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Webmaster's Comment: The following text is reproduced verbatim from (now defunct) with permission. I actually spoke to the woman making the complaint on several occasions, after she contacted me from the link on my ACS Abuse page. I have attempted to screen out and correct most of the spelling and grammatical errors. The story speaks for itself, and is only ONE in the THOUSANDS of such cases of gross abuse and rights violations in the country.


Susan Knipps, administrative judge for New York City Family court for Manhattan, along with others have decided to declare WAR on my family and me for not allowing Kevin Richards of the Administration for Children Services to violate my family and me for a false report of child abuse made by the now disgraced as a doctor, Jeannie Samedi phantom claims of child abuse.

After I sued Jeannie Samedi, she took flight from New York City and is now somewhere in Pennsylvania, hopefully she remains out of the public contact, this alleged doctor is not to be trusted, she is dangerous and can cause a family or child serious harm.  If Jeannie Samedi does not like you, she will use her influence to wage war against you and will not hesitate to falsify papers and reports against anyone who reports her deplorable actions.

Susan Knipps, supervising administrative judge for the City of New York, Manhattan Family Court,  empowered herself with a very disturbed version of self empowerment of public service.  In Susan Knipps' world, there are no real laws or rules governing her self appointed job.  All of her colleagues and subordinates witness her violating families everyday, but are too afraid of her to stop her Nazi like dictatorship. They also know how much power she has. Some of her colleagues and subordinates have vested interests in keeping Knipps empower, for this makes them feel secured and amused in watching helpless families being victimized by Susan Knipps, as she believes and reigns as Grand Supreme Mother of the City of New York, Manhattan Family Court system.

If you don't believe that Judge Susan Knipps appointed by Rudi Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City, do in fact believe they own you, your children and property, if you don't believe this, cross their paths. You will soon find out they answer to no one, nor do they follow any laws. They rule with an iron fists. The only time they will follow a law is when it's in their interest to take something from you or use force against you.

Judge Knipps, has been sued and failed to answer the Federal Lawsuit, filed against her in 2005. See United States District Court, Southern District of New York 05-cv-4969 (DAB).  If anyone knows the rules of Federal Civil Procedure Rules governing the District Courts under the jurisdiction of the United States, know that if you do not answer to the summons filed against you, you are in default, you have admitted to all the facts stated against you, see the United States Code, Title 28, F.R.C.P Rules 7(a) 8 and Rule 55(b).

I am Woman of Color, African, American descent. I am a parent, of three; I have one adult daughter, 17 yr old daughter and 16 yr old son. A number of step-children, and god-children, a grand-mother to two daughters. I am an active member in my community, for fifty years. I have an impeccable record of being a caring responsible parent.

I have a reputation of being well respected among my peers, and many friends. My children are well mannered, groomed and healthy; with no previous or present health problems. My children have many friends in and out of the neighborhood.

On about February 3, 2006 10:30am, on
Judge Susan Knipps' orders, Adel Benjamin agent of ACS,14 armed NYCHA, police officers, housing management, ambulance and NYC Fire Department, broke in and desecrated my apartment, arrested my 16 year old son, 17 yr old daughter, and me with a warrant dated 12/9/05. We were taken by force to Family Court. My friends and daughter were not allowed in the Family Courtroom. My healthy teenage son was not allowed to talk or sit next to me. New York Housing Police Officer was ordered to stay behind me. I was treated as a convicted criminal. Judge Susan Knipps told my son and me if we did not cooperate with her medical exam appointment, my son would be placed in a foster home to insure he be seen by her doctor. I informed her that she was a defendant in at the district court, that as I was the plaintiff she could not sit to judge me. Judge Knipps ignored me and continue to make a ORDER to remove my son and place him with ACS. Imagine that just like that my 16 years with my son gone with the wave of Judge Knipps' pen. Poof! I was really stunned! Where the hell was I ?

It got real clear to me, that slavery is well and alive here in New York City, especially at this idea of Family Court. Mr. Peter Stuyvesant who started the City known as New Amsterdam, now known as New York City, his descendants continue to carry on with his slave master work.
Susan Knipps' family tree is probably well paid in the human slave trade. Susan Knipps must have forgot or not been well informed that every black person was and is not a slave. I know I am not one of Susan Knipps' slave chicks. I continue to observe and mentally document Susan Knipps idea of her Master performance before the court.

My son was taken away! I left the court without both of my children. My daughter did not return home out of fear of being taken. I later found out my daughter stayed with her friends, she later got in contact with me when she felt safe. My children never stay at family or friends without my knowledge. My children and I are very close and like to be with each other.

On about February 9th, 2006, between 10:30am and 4:00pm. My Family and I were not in, Adel Benjamin, of ACS, NYCHA police and others, broke in again, desecrated and searched my apartment, changed the locks, left a note, if I wanted my apartment keys, I would have to turn myself over to New York City Housing Police.

These illegal, un-Constitutional, civil rights violations are in retaliation of me initialing Federal Civil Rights lawsuit, against 14 defendants, including
Judge Susan Knipps, filed Aug 14th 2005.

The January 2005, tragic death, of the child named Nixzmary Brown's gave Judge Susan Knipps justification to use force against me, because of my lawsuit against her, and for my fact finding, that The Administration for Children Services is operating illegally. I have the official Department Of State Letter.

On about May 10th 2005, doctor, Jeannie Samedi got mad at me for not allowing her to examine my son without washing her hands, she called ACS on me, and gave me a medical clearance letter for my son.

On about May 20th 2005, I filed a complaint with, The Office of Professionals, The Health Department and various agencies, against Doctor
Jeannie Samedi, for refusing to wash her hands before attempting to examine my son. She in turn filed a bogus child abuse and medical neglect report against me.

On about June 1, 2005, ACS wrote me about my complaint, they informed that need more time to investigate my complaint and questions. On about June 1, 2005, ACS filed a petition in Family Court against me for child abuse. Sometime in June 2005, Kevin Richards ACS agent, illegally questioned my son at his school gym, my son told Richards the accusations against his me were false.

On about June 6, 2005, I appeared at the Family Court, and suffered a heart attack, because of the fabricated claims of my son, suffering from asthma, a heart mummer, in imminent danger, that I failed to provide my son with food, clothing, shelter and an education. I was hospitalized for three days.

On about June 17, 2005, at Family Court, I challenged ACS attorney, Charles Hotnit (his bar card, expired for 1 yr) and
Judge Susan Knipps jurisdiction over my son and me, based on the letter from the Department of State.

On about November 17, 2005, I suffered another heart attack, I was hospitalized for three days. Which was directly related to Adel Benjamin kicking and banging at my apartment, trying to kidnap my 16 year old son, to be forced to take a medical evaluation to give them evidence of a bogus claim against me.

I also sent a number of complaints by eMail and certified mail, to the following government authorities, State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Manhattan County District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau, Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, New York Office of Professionals, also sent additional complaints to various agencies notifying them of the unlawful operations of ACS.

Jeannie Samedi was admitted to medical practice in 2001, after my many complaints to various agencies, doctor Jeannie Samedi is no longer a pediatrician. The court and ACS did not make legal contact of by person, phone, or written correspondence to me or my family about any investigations or court dates regarding my 16 year old son being in imminent danger.

My Family and I no longer have secured peaceful existence at our apartment, June 2005, to present, all hours of the day and night, police officers, Adel Benjamin ACS agent, with unknown strangers, bang using objects to repeatedly bang on the apartment door, to harass us, turning the doorknob, to break in, to force their illegal medical examinations upon my son to cover up their illegal case against me.

We are technically homeless since the February 3, 2006, because of the illegal eviction ordered by
Judge Susan Knipps, we are living as fugitives. On about February 6th 2006, Judge Susan Knipps issued illegal warrants against my son absconding her medical appointment, and for me failing to appear at pre-vacated February 6th 2006, court hearing. My son and I are fugitives, for not going to a forced clinic appointment arranged by Judge Susan Knipps, Judge George Jurrow, Kathleen Wolters and others.

This brief statement of illegal retaliatory actions, orchestrated by Administrative Family Court,
Judge Susan Knipps, George Jurrow, ACS and others since May of 2005, are nonstop, because I filed complaints and lawsuit against Judge Susan Knipps and her co-conspirators. I successfully secured 14 Clerks Certificates of Default against all 14 defendants, clerks of the New York Southern District Court refuse to enter the defaults on the docket or docket my notice of appeal I duly paid for. See Williams v Jurrow, 05-6949-cv New York Southern District.

This Carl Hotnit person alleged attorney for The Administration for Children Services, appeared before Manhattan Family Court, knowing his New York State Bar registration was expired for nine months. Carl Hotnit began whining to me, like a wounded pig, without food, he did not want to discuss with me in a rational tone, allegations I lodged against the doctor Jeannie Samedi, rather Carl Hotnit threatened me, that if I did not let her see my son's personal private medical records, I would lose my healthy teen son to the foster care system.

Can you believe this, here we are sending troops over to Iraq to defend women and children being oppressed, and here you have this person alleged to be a black man (through his own history should have taught him lessons in freedom) threatening me to give him my child's private personal medical records or else. Amazing!

The reason why this is happening is Carl Hotnit can not find an easier job, other than intimidating women and children.

Never mind I had filed numerous criminal complaints against
Doctor Jeannie Samedi, Carl Hotnit and this gang of glorified professional babysitters, only care about any child when they are getting paid to do so. When this case with my name got to their desk, they made a quick decision to separate my family, so they can get to the bottom of why I would not let filthy dirty doctor Jeannie Samedi, touch my progeny sons (child) genitals. Judge Susan Knipps, ACS agents Carl Hotnit, Kathleen Wolters, Adel, Benjamin and others want to punish me for asking for ID and credentials regarding alleged persons purporting to be a case or social workers of an agency not recognized by the Department of State of New York.

1, who are they?
2, what are they?
3, who regulates them?
4, why are they in my business?

Only in America, Land of the Free!

Yeah agents of this agency are free to abuse anyone as long as the State approves and gets a cut of the proceeds. i.e. money!

All you can do is ask questions and hope someone will answer you?

Or prepare your family to run out of town, because they won't stop, they will hunt you down...... even if they are wrong and they know it, which makes you wonder what is really going on with justice, honesty, and fairness.

May 10, 2005 to present, no live person from The Administration For Children Services or any agency been able to answer any of my questions, or offered to look into my complaints against the
Doctor Jeannie Samedi, who abused my son and left town.

Stay tuned. I will post the my letters to them.



United States Court, Southern District of New York

Yes I Have 14 District Court Clerks Certificates of Defaults, But They Are Not Going Let Me Collect.
Because I need a Lawyer.
Mammies, are not smart enough to collect on default judgments against judges and lawyers!
Judges are immune from regular people lawsuits. Hmmmmmm!!
Wow, only in American!! Land of the Free.
I have the defendants in default, but I need a lawyer, is what I keep hearing!!
You need a lawyer! You're not a lawyer!
I wonder if a lawyer has the same role as Jesus.
I can't talk to God unless I go through Jesus.
So Judges cannot be sued unless I go through a Lawyer!

GOD is as follows

They ostracized me because I am not a BAR member.
I'm confused.

The Family Court charges me with child abuse and child neglect, for filing a complaint against a doctor who wanted to abuse my son.

The District Court prevents me from defending my son against the police who held a gun to my then 14year old son's head for playing in the park....they are acting as child abusers.

Federal Civil Judicial Rules Of Procedures, Rule 1654 is not applicable when your viewed as a Pro Se parent at the District Courts, hell they straight take your child and make them
wards of the Court without a hearing of guardianship.

But if your junior commits any alleged crime, well darn it, hell junior is now a adult in an instant!!

If you try to protect your child, he or she becomes an infant, ward of the court, the court takes over. As you know infants don't talk or make any decisions let alone hire an attorney. But your infant cannot allow you the parent to protect them. Only this stranger in a black minister dress, Halloween dragger make these legal issues regarding your child, and they make you hire one of their Halloween supporters. 
And you people are too stupid and scared to see that this is slavery. It appears that because black people and poor white persons where complaining about slavery, they said, Oh what the hell equal opportunity for all, your all gonna' be slaves African, Caucasian, Chinese, Asian, dingbats and crazy, we are goanna make you all equal okay!  Now shut up! You're all equally stupid and we are going to make all young and old slaves of our Corporations.  If you ask any questions about us or even try to find out who or what we are doing your goanna get your head bashed in, your houses raided, your property taken. Oh yeah, your children are theirs too, that is for you or me asking too many questions.

The court cases only quoted part of Title 28 Rule 17(c) on the recorded cases. Then they rule on it to make it precedent, thereby prejudicing other parents who even try to get justice for their children against civil rights violations.

The Judges broke ALL the Laws and Rules.
They ostracized me because I not a BAR member.
Despite the fact my only occupation is raising my children.

I have mastered being a natural birther (that takes guts) grandmother of two, cook, psychical healer, dancer, chauffeur, waiter, hairdresser, maid, masseuses, teacher of reading, math, science, social studies, and legal issues, carpentry, model, actresses, consular, business consultant, decorator, and too many other responsible endeavors to list, but family
Judge Susan Knipps, twenty something childless Kathleen Wolters and others, decided that I need their supervision in taking my 16yr old son to his clinic appointments. They need to monitor me only when they get around to their case loads.  It now nine months, still trying to charge me with child abuse and medical neglect.

Talk about child abuse and child neglect, this is what the glorified holy babysitters, Judges and ACS are doing. AMAZING!!!

The Judges and clerks broke ALL the Laws of the Constitution and State and Federal Civil and Criminal Judicial Rules Of Procedures Rules.

Oh no! You got to get a lawyer they told me, when you defeat us so we can make a deal with your lawyer behind your back!

Oh no! Those rules and laws only apply in favor of our favorite corporations when you're a petitioner or defendant losing at any of our Courts of Just Us!

Oh no! You can't just come here and whip our ass like that, we didn't expect you!

Oh no! We have degrees in law, you are a ignorant black mammy, your not expected to read and comprehend what the Federal Civil Judicial Rules Of Procedures are.

The Federal Rules Of Judicial Procedure only apply against non-BAR attorneys.



Webmaster's comments: The long and the short of this, and thousands of cases just like it is this: ACS / CPS has the power to remove your children from your home at any time, without probable cause or a judge's order to do so, and they are absolutely immune from prosecution, and held harmless in any lawsuit you might bring. If they perceive you as a real threat - such as if you really "have the goods" on them, they will make false allegations of child abuse (or sexual abuse) against you, which any good attorney will tell you is the SINGULAR EXCEPTION to the precept "Innocent until proven guilty". Thousands upon thousands, upon thousands of cases are empirical proof that the statements I make here are true. I know from personal experience. What is the American People's recourse in such cases where effective redress of grievances against corrupt government officials is impossible? The US Constitution spells it out clearly.... but in case you can't figure it out, let me tell you that the Second Amendment wasn't written into the Constitution so you and I could go duck hunting.



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