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Innovative, Low-Cost Advertising


          Most "brick & mortar" businesses would probably jump at the chance to get a one-time cost, perpetual local advertising campaign... While most advertising costs are on-going; recurring every month, or periodically, what I am about to propose to you - IF you take the time to understand what it is, and how it will work for you - will be irresistible.

          This is the most ingenious advertising device I've seen in a very long time - What is does is to send a free text message with your business ad to everyone within a 200 to 300 meter (600 to 900 ft.) radius* who has a Bluetooth® capable cell phone. Studies show that up to 80% of people who own cell phones have phones that are Bluetooth® capable.

          The recipient then sees your ad, and will be aware of your business and the products you offer. You can offer discounts or other incentives if the potential customer walks into your store and shows the salesman the ad.

           For example, let us say that you are the owner of a Pizzeria in or near a crowded shopping mall. You program this device to send out the following text message at lunch time:

            LUNCH SPECIAL - From Dave's Pizza - Today ONLY - Get a free slice with every two at Dave's Pizza. Bring your friends - show this ad to the cashier. We are located on the Mall, Level 2 - near Sears. This is a FREE text message.

            Another example might be for a city parking garage:

            Tired of looking for a parking spot? Dave's Garage is close by - 34th Street and 7th Avenue - Show the attendant this ad and get a 20% discount on short-term parking today. This is a FREE text message.

            Still another ad would target customers who use the Internet:

             Looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot? Stop into Starbucks in the mall for a cup of coffee and bring your Notebook PC or PDA. Show this ad to the cashier and get $1.00 off our famous Latte' Mocha.  This is a FREE text message.

            Many businesses go through great expense to pass out flyers in their neighborhood, and advertise in the local newspapers - or even on radio and TV. With this technology, the greatest advantage to you is that when the potential customer receives your ad, he or she is within walking distance of your place of business. If you provide an enticing incentive in your ads, you will certainly increase traffic through your place of business. You can even use this device to advertise your Web site. Using a notebook computer, you can take the device to a crowded mall or drive in your car. You can sell advertisements to other businesses. Remember that once you have purchased the software license and / or the (optional) Bluetooth transceiver, your operating costs are ZERO.... Forever! After the initial cost is recovered, any advertising you do, or any ad campaigns you sell to other business is 100% profit!

Use it to Advantages / Features
  •  Promote a store or business

  •  Promote a Web site

  •  Sell advertising to other businesses

  •  Send political messages at conventions

  •  Send information to hotel / resort guests

  •  One-time software / equipment cost
  •  Send text, photos, sound, video, PDF
  •  Operates 24/7
  •  Software upgrades are free for life
  •  Cost to send advertisements - ZERO - No recurring advertising fees!
Use it in You can send
  •  Banks

  •  Barber shops & hair salons

  •  Bookshops

  •  Concerts and movie theatres

  •  Cafés and restaurants

  •  Malls

  •  Mass-transit terminals

  •  The potential uses are endless.

  •  Text
  •  Still Images (or product / coupon bar codes)
  •  Animated images
  •  Audio Files
  •  Video Clips
  •  Business Cards
  •  Calendar Events
  •  Java Applications and Games

Software Capabilities

Hardware Specifications

  • The system can run campaigns automatically.
  •  Create multiple advertising campaigns.
  •  Publish advertisements for up to 7 (Bluetooth) devices.
  •  Advertisements scheduling is supported.
  •  Diagnosis tool to determine if your hardware is not compatible.
  •  Blacklist support.
  •  Three Modes to control how the advertisements in a campaign are sent.
  •  Device Priority option to control which devices should receive the advertisements first.
  •  Anti-Spam protocol - asks permission first!
  •  Send Promotions to devices periodically  .
  •  WatchDog Utility that keeps monitoring your system's performance.
  •  Intelligent System to provide optimization tips that makes your campaign run better.
  •  Automatic Saving to avoid losing data in case of unexpected shutdown.
  •  Operating Systems Linux (Bluez or 3rd party driver).
  •  Mac OS X.
  •  Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
  •  Size 83mm x 62mm x 25mm.
  •  Case Industrial strength aluminum case.
  •  Temperature Industrial operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C.
  •  Power Supply Through USB, 5V, max 200mA.
  •  Range (with External Antenna) Omni-directional antenna up to 2km with 9dBi.
  •  Standards Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Class I.
  •  USB 2.0
  •  Radio raw transmit power: 19dBm.
  •  Receive sensitivity: -108dBm.
  •  Omni directional antennas: up to 9dBi.
  •  2 years Manufacturer's limited warranty.

Some ideas for graphical ads you can send

Get 10 % Off any
purchase over $50
Uncle Joe's Store

Best-selling books
10% off with this ad

Valentine Roses
Kim's Florist

Studies show that a very high percentage of possible customers are carrying cell-phones that are Bluetooth enabled (Up to 80%). This technology relies on this fact to work as a devoted employee of your business. It will keep monitoring your business area waiting for a new possible customer, and when this customer approaches, it will offer him to receive a video promotion, a photo, or even your business card!. Many business owners are utilizing this fact to gain more exposure to their business.

       The best part about this advertising solution is that after the purchase of the software and / or hardware, the cost to advertise is ZERO.... FOREVER!

        What you should do right now, is visit the Web site and download a free trial (fully functional) version of the software. It will work with almost ANY Bluetooth® equipped PC (or a PC with an inexpensive USB Bluetooth® dongle). It will cost you nothing to play with it for a week and see how it works. When you are convinced that this can work for you, activate the software and use it with a standard Bluetooth® dongle, or purchase the long-range transmitter (shown below) for much-improved range. You can even sell advertising to businesses in your area. Since the transmitter and software are a one-time cost, the unit will pay for itself in a very short time, and be 100% profit thereafter.


Also try this: it is FREE!!

* Range depends upon type of device (transmitter) and its location and placement.

The Long-Range Bluetooth® transmitter shown with antenna attached.

Cost $129.95* + S&H

The Long-Range Bluetooth® transmitter shown with antenna detached, software, and USB cable.

Cost $129.95* + $149.95* + S&H


Click for more information or to buy


Full Version:

Product Information

 Buy Now


* Prices are subject to change - see Web site for details   



Your Web Site to the Top of the Charts


Although it is not "Advertising" per se' or "Advertising" in the common sense of the word, this inexpensive piece of software increases your Web site's Search Engine visibility. When you move to the first page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL, you have it made! For a complete description and to see a video of how our version of this unique piece of software works, visit:
To purchase the product, follow the links there, or go directly to:


Alternative Ad Campaigns


          for what it really is, and hopefully you will consider some alternative advertising campaigns. Outside of the “bidding wars” for Search Engine keywords, and the exorbitant fees charged for PPC ‘clicks’ by Phone Company Internet Directories and so-called “Adwords”, there is an entire universe of Advertising methods and venues to choose from. Based on years of experience and recommendations from several business associates and colleagues, we searched out the very best of the best alternative advertising companies and became their affiliates. I personally believe you would do well to take a look at the following Web sites – do not let the low cost compared to PPC, keyword bidding, sponsored ads, or “Adwords” fool you. I know you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Also take a look at our “Rank Enhancer” software on:







Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam

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Your Web site GUARANTEED to be on the FIRST PAGE of Google, Yahoo! and Bing
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     Get Cash back on all your online purchases –  you are ONE click away!!

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