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God Bless

Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

 Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.

Welcome to the author's corner - Go ahead and click this graphic.

David Todeschini - Author of "Land of Childhood's Fears" says

To The Author's Corner

    I don't mind telling you, that what you see on this web site, is the result of YEARS of work. The books featured on this site and available directly from the printer, are the product of almost continuous labor from 1998 until present. Most of the manuscripts started out as hand-written notes (not that I didn't have dozens of computers available to me), and then transferred to text files using a voice recognition program called "Dragon Naturally Speaking" (I'm not a good typist). All of the editing, layout, and cover design were done on-premises using my own personal computers.

    My first book was titled "The Midatlantic Trailblazer" - the very first hiking and camping guidebook that used handheld GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment instead of compass headings to guide the hiker to his destination. This book started a series of events that led to a very successful Navigation Systems business. That book, is no longer in print, because the technology advanced so quickly - (I am working on a second edition).

    I have endeavored to make both this web site, and my collection of books not only interesting, but appealing to a wide audience. In these days of political corruption, evil deeds and the threat of global thermo-nuclear war, people need to hear the message of the Bible, in order to develop the spiritual discernment it takes to make sense of what does not make sense to most people. I urge you to download and listen to my radio interviews with Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty, and get my book, Land of Childhood's Fears. When you understand what happened in the Vietnam War, and why the war was fought, you can cut through the political B.S. being bandied about by the White House about why we are now waging a similarly fruitless war in the Middle East.

    I'm not going to pull any punches here.... I'll put all of the corrupt politicians, cops, judges, presidents, and Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes "out on Front Street". I have traced the source of much of this society's problems to the psychiatry profession, which, in turn, owes much of its failure to Darwin's theory of Evolution. Such is the power of this deception ("evolution") from the pit of hell, that the Catholic Church's official position is that God used "evolution" to create man. This claim is substantiated by a pamphlet published by the Paulist Press in 1948 (a reprint is available free here). I have written several books addressing the influence of psychology on our culture:

The Book of NeoGenesis - is a spoof on Evolution; the first three chapters of Genesis - rewritten into what you would have to believe to give any credibility to the idea that Man evolved from apes (and ultimately, from rocks).
Brainwashing - A Synthesis of The Russian Brainwashing Manual on Psychopolitics - Uses the 1955 dissertation by Charles Stickley as a basis, discussing the methodology for implementing a One World Government, and a New World Order.
The Sexual Paraphilias - Therapy by Hick Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes - Discusses "therapy" for anomalous sexual bahaviors, and how psychology utterly fails to resolve these problems, and why.
The Battered Spouse and The Abused Child - A Free PDF file - Why a battered spouse remains in an abusive relationship. This is a detailed analysis based on the movie: Once Were Warriors - a Scientological Pastoral analysis with real help for victims of domestic violence.

    In 1997, I started a project that took on a life of its own. Originally titled "Roots and Wings" from an old Chinese proverb, my book on Vietnam - now titled "Land of Childhood's Fears", turned out to be a 7-1/2 year project.... and not because I'm such a lousy typist (I can hold my own, thank you), but because of the emotions involved (and PTSD) with the catharsis. Writing it was therapeutic for me, and it has been very well received in the veteran's community, and I was on the radio a number of times discussing it.

    All of my books are completely desktop-published - cover to cover. I avoided the mainstream publishers for two primary reasons: 1) I wanted complete editorial control of the content, because I know that much of what I had written - especially in my book on Vietnam, would be edited out because of "political correctness", and 2) I didn't want to deal with ordering books in quantity - especially since there are over a dozen titles - and wanted to spend the time I would have spent packing boxes and schlepping them to the post office, in the pursuit of more creative endeavors. The "print-on-demand" solution offered by LuLu was just what I was looking for. The books you get from them are better quality than what you get from the mainstream publishers. If you think the covers look good on this web site - believe me - the photos on a computer screen does not do them justice. It is true that you can tell a book by its cover - sometimes. I've read really good books that had really lousy cover design ("Behold a Pale Horse" by the late William Cooper is such a book). I certainly endeavored to have what is INSIDE my books do the covers justice.

    Mainstream publishers, it seems, just want to run presses - they don't really care what they print - as long as it is "politically correct", and people buy them off the shelves. The majority of the science textbooks in schools these days, contain factual inaccuracies, fantasies, and outright lies - especially when it comes to the Earth sciences and biology - but the books are still printed, schools still buy them, and the presses keep rolling. I am the publisher for my books. I don't enjoy mega-royalties and world-wide store jobber distribution, but nobody can say that I published anything that wasn't indisputable, empirical FACT - except for one title (so far) clearly labeled "Science Fiction", I thoroughly research and substantiate anything that isn't first-hand knowledge.

    I had published my very first book on hiking and camping with handheld GPS receivers before print-on-demand was available, and had to order 2,000 copies at a time, then ship them individually to customers. I sold 35,000 copies over the Internet, and off the shelves in several sporting goods stores in New Jersey. That effort is being repeated here with many more books.

    In the process of publishing with LuLu, I realized that there was another distinct advantage to going "print-on-demand" - The books NEVER go out of print! In addition, up until the time I assign an ISBN number to the work, I can upload changes and additions to the book at any time (When you change a book with an ISBN number, it becomes a separate work, which has to get a separate ISBN number).


    In addition to the books, I have provided links to Citizen's Commission on Human Rights International where you can download reams of informative free literature (PDF format) from my bookstore.

I have posted dozens of sermons, and scathing articles for your salvation and edification.
I have posted a most interesting article about Attention Deficit Disorder to help get kids off of dangerous prescribed medications.
I have even posted some of my favorite recipes (I cook when I go camping).

    So there is something here for everyone. This Web site is THOUSANDS OF PAGES - You could spend MONTHS going through all of it, because it is the result of YEARS of work.

This Web site and this ministry is supported by visitors who purchase books from our online bookstore.

To learn more about this web site's author, see: ABOUT US





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Click here for my testimony about what Jesus Christ means to me. Yes, we believe Jesus died for all of us.


A large portion of the books featured here were written on a Sony Clie' handheld, with Documents to Go Software.
The computers used to create the books and this web site run on Windows XP-Professional.
Books are printed on-demand by LuLu printers.


We are pro-Israel, and believe that Jerusalem is "a cup of trembling".

I have also read this fascinating book, and some of my articles and portions of some of my books are based on the technology of Dianetics, which actually works when applied as instructed.

Contrary to what many people may think about Dianetics and Scientology, Dianetics techniques actually work when applied as directed by  the book. Scientology, which is a natural outgrowth of Dianetics is a religion primarily because in 1950, L. Ron Hubbard proved there was such a thing as a human soul (Scientologists call it "Thetan" - after the Greek letter Theta often used to represent life force).

I have been using Dianetics and Scientology techniques for years (I am not formally a member of the Church of Scientology) to do trauma counseling. I can tell you - it absolutely works.

We are hosted by the good folks at GoDaddy. They have the best technical support staff in the industry.

We are listed in, and approved by ChristSites.com

Poetry from my book "Land of Childhood's Fears" is posted on the International War Veterans' Poetry Archives and is available here.

I have appeared on Dr. Stan Monteith's radio program many times, discussing my book "Land of Childhood's Fears". You can hear and / or download these programs free of cost.

We are PRO LIFE - Please download my anti-abortion book.
Some photos on this site taken from documentary videos by Alex Jones with permission.
Visit Alex Jones's Web site at www.PrisonPlanet.tv and subscribe.

Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam

Free Web Site Traffic / Jeep Enthusiasts / Home Improvement / Amish-Furniture 
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