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If You Don't have a Web site, and want one....


     If you WANT to construct a Web site yourself... the only major investment you should make is a licensed copy of Microsoft's "Front Page™".... which is easy to use (this site and all my other Web sites were done entirely with Front Page™).


If you want your own Web site, but don't want to write it from scratch –  it is easy to do.
Decide on a good Web site name, then register it as your very own.

We register and host ALL our Web sites on GoDaddy.com

I am also a Web site developer.
Godaddy has a great tool called "Web Site Tonight".
Use it, and you'll have a Web site up & running before the Lunesta™ kicks in....

Or the Viagra™ wears off ;-)
Wink –  wink, nudge –  nudge.


     {All kidding aside}....

You don't necessarily need Godaddy.... You can






Free Web Sites


     This Web site is "free" –  I used hosting credits from my Godaddy account after purchasing the Domain Name. Many of the affiliate programs referenced in the instructions page will provide you with your own affiliate page or affiliate link that goes to their Web site, and all you have to do is get people to click on your affiliate link –  either in an e-Mail or on your own Web site, and they take care of the sales pitch, sale, shipping of the merchandise, collection of funds and payout of your commissions.


     If you have your own Web site that you want to use in an affiliate campaign, that is a good idea. Make sure the site is a DOMAIN-NAME site, as using FREE sites will NEVER get you noticed –  and if you DO manage to get noticed, savvy Web surfers will know you are a second-rate business.






If you already HAVE a Web site ....


YOU Gotta' Have Good Keywords & Metatags!!


You definitely need to optimize your site's keywords and metatags. The tool here:
http://vur.me/DaveT/KeywordTool provides a Search-based (not "hit"-based) keyword tool that allows you to find the most valuable keywords and phrases for the products you are trying to promote (in my opinion, much better than Google's keyword tool).


If you already have a Web site, you can put links to your products as I have done here.

(To see example, check out the books and links from this site, and also look at:

www.Net4TruthUSA.com/bookcatalog.htm  or  www.TelsonUSA.com/bookcatalog.htm
(These sites have multiple "mirror" sub-domain sites which increases Internet exposure)


If you would like some FREE, professionally-designed sales pages and graphics for your Web site, check this out: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/Free-Web-Graphics

It pays to advertise, too –  ESPECIALLY when you get your ads FREE of COST:






    A great Web site is good....

But the purpose of the site is defeated if your affiliate links can be "swiped".
That is why you should


Cloak your affiliate links


     If you plan on using e-Mail or a Web site to promote your affiliate sites, don't forget to use a link cloaker to cloak & shorten all your affiliate links. You will note I have done this with most of the links on this site. This prevents someone from stealing your commissions. Once a visitor clicks on the shortened link –  your affiliate ID may still be displayed in the URL window, but cookies will have been set on the user's PC, and the IP address of the visitor recorded by the service's Web site, so that your affiliate ID is credited with the referral.







    A great Web site is good....

You put a lot of time, energy, talent, creativity into building a Web site.

You carefully laid out your page to be appealing to the reader,

You chose your keywords and metatags with painstaking research,

But it's all for naught because someone –  anyone –  can just go: File, Save As (webpage complete htm, html)

Change a few things and use it as their own.


That is, UNLESS you...



Protect your Web site pages


     We use this excellent utility to protect THIS Web site and several others we run against piracy, and tinkering with our affiliate links (try copying, viewing HTML, highlighting, saving to disk, or saving / copying our graphics). You will get gobbledegook under a copyright notice, and we have encrypted and restricted these pages so that they will ONLY run if uploaded to this domain-name site. All of these options are included functions of this short little utility.... Just be careful NOT to cloak the pages that you want the Search Engines to be able to read –  if YOU can't read the page in a text editor, the Search Engines won't be able to either. Also, once you encrypt a page, you will NOT be able to edit it –  so always have a backup of the original, unecrypted page files.








    A great Web site is good....

But it is useless as a lit fart in a wool mitten if the search engines don't know it is there.
And if the search engines don't know it is there....

Soon, even YOU will forget where it is!

That is where Search Engine Optimization comes in...



Web Site Search Engine Optimization


       Can you invest 30 minutes, make a few simple changes to your web page or blog and explode your traffic numbers? Invest a measly seven bucks and learn how to do Search Engine Optimization properly. We record a comprehensive Q&A audio interview where we discuss all the key points covered in the The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting..We include a separate 'companion notes' section with links to our most essential SEO resources. The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting is available here for a ridiculously low price. {OK, all you nit-pickers out there... this –  like most everything else on this site is not "FREE" –  but pardon me... NOTHING is really "free"; someone gains something, somewhere. I'm not Bill Gates that I can afford to GIVE stuff away. So, pardon me. This package is so good, you'll thank me for sending you there.}


     Promote your Web site FREE: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/Free-SEO-registration Your web site URL will be INSTANTLY displayed to tens of thousands of Web surfers –  you don't have to do anything else.... BUT there are several business opportunities here as well.



      Register your Web site FREE:


     In keeping with the "No BS" policy here, I am going to tell you the truth. Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN are the only search engines you should be concerned about –  these four have over 97% of the "search" market, and all the others divvy-up the remaining 3%. So when you see an ad such as "register with 300,000 search engines" –  don't be too impressed.... be in awe of all the work it takes to do this and only end up with being registered with search engines that only have 3 percent of the market share. Be impressed when a piece of SEO software can help you prepare your site's keywords, and get your site into the top billing of the "top 4" search engines.



     To get your site in the queue for indexing by the search engines, you gotta' get SEO software.

Fortunately, if you know where to go, you can get this free as well....

Get your FREE (no-holds-barred) SEO software at http://vur.me/DaveT/Web-Submission


What it does is PHENOMENAL!


For example, just Google the title of one of my books "Land of Childhood's Fears"
                                                                                         (click on the title above, and it will search Google for you).
Try the same thing with a Yahoo! search "Land of Childhood's Fears"

                                                                                         (click on the title above, and it will search Yahoo! for you).
Impressive, eh?


     What did it cost me to get TOP BILLING on the world's two leading search engines?
Nothing!  Nada!  Zip!  Zilch!  Niente!
I just made sure my page text and keywords were "good to go", and used WebCEO.

It took a little while, but the results speak for themselves.


You can get FREE web page counters to see how many "hits" you are getting.

These are available at http://www.freeweblogger.com/







    I'm Here!! I'm Here!!    


             For those of you who are NOT technically-oriented, I know this is a lot of reading to do. However, spending a few days reading and after the reading being able to more wisely spend the limited amount of cash you have to promote your business, is a wise investment of your time. For those who have read this far and don't have months of time to promote a Web site, we introduce Performance-Based SEO Services. This is a topic in itself, but basically, this company WILL NOT CHARGE YOU A DIME UNTIL THEY GET RESULTS. You read it right. This company is UNIQUE in the SEO services industry. They will work with you to promote your site, help you 'tweak' your keywords and metatags, and get your Web site noticed –  which means business for you. They put their results ahead of their billing. This is by far the best SEO deal on the planet!


        What good is all of the effort and money spent building a Web site, if your site INITIALLY gets listed on page 237 of a Google search? Do you want to get your new Web site off to a RUNNING start? Do you want to make your VINTAGE Web site into a Search Engine class act? Well, you can... and it is easier than all the "experts" would have you believe {I've been doing this since before the called it "Internet", so I know from whence I speak}. The most fantastic program EVER to boost your Search Engine Ranking is our very own version of Rank Enhancer. It DEFINITELY WORKS, and I can PROVE IT. There are several versions of R.E. available elsewhere, but OURS  has the most extensive resources –  including a list of over 8,000 TESTED proxies, HTML instructions, and some very handy "tools". The catch? We are NOT simply giving it away –  It is the result of MONTHS of work and thousands of hours of computer time sorting through almost every proxy server on the planet to come up with a list of 8,000+ servers that will respond favorably to the program's "pings" (you'll know everything when you read about Rank Enhancer. You own or run a Web site? This is the very BEST $30 bucks you ever spent. You'll definitely thank me for this one!



Press "PLAY" to see a 9-minute presentation of how
OUR version of this software works.


Click here to see ACTUAL RESULTS
of a site being promoted with this software









Get ANOTHER Million hits for 5 minutes of your time: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/HitMatrix



AutoSurf Hits for your  Web Site


     Now I know I said that you don't NEED a Web site to do any of the stuff I outlined on the instructions page. THIS topic is for those of you who have a Web site, and are looking for a way to get "hits" to it. Besides intelligent use of keywords, meta-tags, and relevant content, your Web site needs reciprocal links AND page views in order to get listed high-up in the search engines. With so many people competing for Alexa ratings these days, I have found a way to get MEGA-Hits to my Web sites free of cost (no Pay Per Click crap). All you need is to get a browser that you can use for your own purposes, and that can run "autosurf" in a tab, hidden from view, behind the scenes, where you will hardly notice it (unless you're on a dial-up line).


     Because you have read this far, I'm going to let you in on the best "secret" for getting Web site hits –  and I'm going to show you not only how to do it FREE, but how to have your COMPUTER do it FOR you... all you have to do is go get some free software –  Maxthon Browser. Download and install it, and then set it up any way you want to (including custom "skins").


Make the following settings to the browser:


Click on "Tabs Bar"

Check the box "Force all Links to be opened in New Tabs"

The browser is now set to open each page under a new tab. A separate tab is where you will run the Autosurfer, while you use the browser to surf the net –  or do whatever. Optionally, you can minimize the browser and use ANOTHER browser to do other things.



Check the box to enable the Popup Blocker.

Leave all the other options OFF (unchecked)

The browser is now set up to block those annoying popup ads that ruin the surfing experience. You can now autosurf with as many autosurf programs as you want. This is best done when you are NOT using the machine –  let it run unattended, and you'll wake up to CRAZY HIT CREDITS (especially if you CHEAT)



     Autosurfers "hit" other sites, and in exchange, your site will be displayed in the rotation. You MAY get MAD sales from the "hits", and you may not –  but what we are after here are JUST the "hits", which IN ITSELF, increases the ALEXA rating of the site.... sales from those "hits" are gravy on the potatoes.


Now.... get to ALL of the following sites:


Autosurf sites


S / C


New Member / Surf Credits

http://viralurl.com/DaveT/Magic-Hits 20 sec 1/0.4 10 URLs 50,000 sign up


15 sec


10 URLs

10,000 sign up
3,000 / referral


3 sec


3 URLs

250 sign-up





Hey! Who doesn't these days!

Most of these AutoSurf programs will credit your account with MULTIPLE hit credits when you promote their Web sites. Well, it doesn't take a brain surgeon { well.... maybe it's so simply STUPID that it never occurs to SMART people :-) } to figure out that when you promote site X on site Y and promote site Y on site X (reciprocal promotion) anything HIGHER than a 1:1 credit ratio in your favor will increase your available hit credits on BOTH sites without you having to do ANYTHING. Well.... DUHHH!


Sign up for all of these autosurf programs. The ones on the green background PAY you to surf. We will add more as time goes on. The programs we recommend here  must meet our standards before we join them, and before we will send you to them. Test each one individually and pick the ones you want to use –  or use all of them, since different autosurf programs will have different members, rules, incentives, bonuses, etc.


     Start the Autosurfer(s) with the Maxthon Browser, and run it (them) CONTINUOUSLY for several days. The following chart shows how many "hits" I earned in ONE of the autosurf sites in less than a week because I did this only a few hours a day.


Hits earned last 7 days:













     Signing up for these autosurf sites is probably the best way to get INSTANT hits to your Web site. You will note that the "hits" will be spread out over the surfer member base, so they all won't be consumed in a single day. If you surf once a week for 4 or 5 hours, this should give you enough credits to keep your site in the rotation for several days. When you are NOT using your PC (like when you're at work or sleeping), leave it on with the browser(s) auto-surfing. You'll generate hits for all the sites in the rotation, and get credits towards YOUR sites which will be "hit" when you allocate credits to them.


POWER TRICK: You can run two (or more) instances of the same autosurf program, provided you run them in separate browsers or separate instances of the same browser. For example, you can run Surfer1 in a tab using the Maxthon Browser, and run Surfer1 on Internet Explorer or Netscape, or Firefox. In a tabbed browser like Maxthon ,you can run Surfer1, Surfer2, Surfer3, etc. –  each in its own tab –  as long as your computer and your Internet connection can handle it. I have run SIX autosurf programs at once –  all in tabs on the Maxthon Browser. I could have started Internet Explorer and started another, but I was trying to do other work (constructing this Web site), and so, I was content to let the machine do the surfing FOR me, and I'd get SLAMMED with hits on my Web sites. It worked! You can also start multiple iterations of I.E. and run an autosurf program in each one, if you're more confortable with I.E. The point here is that you don't have to actually watch the surfing –  although some of these programs will post a text link occasionally (typically less than 2 minutes) that can be clicked to gain lots of extra credits –  which is an incentive to watch.


THIS IS REALLY LOVELY: The advantage of using the Maxthon Browser is that as many autosurf programs as your PC and ISP connection can handle can be running simultaneously. Each autosurf program has a timer, and having say.... TEN autosurf programs running at once won't impact the view timers, and you'll get all the surf credits as if you had run each autosurf program individually. Most of these sites allow you to surf with your browser minimized. The latest version of the Maxthon Browser also has the capability to run split-screen; i.e. the equivalent of two side-by-side tabbed browsers.


NEAT-O HINT: Once you have logged in, many of these autosurf programs have an option labeled "[Quick Access Link]" next to the "[Start Surfing]" or "[View For Credits]" links. Move your mouse over the link and right-click. Select "COPY SHORTCUT" from the dialog box, then right-click on the desktop, select "CREATE SHORTCUT", and paste the link in the URL box. Click "NEXT" then give the shortcut a name. From now on, you can start the autosurf program and surf without having to enter your login id and password. With a bit of practice, you can do this for a dozen or so of these programs, and have hit credits in the queue for all your Web sites.


After a few days you will have more hit credits than you know what to do with.


     When you have earned ten or twenty thousand "hits", assign them to one or more of your Web sites, and let the autosurfers generate hits to your site –  And... you WILL –  Get this –  You WILL get hits to those sites when they are displayed by other autosurfers. Hits are goodness, and sales from those hits are even better.



BE CAREFUL: These autosurf programs (the ones I recommended above) can actually generate more traffic to your site than your IPP allows you on your (bandwidth limit) account. In such a case, your Web site won't be taken off the autosurf rotation; all that will happen is that when it comes your turn for the autosurfer to display your site, all anyone will see is a screen from the ISP that the Web site's bandwidth has been exceeded, and you will lose whatever credits you have remaining in the rotation. So it is important that you keep the page you send these autosurfers to loads quickly (less than 1 second on a DSL connection), and this keeps bandwidth to a minimum.


     The sites you promote with autosurfers should use MINIMUM graphics, no autoplay sound, no pop-ups, no frame breakers, no graphic peels, no embedded movies, or anything that will slow the page load down, or eat up your allocated bandwidth. Be simple. Get to the point. Captivate your audience with a few words in large print, because most autosurfers only display the page from 3 to 15 seconds.


     This site should serve as an example. I send the autosurf programs to a very short (home) page. The test is short and to-the-point. If someone is interested, he / she will stop the surf and click on the "Enter Site" link which takes them to the instructions page. No need to load all this and suck-up bandwidth and load time, because the autosurf windows are usually cluttered with countdown timers and banner ads and such, so put all your important stuff at the TOP of the page.



     Have you got an old PC lying around that you don't use anymore? Do you have more than one PC available to you? I have a state-of-the-art Notebook PC that I use for doing my productive work –  like writing books and doing Web sites. A friend of mine gave me an old PentiumIV with a 60Gb hard drive and 256Mb RAM, that for me, was an electric door-stop –  until I put it to use doing full-time auto-surfing. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal... and I can "max-out" any of my Web site's bandwidth allocations at any time... and the advertising doesn't cost me a penny!


Want to see results? Check out the "Enterprise Hits" counter at the bottom of this page (and all pages on my Web sites (listed below) which records and displays hits for all my Web sites.



Do NOT send an autosurf program to a "free" web site. These free sites are extremely limited in their bandwidth (which will show an error message and eat up your credits for nothing), and often have pop-ups, roll-overs, or frame-breaker code that will get your URL deleted (along with all the credits you assign to it) from the autosurf programs.


ANOTHER WORD OF CAUTION: You will be surfing hundreds of thousands of pages that you would not normally have visited. Some of these advertisers sometimes sneak in spyware or malware into their ads after the ad URL has been approved by the surf moderator. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, do NOT accept "cookies", do NOT allow any Javascript to run, DON'T accept any "expired" certificates, do NOT reply "yes" yo any pop-up message, and do NOT allow any self-executing programs to run; if the dialog box appears, reply "deny the operation". If the site being displayed attempts to run Active-X on your PC, report the offending URL to the surf moderator via the [report abuse] link.  Be sure your antivirus / spyware is up to date.




If you happen to have picked up the BOGUS "AWOLA spyware removal" virus software (pops-up an annoying, persistent bogus message on the taskbar that says your virus software is not up to date), the following link takes you to instructions on how to remove it: http://www.precisesecurity.com/blogs/2007/09/26/awola/  This problem surfaced in early December 2007, but has since been contained.




Instant Buzz







Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam

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