leave his Constitutional rights outside the prison gate. 

"Too many men are being driven to become government fearing and time-serving because the government is being permitted to strike out at those who are fearless enough to think as they please, and say what they think..." – Re Anastaplo, 366 U.S. 82, 116  (1961) (Opinion by Justice Black) – US Supreme Court case. 

I happen to be one of those fearless, gadfly, pain-in-the-ass, pit-bull-on-a-mission sons-of-bitches that some people in this world wish they never met (see my article on DVA-IG case #2001-HL-0066), but a man whom most would consider a man of ethics and principle; a man of his word; a keeper of promises, and champion of those who cannot defend themselves. A few would call me, "The angel that was the stranger I entertained unawares". Let me tell you that for the "angel" some would consider me to be, I've been through my share of hell on this Earth (see my forthcoming book: The Wheel of Ixion – Beyond The Belly of The Beast). 

 As you'll see, it's all a matter of perspective, and it is all a matter of what you're willing to believe, and what you will allow yourself to rationalize as "The Truth" in your own mind. 

Believe what you will about me; If it's bad, see if I give a rat's ass – I'm just as comfortable (and you'll be a lot safer) if you just stay the hell away from me... and if you think good of me, I cannot claim any responsibility. Only God is good, and everyone else is a liar. 

 What I ask you to do for the moment is ignore the sometimes foul-mouthed, poison-penned WebPastor / messenger, and concentrate on the message. I am literally risking my life and my liberty to write these words and post them here, and to have dared to have written a book like Land of Childhood's Fears. I only regret that I won't be here for the next hundred years to do my part to bust the balls that deserve to be, and desperately need to be busted. I have to think about whom to pass this baton to. Things remaining status quo, I seriously doubt that anyone in America will have the right to bust the government's stones twenty years from now, and it will be a moot point, anyway, since we will all be on Ritalin™, Oxycontin™, Paxil™, or some other mind-altering shit – or in mental institutions – long before then.

 Not unlike radio talk show hosts Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty, Mike Malloy, and Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio, we "radicals" who buck the government's bullshit, could just as easily end up dead like William Cooper, author of Behold a Pale Horse[2]. We could end up like Paul Young, a Utah lawyer who stumbled upon corruption in the last Bush "election", who was reportedly poisoned by real poison pens given to him by the real-life "Men In Black"

I wrote in my book Land of Childhood's Fears

"One may find, for example, if he is a witness to some sort of government corruption, that all-of-a-sudden, he's being audited by the IRS for the last 7 years of his income, or arrested and charged with crimes he didn't commit. In extreme cases, the person may become involved in a fatal car accident, or a plane crash, or a violent altercation with police. If it can happen to William Cooper, it can happen to anyone. "Accidents" are easily staged. "Shit happens", as they say; no one would ever be the wiser".[3] 

We who are telling you these things and claiming, "It's the truth", are scoffed at by closed-minded individuals who are content with believing bullshit and being done with it, than to be saddled with the moral responsibility to labor – mentally and physically – after the truth. Those who are the liars make it a point to bury the truth so deep under a pile of rhetoric, and fabricate so many "rabbit trails", that no one except someone who is obsessed with exposing the lies, would expend the time, effort, and expense to convince "normal" people that their own conclusions are flawed, and why. Truth-tellers are easily dealt with by labeling them "radicals", "kooks", "conspiracy nuts", or other things that are unmentionable or inconvenient to publish here. 

The reader should be cognizant of what a lie is, and why lies are told. To borrow a few axioms from another book[4] I wrote: 

            1.         "A lie is a second postulate, statement, or condition designed to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain". – Scientology axiom # 36      

                                                A corollary: 

            1c.       "A lie is a second postulate designed to mask a primary postulate, statement, or condition which is permitted to remain"

            2.         A lie is told to conceal a harmful, suppressive act, or to hide a painful or embarrassing truth. 

    6.         In order to believe a lie, one must first stop believing the truth; and once you stop believing the truth, it is then quite possible that you will believe anything. 

   12.       The complexity of a lie or the number of second postulates is directly proportional to the severity of the offense that is concealed thereby. 

   59.       "When you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at, change".            

   63.       "The workability of a postulate is established by the degree to which it explains existing phenomena [which is] already known; by the degree that it predicts new phenomena which when looked for, will be found to exist, and by the degree that it does not require that phenomena which do not exist in fact, be called into existence for its explanation."    

            I don't want to reproduce the whole book here, but The Lie Detection Manual is must reading. 

My credibility comes primarily from my military credentials. I had a Top Secret / Crypto security clearance in the US Air Force. I'm a Vietnam veteran, an ex-IBM employee of 25 years, and owned my own GPS Navigation Systems company – see my resume'. I have no agenda other than to get the truth out there. I love my country, but I hate what it has become. That is why I spent the last eight years writing books. 

 Before I shuffle off this mortal coil (in another 40 or 50 years, if I'm lucky), I want to be able to give an account to the final arbiter (God) that "I did all I could possibly do". I do the Lord's work. I don't revel in glory by pissing in some people's coffee, but some people need their coffee pissed in; some people need a "special" Wong Ton soup, and some are just begging to have a cap busted in their ass. L. Ron Hubbard said it most eloquently: 

"Where the affinity level is hate, the reality is solid matter, and the communication... bullets"    – Scientology: Fundamentals of Thought[5] – Id at 57  

This catharsis comes from a place that most of you have never been to; a nightmare world where right is wrong, and wrong is wrong; a world where you can't win, you can't lose, and you can't quit the game. This comes from another dimension – The Twilight Zone – where opinions, sick fantasies, and non-existent "abandoned farmhouses" and "hypothesized cues" constitute imaginary crime scenes and postulated crimes that could have happened, but didn't; of WMDs that should have been there, but weren't, and conjured-up bogymen / criminals that manifest themselves as reality in the "justice" system, thanks to a horde of State-salaried Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes who play on the public's fears and insecurities, and from a place where uninformed opinions, false memory syndrome,  covert negatives, Pain-Drug Hypnosis, Black Dianetics,  ally computations, false arrests, forgery, "third-party" instigation of enmity between loyal friends, perjury, conspiracies to obstruct justice, ineffective assistance of counsel, psychological intimidation, physical torture, threats, and psycho-babble bullshit trump the empirical facts... And truth? – Please... spare me! 

 If there really is such a thing as truth anymore; if you can find it under a pile of legalities, formalities, procedural screw-ups, political hay-making, mountains of procedural paperwork and issues that have to be "preserved" before you have a clue as to what the issues are; truth is a worthless commodity which more often than not, is completely ignored. The truth is an elusive illusion. As my good friend Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty says in the opening monologue of his radio program: 

"... reality is usually scoffed at; illusion is usually king. But in the battle for the survival of Christian civilization, it's going to be reality – not illusion or delusion that determines what the future will bring". 

"Truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter". – Isaiah 59 

The prophet must have had modern-day America in mind when he penned that passage. He goes on to say that "... he that departeth from evil, maketh himself a prey". Yes... no good deed shall go unpunished. Why are the wicked allowed to prosper? Who hasn't, at some point in their lives, been down that road to Hell paved with good intentions? Who hasn't lived 20 or 30 years and hasn't had the latter question on their lips? 

Nobody in this world is perfect; nobody but Jesus lived in these mortal bodies and could claim a sinless life. God called Job, "... a man who is righteous and upright, and escheweth evil...", but Job said, "... if I say that I am perfect, it shall also prove me perverse".

The Bible teaches us that there are no degrees of sin: If you offend in one point, you have broken the entirety of the law. If you lust in your heart, you've committed adultery already. You might as well "Eat, drink, and be merry, if you believe that this life is all there is to your existence, but tomorrow, your soul may be required of thee". (Talk about 'Abstinence Violation Effect'!) 

However, there are people whose very existence is one continual, relentless, unceasing sin; they don't "fall into temptation" and succumb to sin; they wallow in the 24 / 7 / 365 commission of heinous crimes; not only physical atrocities like unprovoked war, genocide, murder, infanticide, rape, torture, and various and sundry financial, sexual and ethical immoralities, but psychological and spiritual crimes against humanity that there is no codified secular law against. These are often the most damaging offenses, and they continue unchecked because they are cloaked with the veneer of patriotism, hide under the veil of a faux benevolence, and are propagated by imaginary fears conjured up in the public consciousness with bogus evidence and manipulated intelligence, and yes, by attacks that were instigated by our own politicians, and actually permitted to happen. Those who are loathe to "connect the dots", perhaps are the dots.  

Those who know how these people operate, know how they think, and have been victims of their evil machinations and manipulations, must speak out. To keep silent makes you a party to the evil that you fail to oppose – even though one risks putting himself or herself and their sins – actual and alleged, proven, unproven, or pled to for the sake of risk management – "out on Front Street" in the process.  

I regret some of the things I have done in my life – who doesn't? I've been falsely accused, and persecuted, and escaped the much worse fate that would have befallen me if I had not been. Genesis 50:20. Romans 8:28. Look it up. Hindsight is 20/20.  

I also regret some things that I should have done, and didn't (at the time) have the chutzpah to do. Wisdom is wasted on the middle-aged, and youthful exuberance is squandered on young people. God has a sick sense of humor... I don't think it's funny, but I thank Him for every day.  

However, now that I've been harmed, and my friends and family have been harmed to the limit of human tolerance, I am on a mission – a true American patriot's Jihad so-to-speak, to discredit and ruin – professionally and personally – every single one of these lying rat bastard scumbags that I can; and to rid this nation of Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes once and for good. I will "blow up the spot" ("out") as many of these holier than thou, lying wonders as the time I have left on this Earth permits – and let them lie about me all they want; it will come back to them with the undeniable truth in spades. They have sown the wind, and will reap the whirlwind

The difference between the Neo-Con Faux Christians, and you and I, is that when you and I sin, or commit an offense against our fellow human being, our God-given conscience demands that we repent, seek forgiveness, reconcile with those we've offended or hurt, make amends either directly or vicariously, and move on with our lives. "... the old things are passed away; behold! All things are become new". The Neo-Con Faux Christians seek to do none of the above. They seek to hold deminimus offenses against others forever... that's psychiatry and psychology. Living in the long-gone past is "therapy" for everyone else but themselves. They know the offenses they've committed have really hurt people, murdered countless thousands of innocent children, and squandered trillions of dollars on useless "security" measures and surveillance programs that can no more protect us from terrorist attacks as they can prevent the sun from rising. Their "god" (small "g") – if they have one – forgives them unconditionally, so that they're free to do it again and again with impunity and complete lack of conscience. "Be not deceived. [the real] God is not mocked...". 

The problem is that too many "good", God-fearing Americans have trusted the politicians, bought into the rhetoric, and believed the lies. Thereby we've been involved in a 15-year pissing-up-a-rope contest in Iraq that is proving to be a worse quagmire than Vietnam was back in my day. 

The reason Americans have been so easily hoodwinked, is because the entire Iraq thing was in the planning stages for decades. We know that the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) was trying to sell this bill of goods (going to war in the Middle East) to Bill Clinton. Finally, they found a willing putz (Dubya) who was willing to play along. They used Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) and Black Dianetics to instill fear into the American people so that they would support going to war. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. They are the ones who brought 9-11 upon us, and by now, every American with half a brain suspects as much, and the rest of the world that isn't a captive audience to our government-controlled TV and newspaper media, along with Internet savvy Truth Seekers, have long-since rested in the sufficiency of the evidence. 

When we begin to suspect that "Something ain't Kosher", they plead ignorance, feign bumbling incompetence, and us poor gullible, wanna' have faith in our government dipshits that we collectively are – believe it. A fool and his freedom are soon parted. 

I spoke out on this, and several other issues, and identified the core of the conspiracy; the element without which the best laid plans of these Neo-Con Nazi bastards would remain their sick fantasies, and nothing more. 

 Psychology is the "science falsely so-called" that claims to be a "knowledge of" (Ology) the "soul" (Psyche), while holding to the belief that Man is an intelligent animal, evolved from apes, who can be controlled by manipulation of the environment. Belief in "Evolution" is not "science" – it is a religion – a State-sponsored, stupid Pagan religion. If you can prove that Man comes from apes, a $250,000 reward awaits you. See: When you get the check, call me, and we'll talk... we will do a Podcast, and I'll publicly retract every word I've ever spoken or written against Darwin's theory, and I'll renounce my faith, and as Job's wife suggested, "... curse God and die". Until then, spare me the eMails about your "science" falsely so-called. 

Psychology and Psychiatry – the professions from the pit of hell itself, cloaked in the apparency of benevolence, amicus curiae of the courts, is an enabler and co-conspirator in every human atrocity imaginable. Psychology is party to thousands of false convictions, and the vehicle whereby the guilty go free. Psychiatrists are the purveyors of over 21,000,000 (twenty one million) prescriptions of highly dangerous psychotropic medications to schoolchildren for non-existent "disorders" (ADD / AHDD) in this country alone. Don't believe ADD/AHDD are bullshit disorders? Download literature from Citizen's Commission on Human Rights – I have put all the links on one page at: If you have a child who is diagnosed with ADD / AHDD, take him or her on a deep wilderness camping trip for two weeks, and leave behind all the sugar and caffeine, and the psyche medication. Your child will be "cured!". (Tell your pediatrician that you are planning to do this
– some medicines may be dangerous to withdraw from "cold turkey"). 

Social workers – State-salaried meddlers in the American family – where government has no goddamned business being – are sometimes just as bad, if not worse than the real Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes with their "impressive" Ph Ds. In addition, while I'm here, I like to kick this dog every time I walk by... Did you know that 500 (five hundred) people did their doctoral thesis and received their Ph Ds on the Piltdown Man fossil that claimed to be "the missing link" between ape and Man, and was later proven to be a fraud? So much for Ph Ds (Pile Higher and Deeper, or Phenomenally Dumb, take your pick)... and so much for Darwin's theory; if you want to believe something bad enough, anything becomes evidence for your theory. So you see why I am totally impressed by Ph Ds. If I can get my Doctorate – anyone can!... you scoffers can look at it that way if you'd like. 

All of these psycho-terrorists are held immune from prosecution by the State, and are therefore not accountable for their lies, false allegations, and tampering with young minds that are too vulnerable and malleable to resist covert or subliminal suggestions. Add Ritalin™ and a host of other legal psychopharmacology, and you have the ingredients for potential disasters that run the gamut from being suggestible and malleable, to suicides and Columbine High School.

Please take the time to download free literature (PDF format) from this Web site linked to Citizen's Commission on Human Rights at:  

            I personally have put myself in the line-of-fire, and suffered dire consequences for attempting to get ONE BOY off Ritalin™. One woman who I met personally, seven years later, had her son taken from her because she complained about the medical treatment of his ear infection (the boy subsequently had to be operated on) over the phone to two of these people. You can read her story, and read how these Nazi scumbag bastards tried to shut down this web site for daring to tell her side of the story... Sorry, but it's enough to make Korzybski swear!  

You can tell by reading the court transcript, that the reason for social workers alleging that she "neglected" her son, was retaliation for the complaints about the shitty medical care her son was getting, and to cover up their own bumbling incompetence. 

            When you intervene on behalf of a child – whether he be your child or not – and try to get the child off psyche meds, you are treading on dangerous territory. If you prove that one ADD/ADHD diagnosis is wrong, then you open the door for questioning all the others – at least those made by the same "shrink". You are potentially cutting off the Federal funds that the school gets for the education of these "developmentally disabled" kids. You are threatening the profits the drug companies make, and the kickbacks the shrinks get from the drug companies for prescribing this shit. By making the substantiated allegation that ADD/AHDD is not a "disorder", and is merely sugar and caffeine fueled youthful exuberance, you are threatening the pharmaceutical drug cartels and the justification for all these "counselors" (aka Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes) in the schools. How can I make such a statement? Simple. It happened to me. I know from first-hand experience what these people are capable of. The following quote from 35 years ago, should suffice to convince any skeptic that drugging children in schools was planned long in advance, and that ADD/ADHD is the bogyman that they literally invented to justify it: 

"Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized psycho-social treatment for the student, and teachers must become psycho-social therapists. This will include bio-chemical and psychological mediation of learning, as drugs are introduced experimentally to improve in the learner such qualities as personality, concentration, and memory. Children are to become the objects of experimentation".        – NEA report on "Education in the '70s" 

            Doesn't it seem a bit strange to you that over 21,000,000 (twenty one million) children in this country (USA) suddenly have ADD/ADHD? Well, if it does, you're not alone in your suspicions; they are totally justified in the well-researched, heavily footnoted literature from CCHR.  

The question is, what can you do about it, acting alone? The answer is, nothing... at least not without consequences. If you push the envelope and speak out against the incompetence, abuse, and fraud, you can have your child taken from you as Donna Burlis did... or be ordered by the court to drug your child or lose him as the parents of Kyle Carroll were. {See the story of Kyle Carroll, Buffalo, New York News, 11-10-2000, Id at A-12} (Also see article: . If you advocate for a child whose mind is being destroyed by Ritalin™, as I did, you can end up in jail for child abuse. If you advocate for a woman whose child was taken from her, you risk being censored by the State by the Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes via the "connections" they have in the government.

Occasionally, however, even from a jail cell, you can expose a fraud, and get one of these lying bastards fired, and a bogus "therapy" program investigated and shut down. {See Department of Veteran's Affairs case # 2001-HL-0066, report # 00-290-22, October 31, 2001}. 

            Don't be hoodwinked. These people are only able to maintain their deceptions because of the layering of lies; secondary and tertiary postulates, and because the lies are cloaked with the (assumed) integrity of the courts. I'm here to tell you that the "integrity" of any government agency these days – from the Oval Office on down, is an apparency; that is, it appears to be, but it is actually not what it appears to be.

            This precise mechanism is how the (George W.) Bush Crime Family lied us into war in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is how the government of this country has engaged in illegal drug smuggling out of Southeast Asia and the Middle-East for decades, and how Dick Cheney and his ilk are profiteering from oil cartels, Halliburton and Bechtel no-bid contracts in the aftermath of disasters exacerbated by their own incompetence and criminal negligence, and share in pharmaceutical company windfalls from children being drugged for bogus "disorders". Attention Deficit? No Sugar, no caffeinated soft drinks cures 95 percent of it.

  There IS a GRAND CONSPIRACY. It IS all planned. There IS an Unseen Hand[6]. The reason there are conspiracy theories is that there are conspiracies. What seems to be "terrorism", is nothing of the sort – it is mind games they've played on the American people ever since JFK was assassinated, starting with the totally bullshit Gulf of Tonkin incident was fabricated to get us into Vietnam; just as 9-11 was planned by this administration to give them the mandate to invade Iraq. "... Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life". Same Shiite, different war... if you get my drift.  

If you think that this – or any – government can protect you from terrorism, just remember that FEMA can't even snatch a stranded nigga' off of a rooftop in New Orleans... they can't stop the hundreds of tons of illegal drugs that are smuggled into this country every day. They "can't" simply because they don't want to. 

I spoke out about these atrocities both in my book, and on several radio programs I did on Radio Liberty, and I learned that Freedom of Speech comes at a terrible price. I made enemies, and I made friends, but many more of the former than the latter. And now, my mission; my American Taliban Jihad is nothing short of the complete and total destruction of Psychology, and its lawful banishment from our schools, courts, and prisons. Too many Godless Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes have done nothing but destroy the fabric of this once-great nation. If we are ever to recover any semblance of sanity; if we are ever going to wake up before we open our eyes and find ourselves living the ultimate Orwellian nightmare, then we must start with banning the practice of Psychology and Psychiatry within the borders of this country, and get rid of the people who are literally driving us all insane. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm advocating the outright banning of the psychiatry "profession" and all of its derivatives (psychology, sociology, criminology) – just as one would ban and outlaw the "profession" of pimping, slave trading, or drug dealing... because that's what psychiatry ultimately boils down to. Their overall incompetence to "cure" anything, leads to, "Take this pill, and feel like yourself again".  I ask you, was it the lack of that pill that made you not feel like yourself? What is the hell is "yourself", anyway? Smoke a joint... you might as well... eat some Doritos™, and watch a Marx Brothers movie, George Carlin, Cheech and Chong, or Robin Williams. Take a Circle Line cruise. Read a good book, Get a few laughs... feel like yourself again. Lord, help us! 

        I have only pity for those who immerse themselves in the rhetoric and propaganda of the mainstream media, and the most pathetic of those who call themselves "Americans" are the couch-potato sports fans and soap-opera addicts who live their lives vicariously, because they find no goal or purpose in their own miserable existence. They live in houses made of Ticky-Tacky, and they all look the same. Don't know what I'm talking about? Do some research on your own.

        God forbid someone would discover the true meaning of the Second Amendment – and that it wasn't put in the Constitution so you and I would be free to go duck hunting, and I'd end up like Jim Jones, David Koresh, or William Cooper. If Americans won't demand accountability from the people they elect – or think they elect – to run this country, then the American Dream is over, and the Orwellian nightmare has begun. It's "Bye, bye Miss American Pie", for real!

        One of the hypothetical questions I would like the reader to consider, is this: 


            You would think that the answer to that question would be an unequivocal[7] "Yes", but such is not the case in America today.  

            First of all, let me state for the record that I am not a lawyer, but I did learn a thing or two, or three from one of the very best Jailhouse Lawyers – in fact, he was a legend in his own time: The late Jerry "The Jew" Rosenberg, and mostly I learned most of what I know of the law from one of his former associates.  

Lesson #1: FACTS DON'T MATTER. Everything else follows. 

            I learned primarily that the law has nothing to do with whether something is "right" or "wrong"; ethical or unethical; moral, or amoral, but primarily with whether or not something is "legal". To those who would offer a contrary opinion, I would pose the following questions: 

            Q2.      Was the law "right" when prior to Roe vs. Wade[8] abortion was considered to be homicide; the murder of an infant (infanticide), or is it "right" now, when a baby is hacked to pieces just minutes before it would have been delivered (partial-birth abortion)? 

            Q3.      Was the law "right" prior to the Civil Rights movement when niggers were considered two thirds of a "person", had to sit in the back of the bus, had to use separate toilet facilities, and couldn't be served in certain restaurants, or is the law "right" now, that (legal) discrimination is a thing of the past, and racial epithets are "hate crimes"? 

            The answers to these questions imply some very important conclusions: 

            First of all:      The "law" isn't always "right". 

            Secondly:        The law can "evolve" to guarantee more freedoms, or deny those freedoms. Whether it is moral, ethical, or "right" or "wrong" in the Roe vs. Wade decision depends upon whether or not the society collectively believes that an 8-1/2 month-old fetus (or a fertilized egg) is actually a human being, or is a blob of unviable tissue mass to be excised at will. The former leads to the conclusion that abortion is murder, and the latter leads to the conclusion that abortion is an implied "right", such as the "right" to clip a hangnail if it bothers you. Consequential to the latter conclusion is that A HUMAN BEING IS ONLY A HUMAN BEING IF HE OR SHE IS WANTED. 

            Thirdly:           Whether "right" or "wrong", the judicial process is not by any means infallible. Wrongful convictions are more commonplace than you might believe. In those cases where there is no physical, tangible evidence (other than a false allegation) that a crime has actually been committed, is precisely where the majority of false convictions take place. The irony of a false conviction, say in a case of mistaken identity, or with witnesses or plaintiffs who are coached by police or social workers with an agenda, is that the actually guilty parties (if indeed there are any), escape the bar of justice entirely.

            In the second question, raised in the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial hinges upon a society's acceptance or rejection of the fact that all the planet's races are equally human because Man was "Created Equal" by God. With the belief in Darwinian "Evolution" comes the implication that Man came from the lower animals, from amoebas, and ultimately from rocks; and the world's races took different "Evolutionary" paths, and therefore the races could NOT POSSIBLY be "equal" in any way. The ultimate conclusion that this line of reasoning leads to, is that one race is superior to all the others. In fact, this philosophy was the core belief that drove Hitler's "Master Race" (see my essay: The Uber Menchen). 

            Now that we have established that the law is essentially full of shit, we have laid the groundwork to ascertain an answer to the censorship question, which is essentially this: 


            Look up the case: Forchion v. New Jersey or go to the Web site:

            Truth is a complete defense against libel or slander, and if you or I would call someone "a crook", and could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, or it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then there is no libel or slander involved... just the facts... legally, that is. You can always add the caveat: "And for those things herein alleged, I believe them to be true", to legally protect yourself from libel or slander lawsuits. (No, we are sold out of cherry torts). 

However, "facts" are not true when they are based on lies, and a great deal of what society believes as the truth, is actually a bunch of lies that create an apparency of truth, and thus are believable prima facie.  

Let me clarify my position with some examples from what many believe to be an "infallible" or nearly infallible court system: 

        Clarence Harrison spent 17 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. Sentenced to life in prison in 1987 in Dekalb Cty. Georgia, he was freed when the Georgia Innocence Project found "[DNA] evidence stashed in an old box" – Source: AM New York, 09-01-2004, Id at 6  

        Vincent Jenkins of Buffalo, NY similar fate (as above) – also spent 17 years in prison until DNA technology developed during his incarceration, proved he did not commit the crime.  

Kobe Bryant cleared of sexual assault when witness refused to testify – case dismissed "with prejudice"[9]
– Source:  NY Metro, 09-02-2004, front page. 

        Wilton A. Dedge, 42, spent 22 years in a Florida prison for a rape he did not commit. He was released in August 2004. He got no counseling or job referrals, or even a bus ticket home. Florida has no wrongful conviction compensation law, and his legal remedies are limited.
– Source: NY Metro, 9-13-2004 front page.  

        Miami – A Cuban-American man who spent 26 years behind bars for a series of rapes was released from prison 8/3/05 after DNA evidence cleared him in two of the attacks and cast doubt on whether he was responsible for any of the crimes. "Victory", 67-year-old Luis Diaz said, as he walked out of a courthouse a free man. Circuit judge Christina Pereya Shuminer threw out his five rape convictions at the request of both Miami-Dade County's chief prosecutor and lawyers for The nnocence Project, a non-profit organization that works to get inmates exonerated via DNA evidence.  – Source: Metro NY newspaper 8/4/2005 Id at 8. 

In all of these wrongful convictions, the real criminal escaped, and it is now beyond the Statute of Limitations to prosecute him, even if he walked into a police station and confessed. 

Ernest Willis, 59, was released from a Huntsville, Texas prison after serving 17 years on death row for a crime (a 1986 arson that killed two women) that never happened. Ori White, the Pecos Cty. DA, dropped the case on Oct. 5, 2004, saying that the fire was probably an accident – not an arson. – Source: AP / NY Metro 10/7/2004 – Id at 2 


See: Right To Petition and read about Judicial Immunity talked about in this video.


Without having to spend years constructing an archive Web site with the title of "Wrongful Convictions Finally Overturned", I trust that the reader can rest in the sufficiency of the evidence, and realize that ANYONE IN THIS COUNTRY CAN BE RAILROADED, AND CONVICTED ON A LIE. And for every one that can eventually prove "I didn't do it", there are ten more serving time, or who have served time, that can NEVER prove a negative, and NEVER reverse their false convictions because (believe it or not) the lack of evidence militates against them; the prosecutor can manipulate the jury into believing that mere opportunity creates the motive, or that a witness' testimony is eminently reliable. The covert allegation can be made that the passage of time between the commission of the alleged crime, and the time it was reported, negated the collection of incriminating evidence, which has (unfortunately for the prosecution) now disappeared. In addition, for every man serving time for another man's crime, there is a criminal on the loose who has escaped justice. 

Don't think for a minute that a crooked cop, a politically ambitious judge, or a corrupt District Attorney is the exception to the rule. A bit of research you could do to establish the verity of what I claim here, is to go to and look at the reviews and comments for a book titled "We Get Confessions" by Lieutenant Al Joseph (Rochester, NY Police). The book is a detailed instruction manual on how to (legally) violate a citizen's Miranda rights, and get a suspect to "fess up". The book is used all throughout the US, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and US Virgin Islands as an "unofficial" tactical manual; it is unofficially "required reading" for many new detectives and police academy recruits.  

In a 1999 Freedom Of Information Act request by this writer inquiring about departmental use of the book "We Get Confessions", Rochester New York Police Department acknowledged having Mr. Al Joseph as an employee, that he was now retired, but categorically denied that his book was used by the department to train interrogators. If this is true, then why does the Amazon site state otherwise? A marketing ploy? I don't think so. If you believe that Lt. Joseph wrote that book as an idle pastime, and that the methods described therein are not used by police all throughout this country, then you need to re-examine your reasoning.  

In the case of People v. Charles Grant, dkt #921-96, Rochester City Court, May, 1997, Mr. Grant was arrested by officers who worked under Lt. Al Joseph, and charged him with forcible rape after police coached the victim (a white woman) to pick him (a black man) out of a line-up. 

Mr. Grant's attorney, David Maurante, held up a copy of Lt. Al Joseph's book in court, and read selected passages to the jury. Psychologically intimidated to sign a "confession" to a crime he did not commit, Mr. Charles Grant walked out of court a free man with a cause of action for unlawful arrest and Miranda violations.. Other innocent victims of police and / or judicial corruption should be as fortunate. 

One may reason that "justice was finally done", because these innocent men were set free; however, how do you compensate a man for the ruination of his entire life? Is there a monetary value that can be put on one's freedom? How does one compensate a man for being subjected to coercive "therapy" by Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes who under threat of sanction (denial of "good-time", or parole violation) attempt to brainwash – and that's what it is – an innocent man into affirming a lie as the truth? (See: Mace v. Amestoy, 765 F. Supp 847 (D. Vt. 2001))

I say that it is high time that this country passes an amendment to the Constitution that specifically repeals qualified and unqualified immunity – this way, cops, prosecutors, Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes, and judges can be sued in their professional and personal capacities for malicious prosecution, and be held accountable for their lies... This way, George W Bush cannot pardon Irving "Scooter" Libby and the rest of his partners in crime as Richard "Tricky Dicky" Nixon pardoned G. Gordon Liddy of Iran – Contra, and the war criminal Lieutenant Calley of My Lai Massacre infamy. Perhaps when everyone's feet can be held to the fire, and nobody – not even the President is above the law, can we can eke a morsel of truth from these scheming, lying, traitorous bastards. 



[1] Moving irregularly, to no apparent purpose; lacking logical narrative flow
[2] Behold a Pale Horse - William Cooper - ISBN # 0-929385-22-5 - Light Technology Publishing Inc. Box 1495, Sedona, CA., 86336
[3] Land of Childhood's Fears - David Todeschini - ISBN # 1-4116-2452-1 Id at 34.
[4] The Lie Detection Manual – Becoming a Human Lie Detector – David Todeschini - ISBN #1-4116-1821-1
[5] Scientology: Fundamentals of Thought - L. Ron Hubbard ISBN# 0-88404-503-X
"The Unseen Hand" - Ralph Epperson ISBN # 0-9614135-06
[7] Unambiguous; unequivocal; definite; categorical; unmistakable; clear–cut; univocal.
[8] Roe vs. Wade, 410 US 113, S. Ct. 705 (1973)
"With prejudice" means that the State cannot re-open the case.


You may also be interested in: Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movements resource suggested by Bobby of Bear Mountain School in Bellevue, Washington.



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