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This is a PAID SERVICE based on RESULTS


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·         What if I told you that within a very short time, your Web site could appear on the FIRST PAGE of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (MSN)[1] ?

·         What if I told you that in a relatively short time, your Web site would appear in the FIRST THREE generic listings[2] on PAGE ONE of each of these  Search Engines?

·         And what if I told you that there is a Performance-Based SEO Service that could put your company there in short order, and you will not pay a red cent[3] until you see results[4] (listing #30[5] or better) for yourself ?

·         Would you think I was lying?

·         Would you think I was smoking something illegal?

·         Would you think it was some sort of scam run out of an Internet Café in the jungles of Nigeria?

·         Would you think I was “4 cans short of a six-pack”?

·         Now, what if I told you that this very same Performance-Based SEO Service could get you listed in the TOP 3 positions on the FIRST PAGE of the generic results of those search engines – and you would pay a graduated monthly fee based on the keyword and the position it was in on the Search Engine pages?

·         What if I told you that if at any time, your search engine listing drops off the FIRST THREE PAGES of any of the three Search Engines[6], you WILL NOT PAY ANYTHING for that Search Engine listing for that entire month?

·         Best of all, what if I was to tell you that after six months,[7] your service fees for maintaining the listing in its current position would drop by 50%[8] ?

·         Would you give the Performance-Based SEO Service a try?



Everyone knows that FIRST-PAGE listing on the world’s 3 major search engines is “prime real-estate” in the advertising business – all the other thousands of Search Engines are “crumbs” compared to these, which have better than 90 percent of the world’s Web search traffic. If you have a product or a service to sell, getting to the FIRST PAGE of the major search engines is the best place to spend your advertising dollar. A listing on page #2 or #3 isn’t bad either, but THIS Performance-Based SEO Service is motivated by graduated fees structured on ACHIEVED RESULTS – not promises or hype – to get you on the FIRST PAGE, and eventually to get your Web site TOP BILLING for the keywords and phrases you choose.


Granted, there are many other methods to advertise your business, and some people will try to sell you on Yellow Pages, or Yellowbook listings, Google Adwords, and various and sundry variations on “Pay-Per-Click[9] (PPC) campaigns. Contrary to what some people may tell you, advertising campaigns based on “Pay-Per-Click” or any of its variants are a rip-off, and can be easily sabotaged by your competitors (how this is done is explained in this article). Many people have advertised themselves out of business[10] with PPC campaigns!


Time is money – and there are other ways to increase your SEO ranking, and innovative ways to advertise locally, and they require a bit of time and effort on your part, and you should, by all means consider them. However, THIS is the premier Performance-Based SEO Service you’ll want to use if you want to get GUARANTEED RESULTS quickly – with little or no effort on your part. All you’ll have to do is read the following:


Below, we have a screen shot of a Google search for the keyword term “book publishers”. On the top of the page in the yellow-highlighted background, and to the right of the generic listings are “sponsored links”. It is EXTREMELY expensive to get into these spots – it is expensive because this page “real estate” is SOLD to the highest bidder, and you want to avoid bidding against your competitors if possible. More importantly, as soon as you STOP paying for your listing in these spots, your PPC campaign funds run out, or your competition uses “Black Hat” tactics to sabotage your ad campaign (explained in this article) it will IMMEDIATELY disappear.



Below is a screen shot of a Google search for “Rank Enhancer”, a software program we sell for $29.95 that boosts a Web site’s Alexa ranking. This is a ‘niche market’, and so we could promote this particular page with the very same software it is selling. It took 6 MONTHS to climb to this position, and it takes two PCs running the software 24/7 to maintain this position where it currently is.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – which is what we are advocating here – is much better than paying to have your site listed in the “sponsored links” sections for ONE very good reason; Positions in the Search Engine generic listings is based primarily upon site content, and site traffic. The listings on the Search Engines in this space are based on your Web site’s MERIT. If you have good, relevant content on your site, and optimized keywords and metatags,[11] once you get to the FIRST page, traffic will not be an issue because you’ll definitely GET the traffic,[12] and so once you GET THERE, maintaining the position is much easier, and this is why this Performance-Based SEO Service reduces its fees by 50% (you read it right – FIFTY percent) after 6 months, and drops the six-month contract requirements, going to a month-to-month renewal basis.


When optimized properly, the Search Engines will bring you the business, and you won’t have to worry about the fees – you’ll have more than enough money to pay them. When the results bring you the business, you’d have to be NUTS to stop using the service.


The truth is that any schmuck with a child’s WYSIWYG Web editing software can put together a Web site and PAY Google, Yahoo! And Bing the big bucks to list it in the “sponsored links” section, or use Pay-Per-Click to get visitors – visitors who will promptly leave the site because it doesn’t have what they were searching for, or because the site looks and feels amateurish, or is just plain butt-ugly.


The goal is – FIRST to have an appealing and Search-Engine friendly Web site that convinces visitors to become your customers, and then, by whatever LEGAL and ETHICAL means necessary, to get your site to the FIRST PAGE of the generic results – once you’re there, you’re “good-to-go”.


The logical questions at this point are, “What are the advantages of Performance-Based SEO?”, “What do I have to do?”, “How much does the service cost?”, “How do I choose keywords and phrases”, and “How do I sign up?” We will address those questions presently; and we will cover other questions in the FAQs section.


What are the advantages of Performance-Based SEO?

·         No up-front costs.

·         No set-up fee.

·         You don’t pay ANYTHING until your Web site ranks.[13]

·         Costs to maintain positioning decrease by 50% after 6 months.

·         No lengthy contracts – Cancel the service at any time after 6 months.

·         Global exposure for many businesses.

·         Limit your audience to a local area using location keywords.[14]

·         Targeted precisely by keywords and keyword phrases to your greatest potential market.

·         “Niche markets” are easily accommodated.

·         Cost-effective against Pay-Per-Click, Adwords, and other advertising methods.

·         Optional services include optimizing the html code in your Web site.[15]


What Do I Have To Do?


1.      The first thing you should do is to examine your Web site’s source code, and determine whether the keywords and metatags are set up properly. Your Web site should be rich with text, describing the product or service you are selling in detail – the more detail, the better.


2.      If possible, your Domain Name should include the name of the product you’re selling: For example: www.AwesomeLasers.com sells hand-held LASER pointers. www.Janson-Beckett.com is a skin care company. The search engines treat Web sites with the product name or description as part of the Domain Name URL very favorably. If your Web site does not fit these criteria, getting TOP BILLING will be more difficult, and takes longer – but it is not impossible. You will want to change your Web site – or get a new one with a Domain name SPECIFIC to your product or service. If you do not know how to do this yourself, you may want to use an optional component of this service to get your Web site READY to be optimized. This service is done on a case-by-case basis, and it is charged as a ONE-TIME cost, based upon how much work has to be done on the site to get it listed where it needs to be listed. When you sign up for the service, you can request that your Web site be looked at by the company – they will recommend to you the best solution for your particular case, and work with you for the easiest, most cost-effective solution.


The screen shot below shows the index page of www.AwesomeLasers.com, with a text window (left) revealing the keywords and metatags which are invisible to the visitor. You will note that all of the search terms that people are likely to use in searching for a LASER pointer are included here, and they are included prominently in the text of the page as well.



The screen shot below is from my friend’s moving company Web site. You will notice that the major key phrases that people are likely to use when looking for moving companies (according to Google Analytics) are listed in descending order – starting with the full name of the company[16], and then proceeding with the keywords and phrases that get the most searches first, and those with the least amount of search traffic at the end of the list. In setting up keywords for your Web site, you should limit the list to 16 words or phrases separated by commas. The words and phrases used in the keyword list should also appear in the text on the visible part of the page. Each page of your Web site should use these words in a different order, and / or use different keywords that match the text content of the page.



3.      The next thing you should do is get incoming links to your site from other sites (or blogs) talking about the product or service you are selling. Lots of text-relevant incoming links are GOLD to the search engine spiders.[17] If you own other Web sites, you should cross-link them to the site you are promoting. In order to be most effective, the links going back and forth should be hyperlinked text – not graphical in nature (such as a clickable banner ad). Banner ads are good, but somewhere on the page should be a TEXT LINK to the site you want to link to, and preferably, that text link should be within an article or RSS feed[18] to your Web site which discusses the product or service you are selling. Search engines LOVE this!


4.      You can also start to optimize your site yourself – even if you have no experience whatsoever. You can get a copy of our special version of Rank Enhancer ($29.95) follow the instructions that come with it, and start simulating[19] “hits” to your site. This will enable faster optimization of your site for the reasons explained here. This is the best $29.95 you’ll ever spend promoting your Web site.


5.      Don’t waste any time. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.



How Much Does The Service Cost?


Fees are based upon the search phrase(s) you choose, and the likelihood that your site can be fully optimized for that search term. The cost is on a graduated scale – and like I said before, you only START to pay when the results are evident. This happens when your site is listed as #30 or above[20] in the generic listings whenever you type your particular search phrase into the SEARCH engines; Your fees increase as your listing moves up in the listings. A number 1, 2, or 3 listing would be on the FIRST PAGE of each Search engine, at the top of the generic listings (see above illustrations).


The actual screen shots below illustrate the graduated fee structure of the service. The actual screen shot from the service’s Web site[21] shows the fees to have a site optimized for the keyword phrase “moving company”. You will note that on Google alone, there were 450,000 average monthly searches for that exact phrase. The SEO Opportunity – the measure of how likely it is to get TOP BILLING for this phrase – is listed as “average” – the reason being that “moving company” is a very competitive keyword phrase. However, if you have a moving company, and you get ONE TENTH of ONE PERCENT (0.01%) of the 450,000 people who search for “moving company” to become your customers, you would have 450 customers per month – and in the moving business, 450 jobs is a hell of a lot of money; certainly worth the $622 / month you’ll be paying to keep your Search Engine position.[22]



As an aside note here, SuperPages’s Business listing’s Pay-Per-Click costs for 400 “hits” from their business listings for this phrase – and localized to the NY / NJ area costs $1,400 / month[23] with NO GUARANTEE that anyone clicking the link will become a customer. With a conservative conversion rate of 1% (TEN TIMES what we estimated for the people doing searches on Google), you’d get 45 customers.


To boil it down, at approximately HALF the cost of SuperPages’ PPC campaign, your site will be exposed to 450,000 potential customers – most of whom will probably click your link, since they are searching for the exact thing you specified in the search phrase. If just 10 percent of those 450,000 seekers click your link, that’s 45,000 visitors to your Web site. Even if you have a terrible conversion rate of 1%, you will have 450 CUSTOMERS per month. Perhaps it is better if we do the analysis using a simple chart:



Potential Customers

Expected “hits” to your Web site

Conversion Rate


Cost of campaign

Cost Per Click / Exposure



Pay Per Click


10% conversion is 40 customers


Limited by paid clicks


02% - 8 customers

10% - 40 customers


$1,500 / mo.
2yr. contract

$3.75 per click
($1500 / 400)

Performance-Based Search Engine Optimization


01% = 4,500

10% = 45,000

Unlimited – Not PPC


02% - 90 customers

10% - 450 customers


$985 / mo.

6 mo. contract

$492.50 thereafter


Based on Exposure to 450,000 searchers

$0.002 per exposure









Comparison of the two reveals that based on potential exposure alone, Performance-Based SEO wins hands-down as a tool for advertising, based solely on the numbers. However, to be honest, comparing the two is not as cut and dry as it seems here, and I’ll tell you why.


People who visit the SuperPages Business Listings Web site aren’t necessarily searching for – say, “moving company New Jersey”. If the seeker is looking for a moving company, and he / she lives in Montana, a New Jersey-based company couldn’t handle that business, but the seeker won’t necessarily know that until the link is clicked, your company gets charged for the “click”, and the customer goes elsewhere because she’s looking for a LOCAL mover in Montana.


However, if yours is the type of business that can handle customers from anywhere in the world (such as a mail-order business), then the former argument doesn’t apply… but that is not the end of the comparison, and surely not the end of the argument as to why Performance-Based SEO is the way to go.


How do I choose keywords and phrases?


If your company – for example, a local auto body shop that wants to advertise with PPC – it is very difficult to tailor the campaign so that nobody outside of your local area gets to see the PPC link. With Performance-Based SEO, it is as simple as tailoring your keyword phrase to include the name of the city or town, for example, if your business is located in Hoboken New Jersey, the four logical keyword phrases to optimize for would be

auto body shop Hoboken NJ”,

auto body shop Hoboken New Jersey”,

body shop Hoboken NJ” and

body shop Hoboken New Jersey”.


You would do a phrase search on these on the SEO Company’s web site and find the following[24]:






You will note that the four phrases get a total of 1,048 searches a month across the three Search Engines and the SEO opportunity is rated as “excellent”. Total cost for the campaign would be $312 / month – assuming TOP THREE listings on all 3 Search Engines (if you own an auto body shop in Hoboken, you better grab this, deal – and QUICK!). A 2% conversion rate on the 1,048 exposures would bring your auto body shop 21 customers per month – you’ll recover the cost of this campaign with your first customer!


If your company is a mail-order company that ships world-wide, you should NOT include any location information in the keyword phrase.


What you are looking for is to optimize your Web site for the words and phrases that people actually use to find the service or product you are selling – not the words you think people use – this includes considering optimization for any words in your keyword phrase that are commonly mis-spelled. Google Analytics is a great tool to do keyword research, and its FREE! – That’s right! FREE. Spend a little time using Google Analytics to help you decide on the best keywords to use. Make sure that the word or phrase you use is getting a lot of “hits” – the more the merrier. Also try any possible mis-spellings that people commonly make. If the keyword search on a mis-spelled word has significant traffic (under monthly searches), you should optimize your Web site to include those mis-spelled words in the keywords, metatags, and in the actual text on your Web site, as well as purchasing optimization services for those mis-spelled keywords and phrases.


Remember – the “conversion rates” I am using here as examples are ridiculously low. It is more likely that a person will become a customer if you have exactly what he or she is searching for (at a reasonable price, of course). When someone searches for “auto body shop Hoboken NJ”, it is extremely likely that if your Web site is at the top of the Search Engines, you’ll get a Web site visitor, and a customer.


The following screen shot shows another keyword phrase: “left nostril inhalers that glow in the dark”. I must admit that when I did this search to use as an example here, I was surprised to see that ANY searches at ALL would be made for this phrase – but obviously, either there are people experimenting with spoofing the search engines, or someone really NEEDS left nostril inhalers that glow in the dark. Even as a ‘niche market’, the demand is pitiful with a total of only 109 queries across the 3 major Search Engines). You will note that on Google, 73 searches were done for this key phrase, and the opportunity for me to dominate the search engines for this product (if it in fact, the product actually existed) is rated as “excellent”.[25] Accordingly, the fees to get my Web site to the TOP 3 listings on the Search Engines for this tiny “niche” market, using this keyword phrase is proportionately smaller.



The key to doing this right is very simple. If you have any questions that are not covered here, there are experts in Search Engine Optimization waiting to consult with you free of charge.



How do I sign up?


All you have to do is CLICK HERE to begin the process.



Get a PDF copy of this article









Frequently-Asked Questions


Q. How can they afford to do this with no up-front costs or fees?

A. They KNOW that they can do what they say they can do, because if they don’t get the results, they don’t get paid – at ALL! – Not a red cent, a plug nickel, or a thin dime. Nada, Niente, Squat-diddly, Zippo, Zilch!


Q. Is there an iron-clad guarantee that my site will get to the #1 spot on Google?

A. Death and taxes are the only real guarantees in this life, and you don’t have to pay income tax. The contract states that “if you don’t rank, you don’t pay”. There is a built-in incentive in the fee structure for the company to produce results, because when you’re #1, #2, or #3 in the generic listings, your monthly fees are significantly higher – and the bright side is that when you GET to that point, the higher fees won’t matter, because your business will be ROCKIN’!


Q. When I get to the first page of the Search Engines, can I cancel the service?

A. You can cancel any time after the initial 6-month contract is up. The company provides incentive for you to continue as a customer, by offering to put your keywords in “maintenance mode”, which keeps your SEO position and slashes your monthly fees in half.


Q. When is the effective day of the contract?

A. The day you sign up and activate your keyword(s).


Q. I only want to optimize for Google. Can I do this?

A. No. It is a package deal. Since many of the techniques used affect all three Search Engines, the process is pro-rated according to that Search Engine’s share of the seeker[26] traffic.


Q. Will you guys help me choose my keywords and phrases?

A. Sure! Just CLICK HERE to visit the Web site, and call us with your questions. We will help you through the process. Your success is money in BOTH our pockets!



Q. What are the most important things I can do with my Web site design?

A. Many factors affect how the Search Engines ‘rank’ your site. These factors change – they change about as frequently as I change my socks and underwear. There are no set-in-stone rules, but there are a plethora of ‘no-no’s”. This is why you need to have your site PROFESSIONALLY optimized by people who know what they’re doing – and put their money where their mouth is. A partial list of factors is given below:


Definite Requirements:


·         Product name or service description in the Domain Name.

·         Keywords and metatags chosen properly for the product or service.

·         Relevant text describing the product or service in the body of the page including the keywords.

·         Common mis-spellings included in keywords, metatags, and relevant text on the page.

·         Context-sensitive and relevant incoming links from other Web sites, blogs, or RSS feeds.

·         Context-sensitive and relevant outgoing links to other Web sites (don’t link to your competitors).

·         No ‘broken links’ on the Web site – internal or external.

·         Appealing to the eye.

·         Convincing pitch / able to convert visitors into customers.

·         Navigation bars and text-based links throughout the site.

·         Some diverse content that will attract a wide audience. Web surfers are known for their “Attention Deficit Disorder”; they may be looking for chili recipes, but they also might want to read a good book, need their fender repaired – or their lawn mowed, or their dog groomed. Maybe they are a Vietnam or Gulf War veteran fighting for disability benefits. Perhaps they are philanthropists looking for a worthy cause to donate to. Perhaps they are interested in Kirlian Photography, or they’re a priest or a preacher looking for inspiration for their sermon this Sunday. Perhaps they’re a victim of domestic violence, or they’re depressed and would like a shot of sick humor to make them laugh. If the content AROUND your ‘bait’ article appeals to them, they will forget what they were looking for and cruise around your site. Try clicking any of the above links and see if you’re not distracted.


Big Friggin’ No-Nos:


·         Content that duplicates other content elsewhere on the Internet – whether it is your site or not.

·         “Mirror” Web sites – a Web site that is uploaded to more than one Domain Name.

·         Plagiarized content – flagged as “duplicate content” and could get you sued by the copyright holder.

·         Hidden text – text on your pages that is the same, or nearly the same as the background color, olr covered over with a photo or graphic designed so that Search Engines “see” it, but visitors don’t. This technique worked beautifully for me back in 1994, when I had the entire content of Funk & Wagnel’s Collegiate dictionary spread across 10 “redirect” pages on www.TelsonUSA.com back when it was a GPS Navigation Systems Web site. People who used the rudimentary Search Engines back in those days landed on my site when they were looking for pie recipes, car parts, Aardvarks, or Chinese restaurants. Because the site was so interesting, many of these people forgot what they were originally searching for and became customers. You get penalized heavily for hidden text and perhaps even permanently black-listed for this practice. Don’t do it. It is OK and even desirable to put some diverse content along with associated keywords and metatags on the site which will attract lots of visitors. Even if they don’t become customers, the “hits” generated by their visiting the site count when the Search Engines calculate where ‘in the mix’ to put the link to your site.


Q. Can your company optimize my Web site content?

A. Yes, of course. Just CLICK HERE to visit the Web site, and call us.



Get a PDF copy of this article



[1] These three search engines dominate over 90% of Web search traffic.

[2] The ‘generic” search results are displayed below the “sponsored links” (see illustration).

[3] This is called “Performance-Based Search Engine Optimization”.

[4] By “results” I mean Search Engine THIRD PAGE or better listing for your chosen search terms or keywords.

[5] Listing #30 is on the bottom of the THIRD PAGE on the Search Engines.

[6]  Fees for each Search Engine are calculated and billed separately.

[7] The service is offered on a 6-month contract. After 6 months the service goes on a monthly basis; cancel at any time.

[8] After 6 months you ca elect to put your keywords on “maintenance” status, and your fees would drop by HALF.

[9] Pay-Per-Click is a program that displays your link on the search engines, and you pay a fee for every “click” on that link.

[10] PPC “clicks” can be very expensive, and the monthly fees can easily exceed the business generated by the visitors clicking those links.

[11] Keywords and metatags are invisible to the Web site visitor; they are part of your Web site design.

[12] You can also get “simulated traffic” by using our version of Rank Enhancer.

[13] For billing purposes, your Web site ‘ranks’ when your link is displayed anywhere on the first 3 pages of the Search Engines when your targeted keywords are entered. A graduated fee scale is implemented as your site moves up in the rankings.

[14] You’ll want to do this if you have a “brick and mortar” business that ONLY services visiting customers – such as a restaurant, auto body shop, hair stylist, doctor, etc.

[15] There is a one-time additional fee for this service. Amount is based upon how much work has to be done.

[16] You want to include your company name in the Web site’s keywords and metatags so that someone looking for your company can easily find you.

[17] “Spiders” is a technical term for Search Engines which “crawl” a Web site, visiting all of its indexed pages looking for relevant content, keywords, and links.

[19] The “simulated” hits show up in Alexa as real traffic, although your Web site’s bandwidth is not impacted. (see article for details)

[20] #30 would be the Search Engine’s THIRD PAGE, at the bottom.

[21] This screen shot was taken Feb 17, 2010.

[22] And based on the contract, after 6 months, $311/month to maintain it.

[23] This is an actual proposal from SuperPages to a friend of mine who owns a moving company – I talked him out of it.

[24] Actual; screen shots taken Feb 17, 2010 – Prices are actual, but may change.

[25] Not many people are manufacturing left-nostril inhalers these days, and demand is sparse (ROTFL).

[26] Seeker – someone who is using the Search Engines to look for a product service, or information.



Get a PDF copy of this article



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