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God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

 Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.

TelsonUSA Policy


We do NOT collect information on people who visit this web site (not that we don't care; but you deserve your privacy).


We do NOT employ "cookies" or other "spyware" to track your visit here, or ascertain your browsing habits.


We do NOT use pop-up ads, or "key loggers", or any other MARKETING nuisances on this site. If you see pop-ups on this web site, they are coming from your ISP - We have nothing to do with it.


We do NOT allow any agency of the government to solicit us for IP addresses of visitors (they know better than to even ask).


We do not collect E-mail addresses or IP identifications.


We do NOT deal in buying or selling E-mail addresses.


Content on this web site will always be suitable for children to access (there is no moral trepidation here; nothing outside of the TRUTH).

Navigating This Web Site

This is a very diverse and very extensive Web site that is a multi-faceted online store. We carry a wide range of products, and the site is always expanding.

Logos for our sister Web sites are displayed at the top of the navigation buttons. Clicking on the logos will take you to the sister sites. When you go to our sister sites, clicking on the TelsonUSA logo will bring you back to the HOME PAGE of this site.

Major product categories will always be displayed on the navigation bar to your left. ABOVE the animated blue bar is displayed buttons for the HOME, PARENT, and CHILD pages in the navigation structure (see diagrams below). This puts the buttons for the major product categories FIRST in the list, and immediately visible when the page loads. Pressing the UP radio button - if it is available - will move you one level up in the navigation structure. Pressing the HOME radio button will take you back to the main page in case you get "lost". The button for the page you are currently viewing is shown with the blue circles open. There are additional navigation bars at the bottom of every screen so that you don't have to scroll back up to see the navigation buttons.

Above the buttons - if the navigation structure contains linked files on the SAME LEVEL - there will be PREVIOUS / NEXT buttons so that you may go to the adjoining pages in the structure without scrolling down the page to find the button.

Many times, there will be related pages somewhere on the site, and if they are NOT in the navigation structure displayed on the link bars, these will either be displayed as links within the text or as additional buttons placed on the screen such as the following (the previous text link, the two buttons below, and the text link are NOT active):

FREE PDF copy of this article

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Hyperlinked text will be this color, and underlined like this

When you see buttons and hyperlinked text, clicking these will take you out of the present page navigation structure, - or - to an entirely different Web site. If you need to return to the page you are on, it is best to bookmark it. An alternative is to use a browser that (optionally) opens separate tabs for every link or button you click. The Maxthon browser is such a piece of software, and you can download and use it free. When you install it, select OPTIONS > BROWSE MODES > NEWS. This will save you much time with going back and forth when you are clicking many links on a single page. Maxthon's search bar also queries multiple search engines simultaneously. Once you use Maxthon, you'll be spoiled.

Navigation Structure

This web site is comprised of THOUSANDS of pages.... As of July 2006, it is six levels deep, and over 100 wide. Below is a simplified map of what the TelsonUSA Web site layout looks like in Front Page's navigation view.

        Note the different colors I used to define groups of files. Normally, each category of file is displayed on the link bars at the left and bottom of the screen. For example, all the files here that are the same color would be accessible by Previous / Next buttons, and by buttons displayed above the blue separator bar at the left of the screen.

        In this example, the yellow and purple files on the 3rd level from the top, are on the same level, but the links for Previous / Next and the "SAME LEVEL" navigation buttons would only show the files in that group (color) when you are looking at one of the files in that group.

        In order to make navigation easier, the "child" level and "HOME" buttons are always accessible.


            When there are no files on the same level of the navigation structure for the particular group or category, there will be NO BUTTONS displayed BELOW the animated blue bar . In this case, you can click the "UP" button - or if the "UP" button is not displayed, you can click the HOME button to move UP in the structure. In most cases, other links or buttons are provided on the page you are looking at so that you can easily move to other pages in the web site that are related to the thing you are looking at, but which may be very far away or difficult or time-consuming to navigate to in the structure.

The diagram to the left illustrates the navigation structure that is displayed by the buttons to the left of the screen, and on TOP of the animated blue bar .

    The yellow box shows where the navigation bar is displayed. The light blue boxes are the files that are displayed on the navigation bar. Orange boxes depict the files that are NOT displayed on the navigation bar.



Screen Resolution

In order to properly view this web site, your screen resolution should be set to 1280 x 800 in either True Color or High Color mode. This screen resolution is available on most modern PCs manufactured in this millennium. If your PC does not offer 1280 x 800, you really need a new machine. To set screen resolution, right-click on the desktop, and select PROPERTIES from the dialog box. select SETTINGS, and move the slider in the window to the right until it says 1280 x 800. Click APPLY to temporarily view the screen at those settings (your icons and fonts will be smaller, but you can compensate for this in the CONTROL PANEL / FOLDER OPTIONS). If your PC allows 1280 x 800, click OK to keep the settings.... and get used to high-resolution graphics.


Screen Contrast
This Web site uses a special micro-watermark style background, which enables high-resolution LCD laptop / notebook screens to be viewed in daylight. By changing the angle of the screen relative to your eye, the background can be seen to get lighter and darker, effectively enabling you to change the contrast between the text and the background by changing your viewing position and angle, and without changing your screen settings. The screen is best viewed dead-on at a distance of 18 to 24 inches. As you increase the viewing angle vertically, the thin background becomes visible in grey. As the angle is increased horizontally, the watermark appears in a slightly darker shade. NOTE: I am using a Compaq Presario V4330US notebook running XP-Professional, and this screen technique is truly remarkable. This effect does not work with all LCD screens, but on the ones it does work on, the effect is striking.


Printing from the Web Site

Although text on most pages in this site is white on black, the text will print black (or a shade of grey) on most monochrome printers. Because of the layout and resolution, most printers will cut off the right side of the text, leaving you with an unreadable printout. Where we have anticipated that our visitors may want a copy of what is on the screen, I have provided a "GET PDF COPY" button on the page. When you click this button, you will get a PDF reproduction of what is displayed on the screen (without all the navigation buttons and stuff that you don't need in a printed document).

The PDF document will, in most cases, contain all of the hyperlinks of the original Web page. Clicking on the links in the PDF document will automatically start your browser, and take you to the same place as the link on the Web page does. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, or a PDF reader that is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or above to read the PDF files. You can get the reader FREE
We also have a list of PDF files and short descriptions of the files posted here.


Active-X and Cookies

You can enable Active-X content on your browser when viewing this web site. It is our policy NOT to use "cookies" or "spyware" of any sort. Your visit here is totally anonymous as far as we are concerned. We do not attempt to track where you've been, or predict where you're going. You can enjoy browsing the site without worrying about malicious or intrusive content.

NOTE: On pages which display thumbnails of books from Amazon.com, you may notice some disk or browser activity after the page loads. This is NOT cookies, or Spyware; it is the Amazon Web site fetching information for the books or products being displayed. This happens in the background to save time when you click on one of the links.


Viruses and Trojans

Everything we upload to our server goes through extensive virus checking with several virus scanning tools.  As long as you remain on these pages, your 'Net surfing is 100% safe from file-embedded threats.


Browser Requirements

You can use Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, AOL, AOL browser, or most any browser package developed within the last six years. If you are not satisfied with your current browser, I recommend MAXTHON - it has many distinct advantages, including the "News" browse mode, which keeps the page you are viewing open when you click off to another page. Maxthon also searches multiple engines simultaneously when you use the browser's search bar - instead of going separately to Google, or Yahoo, or Ixquick, etc. The best part of Maxthon, is that it is fully functional shareware, and you can download and use it free.


Video & Music Content

There is video, music and / or audio on some of these pages. If you have a dial-up or other slow connection, it may take a minute or two for the files to be transferred to your computer. The video files posted on this site are ALWAYS played at your request (by clicking a link or a button). The video files are played using your default video file player. All photos, audio, and video on this site has been down-sampled and optimized for fast transfer rate - that means that as good as the photos SEEM, and as good as the audio may sound, it doesn't do justice to the original. Some audio files will play in the background as the page loads, and is not under your control except by hitting the MUTE button, or clicking off the page. If you want a high-quality version of what you hear, there may be a button on the page that enables you to download the file from our bookstore Web site.


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Go to Podcasts To hear or download radio programs on Net4TruthUSA (instruction page).
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About Us

 Please tell us what you think about our web site, company, products, or services. If you provide us with your contact information, we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions. Send E-mail to: dave@Net4TruthUSA.com

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