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This is by far the quickest, easiest, foolproof,
FREE system of making money
with multiple streams of income.


All you have to do.....
is read this ONE page, spend a bit of time
setting all the wheels in motion.....
read on.

© Copyright 2009 –  TelsonUSA Web Enterprises –  all rights reserved.
violators will be prosecuted under Federal statutes.


     Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dave, and I have been involved with the Internet since 1969 (USAF Crypto Systems) when it was called "ARPNET"*. I have been doing Internet marketing since the advent of graphics-based browsers (1994). Since then, the Internet has exploded, and although the potential customer base has increased exponentially since the "old days", so has the competition. This evolution (if you will) of the most powerful means of communication ever invented has caused drastic changes in the methodology of presenting and advertising products, and as a result, the old methods of doing business have gone the way of the dinosaur. What I am going to present to you here is foolproof, and is proven to work if you work it. In addition, it is the most dynamic method of doing business because everyone has both the incentive to participate, and will reap the rewards of that incentive; it is a win-win situation all around. Bookmark this page.


     Take a few hours to do everything it says to do here.... remember –  there is nothing to buy here; I am not trying to sell you a book on how I got rich.... I did what is outlined here –  all of it –  and I'm here to tell you that it was worth every minute of time I spent on it, because I can now sit back and reap the rewards of what I set in motion forever, and it keeps growing without any intervention on my part (and I can will it as an asset of my estate when I shuffle off this mortal coil). I used the profits from my "free" ventures to get into other ventures that require a small investment that I will also share with you here.... but YOU make that decision as you come to it, and when you feel comfortable that it will work for you as well.... and when you can pay for it with the profits you make with the FREE system.



* ARPNet –  Advanced Research Project Network



{{  }}




     I am going to do something very unique here... I am going to teach anyone who can read this ONE (admittedly lengthy) page and spend a few hours of their time, how to make money on the Internet... from multiple streams (sources) –  and I'm going to do it without asking you for a thin dime (I might just put this all in an e-Book and charge money for it, so take advantage of all of this before I come to my senses).


     Just to make my point here, you will notice that EVEN THE WEB HOSTING CAN BE FREE –  Your web site can be hosted FREE by the good people at ; all you pay for is the registration for the domain name.... but you DON'T need a web site to do most of what I suggest you do here... but it sure doesn't hurt! I could have easily paid the hosting cost for this site, but I chose NOT to, to illustrate to you that you can have a great Web site (if you want one) without spending a small fortune. Of course, if you would like to design your own Web sites as I do, you'll need a Web site design program or HTML editor. For your information, I use Microsoft Front Page™ to do all my sites, but many of the programs presented here set up an "affiliate" site for you at no cost.


      I have a entirely devoted to those of you who want to incorporate their own Web sites into their enterprise efforts –  but continue reading here before you do your own Web site.


     Why am I doing this? Because I make money ONLY WHEN YOU make money –  it's just that simple. What better incentive and motivation could there be for me to know what I am doing and not be full of baloney? The more money I can help YOU to make, the more I make. Sound like a good deal?


     Again, let me stress this: YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED TO SPEND ANY MONEY HERE.
But you WILL be asked to invest a bit of your TIME.... As much time as it takes you to read this ONE page (and optionally ) and do precisely what it says.

      The process takes a few hours –  maybe a day at most, and you should have everything ready to go about a week after you start (this is mostly waiting for email replies and bank account verifications).


     When you leave this site, having done precisely what is outlined here, you will have set in motion something that NEVER SLEEPS, NEVER STOPS, CAN'T BE STOPPED, and which will grow every month into a VERY NICE income. If you do most of what is suggested here, you will have a diverse portfolio of income sources, and multiple streams of income.


     For those of you who give themselves excuses to procrastinate, NOW is the time to ACT.... STOP playing with that X-Box, Wii, or what-have-you, and "play" a game that PAYS you to "play".


     Many people do not realize the power of the Internet to make them a PILE of money –  even when they are asleep.... continuously, and forever.


     What isn't being shared in all the "make money within 15 minutes" advertisements you may be getting by e-mail is that "15 minutes" is a matter of marketing hype; and "hype" is just the politically-correct word for "bullshit".... in plain English.... But I won't lie to you; I have every reason to establish my credibility here.


     There are many people making TONS of money with hype and scams –  I have a collection of them posted on: I suggest that you follow the instructions on this site and learn the simple ways to , and keep from getting "scammed". That topic will be covered in the following section on setting up payment accounts.


     But I digress..... Let me make this unequivocal statement: You CANNOT "start making serious money within 15 minutes" anywhere on the Internet, by any (legal) methodology I am aware of –  and I've been doing this for a VERY long time! Good things take TIME.... and great things take TIME and WORK –  but the smart people learn how to duplicate their efforts by providing other people with opportunities and incentives. The ONLY situation that works and lasts in business is a "win-win" situation, which is much easier and much more pleasant to set into motion than just selling something to the public, or trying to scam people. The key to success is persistence; do what works and don't be discouraged if you don't get results "in 15 minutes". If it works for me, it will work for you as well –  The METHOD, not the PERSON using the method is what works. You have the advantage here of my experience, and a step-by-step approach. There are many different opportunities here, and you can take advantage of any or all of them. I benefit through teaching you, and others will, in turn, benefit because you will teach them and offer them these same opportunities.


     If you are willing to do a little work...

(Arghhh!  that word!  ... "work")....

You can set in motion a process that will generate a small income initially,

With the potential to grow exponentially over the next few months....
And to keep on paying long into the future....

Without you doing a single thing but to keep it in motion.


     What am I talking about?

Well, a few things.

But before we get to that, you have to set up a way to get paid.




{{  }}



Before you even begin...

 You have to have a way to get paid.


     This is probably the most tedious and time-consuming part of this process. I have to admit to you that doing this is not "fun" by any means.... and this one hurdle is probably what stops many people even before they get started. Nobody likes to fill out forms and jump through hoops.... I can offer you only ONE consolation as motivation... you will only have to do it ONCE.


     It will be extremely more convenient for you to set up these payment accounts if you currently do your banking online –  or at least have access to your bank account via the bank's Web site. If you don't, it will greatly speed and simplify the process (which has to be done separately for each of the online pay accounts you wish to set up) if you establish online access to your bank account before proceeding.


     In order to set up direct deposits and a means by which to transfer funds to your bank account, some of the programs I will refer you to here (below) require that you provide them with the name and address of the bank, the transit / routing number and the account number for your bank account. You don't need to call your bank or wrack your brain to find this information; it can be found on the bottom of your check.

      Transit                    Account
      Routing                   Number



     If the payment account will be tied to your bank account, the payment company will (may) then make one or two "micro-deposits" (deposits of less than one dollar) to your bank account and ask you to verify the amounts they deposited. This is done to prove that you indeed own the account, and can access information in that account (because you have the bank account password) –  without revealing the bank account password to the company. It also verifies that the email address used to set up the payment account is valid and not misspelled or entered incorrectly.


     Once you have verified the amounts of the deposits, the deposits will be automatically withdrawn. This procedure verifies you as the owner of the bank account, and validates that the account number you provided is valid (not fraudulent) and that it wasn't mistyped. The "company" can then send payments to your bank account automatically, but can only make withdrawals with your authorization.


     IMPORTANT: Online thievery known as "phishing" is rampant on the Internet. Dateline NBC has done an expose' on Identity Theft that anyone doing business online should watch. Their Web site has an entire collection of informative articles. PayPal™ also has an excellent set of tutorials on their Web site. Just go to the PayPal™ site click on "privacy" at the bottom of the page, read the information and then click on "security center" at the bottom of that page to see excellent information on how to protect yourself online. I have posted a few dozen examples of "phishing" e-mails on:

www.AssholesAmongUs.com/phishersofmen.htm you should look at as well. Some of them are really hilarious, most are really pathetic and obvious scams, but unsuspecting people fall for them every day; it only takes one of those unsuspecting people that P.T. Barnum referred to as ".... a sucker born every minute" to make the "phishing" efforts pay off. A PayPal™ account with a security key (see below) is the safest online payment method I know of, but IT IS NOT FOOLPROOF ( on the PayPal™ security key)





{{  }}





 Set up your Online Payment Accounts





I have listed the "Major Players" in the Online Payment business below. The active links will take you directly to their sign-up pages in order to speed up the process. If you sign up for ALL of these programs NOW, you will cover 90% or more of every Affiliate program's requirements, and when you run across an opportunity you don't want to pass up, you will not have to interrupt your train-of-thought to set up a payment method.



Set up a PayPal™ account.

Go to PayPal™ and do it now...

It takes a few minutes, but it's worth it!

While you are at the ™ don't forget to order a security key. If you contact customer support with a "security concern", they will usually send you one (normally costs $5) for free.
PayPal™ is the preferred means of payment on eBay and many other auction sites.


By far, the best way I have found to prevent thieves from accessing your eBay / PayPal™ account or eBay store is to get a PayPal™ security key. This small, football-shaped key fob looks like a small car door opener remote. The device generates a six-digit random number which has to be used in conjunction with your password in order to access your PayPal™ and / or eBay™ accounts. Anyone who has a PayPal™ account should also get this electronic "key".



You should also set up a Clickbank™ account for future use.

To do that, click the above link and follow the instructions.



AlertPay™ is another popular online payment company. Many affiliate sites use ™ and so I highly recommend that while you are here you now, and open a FREE account –  get the Business Premium Secured account (they are all free). Once you have set up the account and verified your e-Mail address, set up your bank account information from the PROFILE tab.



The newest "kid" on the block is e2ePay. You can make $ just by signing up FREE and referring others to the new payment system with your unique referral code that you will get as soon as you become a member.


While you are at it, you should also set up a 2-Click Account Many programs use this pay processor, and you can set it up to send the funds to your PayPal™ account.


All these pay programs are free of cost, and free of monthly charges, and with these set up, you have now cleared the way for money to flow to you from almost any affiliate program on the Internet –  (processing fees for "incoming money" vary). You should sign up for ALL of them while you are on this page, so that when you run across opportunities that use them, you can take advantage of them with swiftly, and with minimal effort. Of course, you are expending that effort NOW... do this –  trust me; you'll thank me later.



When you've done all that... (whew!) then... The BORING (but necessary) part is done.
(Trust me! –  it won't be so boring when you check the account balances six months from now!)
Then continue below.







{{  }}





 And now... The FUN part!


For Starters, let's discuss:




        Hey! this is a no-brainer. It's logical. It's practical, and best of all, it's SUPER EASY!!


        Saving money is the same as making money; if it doesn't come out of your pocket to begin with; you didn't spend it –  that's savings. If you bought something you wanted and then got a commission for your own purchase –  that's a rebate. If you told someone else how to save money and you got a piece of the savings –  that's earning. You can do all three right here: You are ONE click away!


        All you have to do is sign up. From then on, everything you buy online from 1-800-Flowers to eBay, and hundreds of other online stores will earn you a nice cash rebate to your  PayPal™ account. Best of all, when you tell your friends about it, they'll want to join too. When they shop and buy online, you will get paid every time they shop –  forever. If you have an eBay store, you can promote it here for free, and network with thousands of others.

        Your friends tell their friends, and those friends will tell their friends, and you will earn a commission on those referrals of referrals (and so on) up to 5 generations. There's no pressure. No sales. No nonsense. Some members just want to help friends save, while others have made thousands of dollars by treating this referral program as a powerful business opportunity. You can promote your affiliate link in emails or on your Web site (as we've done here). On August 3, 2009, I saved a bunch of money on a new high-end computer I bought on eBay... and "made the day" of the pretty young lady who referred me to the site... There are hundreds of other stores to shop from –  all you have to do is sign up, log in, then click through to the Web site of the store of your choice prior to making a purchase. Nothing else to do. No gimmicks. No subscription fee. No monthly fees, and it's totally FREE.


  Get Cash Back on all your online purchases You are ONE click away!




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Earn the Big Bucks with CPA Marketing

Don't know what CPA Marketing is? Well, you should check it out. Free Report and online video –  no strings attached! http://vur.me/s/CPA-Hot





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 Internet Publishing

Free Paid File Hosting, Affiliate Product Marketing, and also FREE Affiliate Cell Phone Sales –  and then we will move on to a few other things as well, including Something you are certifiably NUTS to pass up.

     You do not have to know anything about –  or even like the publishing business to make money in the bookseller's market....

     You do NOT have to be an author to get involved with Internet Publishing.... you can sell OUR books!!


But if you ARE an author, or would like to make some easy bucks....

Write a book, a novel, a short story....

Write a romance novel or a seedy treatise of your life-experience....

Assemble a collage of your best photographs....

Design a hot calendar....

Compile all your chat room logs (no kidding!)...

Share your fantasies, pour your heart out...

Appeal to man's baser instincts...
Appeal to man's darker side....

Share your experiences, your recipes for black-eyed peas....

Publish it on the Internet.... and you'll get customers....

And you'll get affiliates ready and willing to promote your product for a piece of the "action".
You'll do much better than the 6% the publishing houses give their top authors,
And you'll have complete control....

You even control your commissions and retail prices!


     What's the best thing about e-Books?

Well, there's SEVERAL things....

#1 –  They cost you NOTHING to "print" or "publish" –  The "inventory" is free and self-replicating.

#2 –  They are NEVER "out of stock"; the inventory is always one unit greater than the instant demand.

#3 –  They are available INSTANTLY.

#4 –  They're considered "non-returnable", and most eBook publishers DO NOT refund purchases.

#5 –  They are INSTANTLY available to affiliate vendors.

#6 –  Electronic content is 100% profit after the cost of producing the original is recovered.

#7 –  "Publishing" requires absolutely NO INVESTMENT.

#8 –  Other authors will share a significant portion of the profits with you as a seller of his / her books.



Take a look at these sites:

Adult erotic e-Books –  (adult erotica –  Please be 18 or older).
e-Books of all descriptions –  (Sci-Fi, Fiction, Non-fiction)

Mobipocket –  (all sorts of e-Books. Royalties are paid quarterly)


Sign up to become an affiliate, and you can sell books from other authors as well as your own books.
You can even sell MY books (I have over two dozen) on your affiliate site.
It costs you NOTHING to become an affiliate...

It costs you NOTHING to publish your own books.

You don't need to build a Web site.

You don't need to sell stuff to your friends.


You don't have to do anything else.... if you don't want to.


     Why anyone would read this and NOT do it, is beyond MY comprehension....

But there ARE people who just will NOT make an effort –  even when it means that the effort they put into it now, will pay them dividends for the rest of their lives.


     Even if you made a measly $50 per month doing this –  that is $600 over the next 12 months for about 20 minutes of your time now. Who do you know who makes $1,800 per hour? (Note: You can set up as many affiliate sites as you have eMail addresses and PayPal™ or Clickbank™ accounts).



     If you need the tools to convert your MS-Word files to PDA / PDF format...

Go to www.mobipocket.com and download the Mobipocket Creator and the Mobipocket Reader... it's (you guessed it!) .... FREE!!


     If you need a fast, cheap, easy-to-use bit of software to create PDF (Adobe Acrobat™ compatible files).... Don't spend $250 for "professional" software... –  which is 1/10th of the cost ($3.95), and accomplishes the same thing.


     Upload your books via the Mobipocket Creator (which gets your work into a network of publishers) See list of my books on Mobipocket. (Download the Mobipocket Reader  FREE!!).


      There is a neat video tutorial on how to use the Mobipocket reader on:


      Upload your erotic books via the Adult Erotic e-Books web site.

      Upload non-erotic e-Books of all Descriptions here.

     Make sure you become an affiliate of the Video Store, the Adult e-Book Store, and the Sci-Fi e-Book Store. These alone –  without you having to do ANY promotion at all, comprise three separate streams of potential income. Use IBP Software (free) to promote your affiliate sites, include your affiliate links in autosurf programs*, and you will be surprised at the results.


     If you don't have a Web site, this is all you can do for the moment... but you can still add links to your affiliate stores as "boilerplate" trailer messages on all the emails you send.



* Note: most autosurf programs do NOT allow "adult"-rated affiliate links –  read the rules first!!





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 Affiliate Product Marketing


       Check out some of our own affiliate products now!


    Maybe you've always wanted to own your own business, but the incredible expense of a start-up, the hassle of keeping thousands of products in stock, dealing with customers, filing quarterly tax returns, and dealing with employees is too much of a nightmare even to consider. Well, thanks to the Internet, and what can be done by innovative marketing companies solves all those problems.


    Without any Internet expertise at all, you can have your own Web site pre-stocked with thousands of hot-selling products, maintained by professionals. When customers order from the site you will make a considerable profit without any of the hassle. You can even use a control panel to change individual prices and offer great discounts or special promotions to bring people to your site. There are three plans you can sign up for, and there is a one-time start-up cost for the site, and a small yearly renewal fee (which you will easily pay for with the profits). The start-up cost is less than you'd pay for an MP3 player or a V-cast phone, but  you can recover that cost by just buying products that you normally would pay retail prices for –  in your own store.... I mean, if you own a bakery, would you go to the supermarket and buy Wonder™ bread? I didn't think so.


     Buying from your own business makes sense, and so the small investment required to have the store is paid for by the savings you get to shop there yourself, and although this is not "free" –  it EFFECTIVELY COSTS YOU NOTHING because you recoup your investment quickly.


    Best of all, you never have to handle the products. You never have to apply for a credit-card Merchant Account. You will also NOT incur any PayPal™ or other e-commerce payment processing fees for items purchased from your store. No trips to the post office.... The company even files the sales taxes for you. All YOU have to do is promote your Web site which is easy to do with Free SEO Software, and the autosurf programs. If you're serious about promoting your Web site, you should also get a copy of Telson USA's version of Rank Enhancer.


     In addition, many of the affiliate programs allow you to "sponsor' new affiliates –  so now not only do you make a commission when YOU generate a sale, you ALSO make a (smaller) commission when those you sign up as affiliates make a sale. I tell you, you can't lose with this concept. If you promote your site with our , soon you'll be earning an income that is nothing to sneeze at.

     You can make some serious dough by joining the right affiliate programs.







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          Now this is TRULY something to look into: You get a completely editable Affiliate Web site (the WYSIWYG editor is built in to the affiliate page) promoting lots of products. Since the site can be edited, you can add a back-link to your Web site (if you have one). There are two types of sign-up: Pro and Basic. Sign up FREE for the BASIC site and edit the page to link back to your site. Add an appropriate ad or banner to your site (don't forget to use ViralURL to cloak your link). Once the site starts making some $$$, go for the "Pro" package & make more. Out-of-pocket expense $0.00 –  Great potential. Even if it TOTALLY fails to make any money, you will still have an incoming link from a site with a high Alexa Ranking, and all it cost you is 5 minutes to read this and sign up. All you have to do is click this link: http://www.Net4TruthUSA.com/alexaranking.htm






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OK –  This is NOT "Free" –  So SUE ME!!

     This is a cool concept for those who just want to sit on their dead asses and get paid. This Web site advertises FOR you, by putting your sign-up page in their advertising rotation... so you get random payments of $5 to your AlertPay™ account. You need an AlertPay™ account which is linked to your checking account in order for this to work. So if you don't have an account (shame on you; you didn't follow ALL the instructions above; you just wanted to skip to the FUN part!) then go to AlertPay™ now, and open a FREE account, link it to your bank account and transfer at least $15 to it. Proceed below.

     Then invest 15 measly bucks at http://viralurl.com/DaveT/AlertPay-Randomizer sit back on your TUKIS and Make A Lot Of Dough. If you have a Web site, or are a member of any of the then obtain your referral link, cloak it with a Link Cloaker, and start promoting your sign-up page and Make Even More Dough.



TOP SECRET –  Get Your Own Little Piece of Heaven On Earth


Make some serious money with a $10 investment –  (For the price of breakfast at Starbucks, you could eat at Peter Luger's)




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     Another (different) opportunity to make money is this Viral Marketing site.... but it's gonna' cost you a cheap cup of coffee at Starbucks. For a one-time investment of $2.50 you will get access to software and utility programs worth much more, and by referring people with your own referral link via safelists, the income potential far exceeds the pittance of the "investment" –  For all practical purposes, you get FREE STUFF (after you sign up), and you get commissions on everyone who signs up "under" you. The price of a cup of the cheapest coffee at Starbucks and a link in your emails, and a few friends referred to the program could eventually add up to a nice income "while you sleep".  http://viralurl.com/Dave-T/Quick-And-Easy





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 Business Leads & Ads

Free unlimited business leads and advertisements –  http://vur.me/DaveT/O-Leads






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 Paid To Click (PTC) and Paid To Read eMails


     You might wonder who would pay you to read e-Mails and click on banner ads? The truth is that you can make some SERIOUS money clicking away during your morning coffee. We have selected the following as the best of the best PTC and PTR sites among the hundreds out there. In addition, you can use the money you earn as credits towards your own ads and banner impressions. Try these –  what have you got to lose? They're all FREE.




The Best Paid to Click and Paid To Read Sites

Site PTR / PTR $ Signup Min Payout*
http://viralurl.com/DaveT/3-Dollar $1 / $3 See Web Site $100
http://viralurl.com/DaveT/BoBo $500 / $1000 $1000 $30,000
http://viralurl.com/DaveT/Charm $50, 75, 100 / $50, 100, 200 $500 $1000
http://viralurl.com/DaveT/FieldFly $300 / $200, 400, 600 $500 $30,000
http://viralurl.com/DaveT/PMAgency $50, 100, 200 $1,600 $14,000
http://viralurl.com/DaveT/PleasureMails $1,000 / $2,000 $2,000 $50,000
http://viralurl.com/DaveT/BPaidMail $1,000 / $2,000 $2,000 $50,000
Get PAID to read eMails and get $10 sign-up bonus IMMEDIATELY: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/HitsForPay
* Minimum payout shown for upgraded members –  free members have higher minimum payouts & priorities. Most sites also have referral bonus which may vary –  see each site's FAQ pages for detailed information.


     This is a paid email tip EXCLUSIVELY from US: when you set your "profile" / "user info" in some of these email programs, select the option to send paid emails ONLY to your email account (you may want to set up a separate email account JUST for your paid emails). Use a separate eMail program such as MS-Outlook or Outlook Express to read your eMails. When you do this, you can use our recommended Maxthon browser (also free) with the TABS option set to "Force all links to be opened in a new tab" (Under TOOLS / Maxthon Setup / Tabs). Maxthon must be set as the default browser in order to do this smoothly.


Try it.... it's fun! –  besides, you can Make A Lot Of Dough!





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 FREE Advertising On Google


     Not only can you get top-priority listings on the major search engines by following the instructions in the Web site Tools section of this Web site, you can (for a ridiculously low one-time cost –  under $50USD) get thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Google Pay-Per-Click Ads ABSOLUTELY FREE. To learn more, go to: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/Get-Google-Ads-Free  



Blog your ads FREE: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/Free-Blog-Ads





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 Email Marketing


     Email Safelists are the NO-SPAM way to get your products in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Some are free, and some cost a few bucks. Check this one out!



     You need a TARGETED double opt-in e-mail systems? These are the best I've found:



     If you want GUARANTEED e-mail marketing / multiple streams of income / Forex enterprise –  AND / OR would like your own FREE Web site that promotes these opportunities, then you definitely need to visit: http://starturl.com/vrdzh where you can sign up for these services AND get your own promotional Web site to sell these services to others. Get your Web site FREE and start promoting it along with all your other promotions.

     Get Great Deals on Stuff –  Sell your products as well (Free System)

http://starturl.com/zrypc and http://starturl.com/asmzp    


     There is also a great VIRAL promotion program that you can use to promote your site in a variety of ways. It costs NOTHING to become a FREE member, and you can test it to see if it works for you (it works for me!). If you like it, you can upgrade for a few bucks and REALLY set it loose generating traffic and MOOLAH for you. Check this out!



    For a very low (under $40) You can email 10 Million double opt-in TARGETED BUYERS, and you can even become a reseller (as we are) by signing up for a FREE Affiliate ID (requires a Clickbank™ account) –  Go to: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/10M-Targeted-Opt-In-Ads sign up FREE and start raking in the dough!!


     Send your ad to THOUSANDS of eMail addresses FREE: http://viralurl.com/DaveT/Herc






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 Autosurf Programs


     A table list of Autosurf programs is provided in the Web site Tools section. We have selected these from the thousands available on the Internet as the most reliable, efficient, and trouble-free.



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 Advertising Your Products


     When all is said and done, the last step in the process –  after you have products to sell, and have set up your payment portals, is to advertise your products. One of the best ways to advertise is to have it done automatically for you, with a program you can dedicate specifically for that purpose. Click on the banner ad below and make a small one-time investment that will pay for itself many times over.






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 Download Camtasia Studio 3

As a reward for reading this far.... you can now get this fully-functional video program –  (Yep, FREE!!)
Camtasia Studio 3 For Free !

     Techsmith, who created "Camtasia Studio" software is giving away their software for free.
It's the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen videos. Click the link below to get your Free copy today –  PLUS –  You can ALSO give this software away as part of your own promotions. You risk nothing; you have nothing to lose (but the best is yet to come –  just bookmark this page and visit often, as we are always adding new stuff.



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