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Tragedy of War

God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

 Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.

•        Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith Friendship, and The Vietnam War.

"Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War"  - ISBN  # 1-4116-2452-1 - Paperback
"Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War"
 - ISBN # 1-4116-7111-2  - Hardcover

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                David Todeschini's highly acclaimed book on Vietnam, and the era that began America's moral decline. This book exposes CIA drug smuggling, Operation Phoenix, tells an untold story about the My Lai massacre, and how the US government brainwashes the American public. The author, who was a Cryptographic Systems Specialist in the USAF, in conversation with several other vets who also had Military Intelligence clearances (transcribed from shorthand notes) reveals a shocking new theory about who killed John F. Kennedy, how he was killed, and why. No postulates are allowed to violate the laws of physics or the known facts, as was the case with the Warren Commission Report. You will be shocked at the allegations, wonder why no one ever thought of it before, and referred to a digital simulation of Dealey Plaza to try your hand in the alleged "sniper's nest".

             Heart-rending stories of a MEDEVAC mission, where a small child dies from his injuries after the author and a buddy rescue him from a bombed-out village (see: www.net4truthusa.com/TragedyOfWar.htm), falling in love with a Saigon bar girl, moral depravity, Agent Orange, Covert Operations and Psychological Operations, how and why cover-ups always work, human compassion as a "Catch-22", drug addiction, torture and murder of enemy prisoners, and the terrorism of "carpet bombing", among other things.  Through an abiding faith, and by the grace of God, the author survives to finally tell his story.  

    There are shocking disclosures, compelling testimonies, scathing accusations, righteous anger, emotional and moving poetry, quotes from scripture, definitions of military terminology, a synopsis of major events in chronological order, and much, much more. Rave reviews.

     Save a long weekend for this book; once you start it, you'll have to read it all. This 506-page book covers every aspect of that terrible conflict, and draws parallels to 9-11, and the war in Iraq. Autographed copies with an autographed copy of the (author's original) poem Reflections, from which the book takes its title, are available directly from the author via: www.net4truthusa.com/AutographOrder.htm



       “The author, a Cryptographic Systems Specialist in the US Air Force, gets involved with the Medical Civic Action Program in Vietnam after fighter jets bomb a schoolhouse in Cambodia, burning 40 children alive”.

         “... His discussion of Operation Phoenix is revealing; his information on Agent Orange is disheartening; his assessment of the massacres that took place at My Lai and My Khe are  distressing; his revelation about the CIA's involvement in drugs is discouraging, but all must be addressed. You will never look at these, and many other issues, in the same way after you read this book; it is a powerful portrayal of the emotional impact the war had on an American soldier.... This is a story of horror and hedonism, depravity and indifference, courage and compassion, humanity and heroism. The author tries to explain the paradox; he answers some questions and raises others ...”

 Dr. Stan Monteith, Radio Liberty

Short Bio of Dr. Stan Monteith

For over a decade, prior to his retirement, Dr. Monteith led a delegation of physicians from Santa Cruz County to the House of Delegates of the California Medical Association. For 10 years he led the battle within organized medicine in California to address the AIDS epidemic as a medical issue rather than a civil rights issue. As a result of his experiences trying to implement an effective medical approach to the HIV epidemic, he wrote the book, "AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic", the widely circulated pamphlet, "To Deceive a Nation", and more recently, "A Nation Deceived and Betrayed." Supported by physicians across our nation, his public health approach to the HIV epidemic was eventually accepted by the California Medical Association. Unfortunately, powerful forces continue to oppose the dictates of doctors. Dr Monteith currently spends five hours daily on talk radio in California. Dr. Monteith is also author of the book "Brotherhood of Darkness", which is MUST READING. He writes extensively, and lectures on geopolitics. He has spent 30 years researching the causes for America's spiritual and moral decline.




       "I am a US Army infantryman serving my second tour in Iraq. My sister sent me this book, and after I started reading it, I found a lot of similarities between the author's experience in Vietnam and what we are going through here - they had Agent Orange; we have depleted uranium... they had VC that looked like civilians; we have towel-head suicide bombers... they had snakes in the jungle, and we have snakes in Washington, DC. All in all and cover to cover, if you had SIX stars, I'd give it seven. The chapter of poetry is just.... well.... AWESOME"

        "I purchased this book when it first appeared a few months ago. As a Vietnam Veteran, I must say that David Todeschini is a master of reaching in and grabbing your heart by the strings of your intellect, and making you cry in joy and anguish at the same time. While he describes irresolvable moral dilemmas and tragic situations like the bombing of a schoolhouse in Cambodia, and a little child he and a buddy tried to rescue dying in his arms, he offsets it with bright rays of sunshine of a little girl living in their barracks for several days and being "spoiled" by the GIs; like two boys fishing in an open sewer they took to the PX and treated to store-bought meals. To top it off, he includes a heart-wrenching chapter of truly talented original poetry - especially "Reflections" on http://www.net4truthusa.com/poem-reflections.htm  - I was so enamored of this author, I called him on the phone ( he runs the web site at www.net4truthusa.com ) and ordered half a dozen autographed copies of his book. He told me he is thinking about raising funds for Southeast Asian children by autographing 5,000 books IN BLOOD, and selling them for $1,000 each. Land of Childhood's Fears is truly a remarkable book. Mainstream publishers would NEVER have printed EXACTLY what he wrote, and so he told me he self-published, because he didn't want ANY editing at all. All I can say is "Bravo"! I am going to purchase several other titles he authored on his bookstore web site, and there is FREE CONTENT on his site - particularly the "Net Sermons". Truly an AWESOME WRITER - You've got SIX stars as far as I'm concerned!"

Reviews and Comments to the Author

    "This is a fascinating book about a terrible time in our history... A disheartening story... an encouraging story... I couldn't put it down... it will provoke an emotion in you, and it will be something you will never forget because it's almost as if you were there .." 
                                                                                                - Dr. Stan Monteith on Radio Liberty 3/27/05

  "When I heard the program you did with Doctor Stan... I thought the way he raved about it; that it was just another good book on that terrible war... after I got it and read it, it shocked me... you're quite good with the language... but I never expected anything like this! You'll be on the best-seller list for sure."

   A few weeks later: "I read your book again... you certainly have a winner on your hands..."
                               - Via Telephone - Art Bernklau, founder Veterans For Constitutional Law

  "I deal with thousands of vets a month who have to deal with the traumas inflicted upon them by the horrors of war, and Vietnam vets are still suffering. You book validates them, and puts the blame for their suffering right where it belongs. My organization helps the ones that the country forgot about. Thanks for your support, and I'm handing out your flyers in my organization. Together, we can do this".

            - In a meeting 6/20/05 - Barry Campbell    - Veterans Quality of Life Access Network

    "What made me buy the book was the covers... gorgeous photography... you captured the essence of innocent curiosity, and I liked the way the perspective changes from the kids looking at you on the front cover, and you looking out at them on the back cover... that's what made me order it... but what was inside... that's what kept me reading. It took me through emotions I didn't even know I had. A great piece of work".              - Via E-mail - Kevin T. - Houston, TX

    "Your book gave substance to what I always believed in my heart, but never had the courage to admit... we all do terrible things for nebulous purposes, and the politicians who get us involved in these conflicts, never tell the truth... and we fools always manage to make ourselves believe their lies... we have to believe the lies, because the truth is too painful to bear..."  - Via E-mail      - Sam K. USMC (ret.) Phoenix, AZ

    "If you don't stop telling the truth and 'blowin up the spot' on the wrong people, you might end up like William Cooper... on second thought, you might have already gone a bit too far with the JFK thing. You guys certainly made your theory fit the forensics of the case; you are probably right - I never really bought the Lee Harvey Oswald thing... Oliver Stone could make another movie with just the chapter "Vet's Rap Sessions". Watch out, because the MIB's might be looking for you as we speak".   - By Phone - Tom D - Wilmington, DE.

    "I picked up a flyer for your book in the waiting room at the 23rd Street [NY City] VA hospital. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran, and I cried when I read the poem "Reflections" on the flyer. I had to see what the rest of the book was like. I have to tell you - you really struck all the chords with this book. God bless you for the courage it took to finally be able to speak the truth".   - Via E-Mail - Steven G. - Brooklyn, New York. 

    "I love your book "Land of Childhood's Fears". Your emotions are painfully evident; I can't imagine what it took to put all of that down on paper. My son was killed in Vietnam in 1969. I am sending an autographed copy to my grandson who is serving in the US Army in Iraq. I pray for him every day. Your book helped me understand the real reasons we fight all these senseless wars... it is a consolation that someone out there dares to write from the heart and print the truth. God bless you Pastor Dave".            
- Via E-mail - Melissa K, Binghamton, NY

    "I've read just about every book on the Vietnam War ever published (I'm 57), and yours stands out as unique. I like the way you broke each chapter up into digestible pieces... and I very  much like that you devoted much of it from the perspective of the innocent children you tried to help. You should send a copy to George Bush... on second thought, let him buy his own. God bless you, WebPastor Dave.... by the way, AWESOME web site!"  - Via E-mail - Danny R. - Bridgeport, CT 

     "I can see why it took 7-1/2 years to write that book - you have outdone most authors on the subject, because you took an entirely different approach. The story Tragedy of War on your web site made me cry. I bought the book because I just had to see what led up to it, and how you handled that issue later. Your Epilogue was riveting. Great job!"       - Via Snail-mail - Aaron G. Las Vegas, NV 

"Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War"  - ISBN  # 1-4116-2452-1 - Paperback
"Land of Childhood's Fears - Faith, Friendship, and The Vietnam War"
 - ISBN # 1-4116-7111-2  - Hardcover

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You can buy this book directly from the publisher
You can buy this book from Amazon Books
You can buy this book from Barnes & Noble

Autographed & Numbered Hardcover Special Edition of
"Land of Childhood's Fears" and
Autographed & Numbered Laser print of the poem "Reflections" by the
author - Limited Edition Collector's item available on eBay

All Proceeds from sales of this item will be donated to:
Net4TruthUSA Ministries and Veterans For Constitutional Law, LLC

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Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam

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