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Offender License Plates

This page is provided as a list of license plates for Asshole Drivers featured on this Web site. Keywords and metatags for this page should make this information visible to the Search Engines. It is done for the purpose of indexing these numbers with Search Engines, so anyone who types the plate number of one of these dipshits into a Search Engine may find additional evidence for "prior offenses" if one of these Assholes should cause an accident.  Clicking on the video hyperlinks will take you to the associated page where the offense is described and video is shown.
Plate or Identification Information Offense and Link to Video
School Bus # 406 (Lindenwold / Gloucester Twp NJ) Texting while crossing Railroad Tracks (video)
New Jersey #LHL 90E Silver Toyota wagon Bullshitting / texting  on cell, speeding, passing on right on dirt shoulder (video)
New Jersey #U19-CHR Dark-colored Honda SUV Speeding, driving on the shoulder, speeding 60-65 in 45MPH zone, reckless (video)
New Jersey # K29 DMB Grey Nissan Altima texting while driving, stopping for no reason, drifting aimlessly without signaling (video)
New Jersey #C62EDE Grey SUV Passing / speeding in parking lot / distracted (video)

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