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God Bless

Welcome to Asshole Drivers


This Web site promises to be a unique project  ̶  one that you, the visitor can participate in. We have all seen them... the Assholes behind the wheel that need to be civilly committed. They seem to be doing everything but keeping their minds occupied with the task of avoiding Assholes like themselves.


If you ever watched a distracted driver on the road, or seen one of the hundreds of Public Service videos posted from overseas (the USA is too "PC" to show "sensitive" viewers the real world), you'll know that this is no laughing matter; it is serious business! More people die in vehicle collisions every day than died on 9-11. They die needlessly because of someone else's carelessness. They die tragically because someone thought it was more important to answer that text message NOW, than keeping their car in their own lane. There HAS to be something we can do about it  ̶  and if it takes humiliating some of them in a public forum, then that is what has to be done. We can't stop ALL of them, but if our efforts here; my effort and yours   ̶  then let's do it. Maybe their friends will laugh them to scorn and they'll straighten up!


I am of the belief that there is no such thing as an "accident"; at least true accidents are in reality, very few and far-between.


An accident IS when a 500 pound facing stone falls from an overpass and crashes through your hood.


An accident IS when an 18-wheeler hits a pothole and loses two of his rear tires just as you're passing, and the steel-belted rubber ends up in your back seat.


An accident IS when a small meteorite slams into the road ahead of you, and your car ends up in the crater because even the anti-lock brakes couldn't stop you in time.


THOSE are accidents!


An "accident" IS NOT what happens when someone gets behind the wheel drunk or stoned, and ends up driving north in a southbound lane, weaving around across 4 lanes at 80MPH until he crashes head-on into a car carrying 2 adults and 3 children and kills them all, while he staggers away without a scratch, not even knowing what the fuck just happened. THAT, my friend, is depraved indifference VEHICULAR HOMICIDE, and the perpetrator needs to be locked up for the rest of his natural life.


An "accident" IS NOT what happens when your teenager who is afflicted with Smart Phone Addiction, gets behind the wheel of her car while text-chatting with her boyfriend all the way to his house.... only she never gets there because her distraction caused her to run a red light and got T-boned by a gasoline truck which jackknifed, turned on its side, and burned her and six other people to a crisp.


Fatal collisions caused by drunk drivers are quickly being outpaced by those related to the disease that is the addiction to the intractable dependency on "Smart" phones. Manufacturers of these devices need to disable texting and gaming on these devices when the devices are in motion. Sprint and AT&T have an App that disables incoming calls and texting while a vehicle is in motion. This App needs to be made a PERMANENT part of a cell phone's Operating System, so that it cannot be disabled or un-installed.


The Federal Government has urged car manufacturers to design their dashboards to disable texting and Tweeting. It isn't likely that carmakers will heed the call; they are too devoted to their bottom line by providing all the latest techno-shit imaginable, that people in their insatiable vanity, must have.


All of this is too little, too late as far as I'm concerned. The tragedies will unfortunately, continue. However, with our combined efforts, perhaps we can save a few lives  ̶  even ONE life saved would be worth all of the effort we put into this. If you can help, please do. Click here to find out how.




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