War Crimes
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War Crimes

God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.



War Crimes

Op Ed piece by: David Todeschini of  Net4TruthUSA Ministries - also see: Bush is a murderer


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the following article does not necessarily represent the opinion of Veterans For Constitutional Law, its membership, or its leadership. This post is by the webmaster of this site, and I will post any intelligently-constructed support or rebuttals for all to see.



"19 Miles To Baghdad" - Lizzie West

War Criminal

"Dear Mr. President" - Pink


       You will no doubt, hear all sorts of excuses and rationalizations - and even some quasi-Orwellian Newspeak (i.e.: "collateral damage") for the crimes against the innocent, and the crimes against humanity committed by the (past) Bush regimes, but be that as it may, a war crime is still a war crime, and murder is still murder - and the refusal to acknowledge the facts, or the repetition of the atrocities in the name of "freedom" or "national security" do not make them any less heinous, nor any less tolerable, nor any more justifiable.


       The crimes are enabled and compounded by the American Mainstream Media, which steadfastly refuses to broadcast evidence of these atrocities over the publicly-owned airwaves, capitulating to the intimidation of government officials who oversee the censorship of what the American People see and hear. There can be no collective moral outrage, or the outcry of decent human beings if there is no coverage by the "free press" we are supposed to have in this country. By tolerating the censorship of what we see and hear, the Mainstream Media and Press are accomplices to the cover-up, and thereby just as guilty of the crimes under the law, as those who committed them.


       Always, the rallying cry; a non-sequitur to the allegation of civilian murder, is the denial of intent, the claim of "terrible accident", a counter-allegation of deceit on the part of the victims, or the question implying that the investigator or reporter bringing these things out into the light of day is non-patriotic... "Don't you support our troops?".... Well, not if they commit war crimes, I don't! And for that matter, I have long ago ceased to believe anything that comes over that boob-tube, and in point of fact, I don't watch it anymore - haven't for almost a decade! I get my news right here on the Internet - from Radio Liberty and other unbiased, uncensored sources; from people without a covert agenda, or political motivations.


       American soldiers have always had the right in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to refuse an illegal order. An order from a field officer, or directly from the President of the United States for that matter - to murder or maim innocent civilians, or to cause their injury or death is not only immoral, but it is illegal, and you MUST refuse to follow it. Such refusals in the field marked the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War (see the film "Hell No, We Won't Go"). However, history is replete with examples of illegal orders being blindly followed, and accounts of the terrible aftermath which was the consequence of carrying out those orders. The civilian government {the shadow government that really runs this country ever since the JFK assassination} (see the book: The Plot To Seize The White House) strives for a military that blindly follows orders without question or hesitation; "Ours is not to question why, but to do or die". Such was the case with the Nazi regime during World War 2, and this rationale was the principal defense of the criminals who were convicted and sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials; "I was following orders".... It was legal in Nazi Germany to kill a Jew. Soldiers beware! The illegal law in such a case won't protect you. You cannot legalize an immoral act; the pendulum always swigs back eventually. Following orders is not justification for acts of depravity and  murder, and unsubstantiated allegations of "enemy combatant" or "terrorist" will not hold you harmless in a court-martial for the crimes you commit, nor will it save you from the fiery pit of Hell on the Day of Judgment! In this vein, I must commend Vincent Bugliosi for his valiant, but (so far) failed efforts to prosecute George Bush for murder.


       Anyone who cannot openly weep when they see the photos below - Well, what can I say? A body without a soul. I am reminded of a so-called "Commander-In-Chief" who, shortly after the 9-11 attacks, didn't have any tears - or any tears to hold back - for the 3,000 Americans who died in the collapse of the Twin Towers. No empathy, no sympathy, no remorse, no moral outrage, no emotion, no soul. It wasn't the "professional" composure of a World Leader we saw that day; it wasn't the emotionally-detached response of a seasoned warrior... it was the response and (lack of) emotion of  man who is a member of "Skull and Bones" - a satanic organization of World Leaders who secretly gather annually in the deep woods of Bohemian Grove and worship Molech, the ancient (owl) god to whom human child sacrifices were made in Biblical times. It was the response of a human shell devoid of any empathy or care whatsoever; it was the response of a blithering idiot sucked dry of his humanity and possessed by the dark demons of Hell; it was indeed, by the overwhelming evidence compiled to support the allegation, the reaction of a cold-blooded criminal; it was the reaction of a guilty party trying to blame a conjured-up nemesis (Osama bin Laden) for the crimes that he and his accomplices had orchestrated. Years later at a press conference, he joked about the lack of evidence he used as justification to invade and bomb Iraq; ".... no.... no weapons of mass destruction under here".... and the sick part was, everybody who was at that press conference belly-laughed at his sick joke. That day turned the tables for me. That day, and almost every day since then, it made me ashamed to be an American. It made me regret that I ever served in the military, and had I been in the Armed Forces on that day, I would have formally resigned my US citizenship and deserted my post, never to return.


        The extent of the war crimes committed in the name of "freedom", "democracy", and "homeland security" are approaching the level of those committed by the Nazis during the Second World War. Certainly, the environmental damage and human suffering caused by so-called "depleted" uranium makes the Nazis look like Boy Scouts by comparison. The treasonous erosion and emaciation of our God-given liberties within these shores notwithstanding, these are crimes worthy of a death sentence in any civilized society.... but the crimes are no longer being investigated; the pursuit of the man falsely blamed for the attacks has withered away to nothing by reason of public apathy, and the False Flag Operation of 9-11; our "New Pearl Harbor", our 21st Century Reichstag Fire has been a resounding success despite the fact that even a fraction of the evidence gathered by independent investigators since the attacks is wholly sufficient to sustain a conviction of Treason and Capital Murder "beyond a reasonable doubt" and "to a moral certainty" as our Common Law demands.


        Indeed, the people who run our government - and Barack Obama is certainly among them - are Neo-Nazis. They are of the same familial lineage, and direct descendants of those who aided and abetted the Nazis during both World Wars.... and who profited from bank loans and sales of weapons to both sides.... but you won't hear that from the Mainstream Press! You won't hear a word spoken against them? Why? Because they OWN the press and the rest of the Media.


        A wise man once said "In order to believe a lie, you first have to stop believing the truth... and once you stop believing the truth, you can be made to believe anything". Believe what you will. I'm not here to convince you of anything. The evidence speaks for itself. I am merely a messenger. The Germans refused to believe what the Nazis were doing, and even refused to believe it when the evidence was all around them. They refused to believe it when they could smell the stench of burning flesh from the smokestacks of the crematoriums. They refused to believe it until over 60,000,000 innocent souls had perished on the satanic altar of man's inhumanity to man; they refused to believe it until the Gestapo broke down their doors! But by then it was too late. The past is prologue. History has repeated itself, and has come full-circle. We are teetering on the brink of a Techno-Nazi Dictatorship - an Orwellian nightmare of unimaginable proportions.... and this time, the Nazis have the technology and the weaponry to take over the entire planet. The lack of outrage among the football fans, NASCAR enthusiasts, soap-opera addicts, crossword-puzzle players, and soccer moms is disheartening to the point of violent nausea. We become accomplices to the evils we fail to oppose, and as a nation, we are just beginning to reap the inevitable consequences of our inaction.


        So look at the photos below - if you can. This is not Adobe Photoshop; this is reality. There but for the grace of Almighty God goes your son, or your daughter. Indeed, these ARE your sons and your daughters and your brothers and sisters if you believe in an Almighty God who created Man in His own image and likeness. For you to sit there and do nothing; for you not to care because these children are not of your own immediate family, is precisely the reason that the war criminals can perpetrate these tragedies upon the innocent almost in perpetuity, and with complete impunity; you are, and I am, by apathy and inaction, an accomplice after the fact; a miniscule degree less guilty as far as man's law is concerned, than those who perpetrated the crime. However, under God's law, those who sit idly by while their brothers and sisters are murdered will reap the same reward as the murderers themselves. Indeed, war - any war - is a State-sanctioned crime against humanity, and the world has had enough of it; ALL war is contrived. No nation of people on Earth has ever banned together and schemed and plotted to wage war or genocide against another people. It is the POLITICIANS who put enmity between nations and start the wars, and it is they who profit from those wars, and in my humble opinion, they are the first ones that should be sent to fight them - they and their children. As far as I'm concerned; if I had my say, every weapon bigger than a 12-guage shotgun would be destroyed, and anyone profiting from the sale of arms designed to wage war would be taken out and summarily shot for TREASON and crimes against humanity.


        We are engaged in a spiritual battle for the souls of men, and so far, it seems that the dark forces are prevailing. It has gone past the point where editorials, or votes, or letters to your Congressman, blogs on the Internet, documentary films, or protests, demonstrations, or million-man marches on Washington DC will change it one iota; never mind stop it. The question is, "What are YOU willing to do; what are YOU willing to risk or sacrifice to see an end of it in our lifetime?"  The time of indecision and inaction is OVER. The time for action is NOW. We either TAKE our country back, or we will lose it forever to the warmongering Corporate Fascists. How do we do that?


        Let me put it this way: The Second Amendment wasn't written into the Constitution so you and I would be free to go duck hunting.

        In the words of one of the Neo-Cons: "Sometimes you have to fight for peace".


Music on this page: "19 Miles To Baghdad" - by Lizzie West

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Music on this page: "Dear Mr. President" - by Pink

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These are just some of the scathing videos available showing that our former Presidents are not Neo-Cons, or even Conservatives, but rather Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers in disguise.


The Bush Family has a history of assisting the Nazi Genocide during World War II

Carl Rove and Dick Cheny are also implicated in this scathing video presentation.


Prescott Bush and the Rockefellers aided I.G. Farben, the company manufacturing a majority of Nazi Germany's explosives, and the gas used to exterminate Jews during the Nazi Holocaust. Union Banking Corporation Scandal - Prescott Bush Aided & Abetted Nazis, laundered money stolen from the Jewish people.


Interview with Prescott Bush - Nazi Sympathizer and Traitor to the United States of America - Part 1 of 2


Interview with Prescott Bush - Nazi Sympathizer and Traitor to the United States of America - Part 2 of 2 


For information on 9-11 see:  www.Visibility911.com, www.911PodCasts.com, www.nyccan.org,and  www.AE911Truth.org











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Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam

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