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Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam



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God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




Read Actual Letters written by GIs during the Vietnam War


February 2012

We are embarking upon a new - even more important mission.... the repeal of Sovereign immunity. We support the efforts of Net4TruthUSA in this endeavor. This is the unwritten (un-codified) 'law' that protects judges, prosecutors, cops, social workers, and other State workers against prosecution and civil lawsuits that arise from crimes they commit in their "official capacity". When Judicial Immunity goes the way of the dinosaur, America will start to heal from over 100 years of political corruption that has led this nation to the brink of extinction. We highly recommend you read the excellent article "Above The Law" and related linked articles. We are not here to entertain, but to educate the American people about what has been going on behind their backs.





January 2011

Two years ago we won a fantastic victory for injured and disabled veterans. The passage of Senate Bill 3421 enabled veterans to hire their own attorneys to SUE the VA for denial of benefits and injury compensation. However, the fight against corruption in the government is far from over. I am pleased to announce that we have joined Net4TruthUSA Ministries in a new endeavor; one that will remove corrupt people from positions of power in ALL US Government agencies nation-wide. This quest is a mission to ABOLISH Sovereign Immunity once and for ever. When this is done, Judges, Prosecutors, Cops, Social Workers et. al. can be civilly SUED for any violation of a person's Constitutional Rights. As it stands now, they are "untouchable".  Please take the time to read the article "Above The Law", then SIGN THE PETITION  to end Sovereign Immunity NOBODY SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW



June 2010


Last month, a decorated Gulf War hero received a letter from the Veterans Affairs Administration that said: "We are working on your claim for menstrual disorder..... On the VA Form 21-4138, Statement in Support of Claim you sent on October 8, 2009, you included menstrual disorder. Please specify what you intended to claim for this condition.". There was just one problem: The claim was submitted by Glenn (a male soldier) for fibromyalgia. Get PDF copy (personal info redacted) of the actual letter. Read the whole story on the Fox News Web site.

May 2010

This update is a bit after-the-fact, but I'm pleased to announce that Arthur Bernklau has fully recovered from hip replacement surgery. He was "up & at 'em" just hours after he left the hospital. THAT VERY DAY Art was driving, and we went shopping at WalMart, had dinner at Carrabas, and he ran me ragged running around with him "catching up" on things he couldn't do while in the hospital. I spent a few days with him after that - during which time one of his dogs got loose, and we chased her all over the neighborhood. In short, Art is back with us, and I'm sure the powers-that-be are real happy about that!


In even more good news, Tyrone Dancy, author of "Serving Under Adverse Conditions", and a long-time VFCLL member has finally received a long-awaited kidney transplant.




March 2010

Executive Director / Founder Arthur Bernklau is due to go in for hip replacement surgery after sustaining an "occult fracture" during a fall on the ice this winter. The surgery is scheduled on / about April. Please keep Art in your prayers.


Veterans For Constitutional Law is looking into a merger with several other Veterans Advocacy Organizations. Right now, since the mergers are not final, we are not at liberty to disclose the details at this time. However, if the merger(s) DO take place, we will be the most formidable force in securing Veteran's Benefits and Compensation that the bureaucrats in Washington DC have ever known.


On the lighter side, we have found an alternative to doggy-doo-doo - much more potent and easier to handle (shhhhhh!!) :-)



December 2009

Presumptive Agent Orange benefits extended to additional 185,000 Vietnam Veterans.



November 2009
After much debate, Membership Dues are now required for membership in Veterans For Constitutional Law.




Another MAJOR Win for Veterans!!





Sunday August 23, 2009


     All veterans who are disabled and require in-home care or nursing home care MUST READ "Aid & Attendance".




by: David Todeschini

See Complaint / law Firm
Get PDF copy of the Lawsuit
Download Archived Radio Program On This Class-Action Lawsuit

    In case you haven't heard.... Veterans won a major victory in Federal Court - giving them the previously denied right to bring civil actions against the US Government and the Veteran's Administration to sue them for "benefits" related to war injuries.... and to use their own attorneys to bring these actions. This particularly impacts Gulf War and current conflict veterans who are returning with "Gulf War Illness" - more accurately, Depleted Uranium Poisoning.


    This development is a major win for our veterans, who have traditionally been treated as cannon-fodder, and used by other Veteran's Organizations (particularly the VFW) as "strike-breakers" and for other political means on the home-front. (please read: The Plot To Seize The White House by Jules Archer).


Veteran's For Constitutional Law, Ltd. and a few other small Veteran's Organizations have fought a long, hard battle - and they have won.


    This Web site was launched a few weeks after this precedent-setting decision.






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Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam

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