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Idiots featured on this Web site have also had their license plates registered on www.ZapAtag.com

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God Bless

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Asshole Drivers


This section of the Web site is devoted to the IDIOTS on the road who have no respect for their own safety, and don't care if they KILL you while they are drunk, stoned, or playing with their phones. All material here is PERMANENTLY POSTED. They have also had their license plates entered into the huge offense database at www.ZapAtag.com.


Since the videos and photos here are absolutely irrefutable evidence of guilt, the parties who are operating the vehicles pictured, or the individuals photographed are incapable of claiming defamation, libel, or slander. All they can accuse me of is calling them "Assholes", which isn't a crime or an actionable tort last I checked.


The videos here come from my own dashboard cameras. The only editing done is for formatting and embedded commenting. You may embed them in your own Web site, link to the Web page here, or on the YouTube page where they are uploaded, but you MAY NOT download them and re-upload them for your own use, whether they generate ad revenue for you or not. Anyone found doing this will be charged with copyright violation and civilly sued.


I have a personal opinion on what should be done with Drunk / Stoned drivers. Many people would agree with my "solution" to the problem, which can be read and downloaded (PDF) here. Texting and playing video games while behind the wheel is just as, if not more dangerous than driving "under the influence"; at least a drunk driver is looking at the road! Anyone who puts him / herself in a position where the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely would be impossible, is by definition, a SOCIOPATH, and if you use the above link and read my article, you may just-well agree with my reasoning.


In any case, the purpose of all this effort is to scare the living beJesus out of all the Assholes behind the wheel who may stumble across this Web site, that their shitty driving will be uploaded for all to see, and will be here FOREVER nothing they can say or do will remove it they can't say "it isn't true", because videos don't lie. Maybe this will do "the unseen good" of saving someone's life. That's it.




You can help with the development of this Web site by sending us a link to your YouTube video.
It would also permanently embarrass the Asshole by posting his / her plate on


If you would like a video of yours to be posted on this site, it must meet the following criteria:

  •  By submitting a video for consideration, you certify that YOU are the original photographer.

  •  The video must be YOUR original work.

  •  The video must show someone DUI, DWI, texting, etc., and driving erratically.

  •  We would LOVE to see the LICENSE PLATE NUMBER, if possible.

  •  Please use a dashboard camera to record videos. Using your cell phone or a camera makes YOU just as much of an Asshole if you're driving.

  •  You certify that the video was not staged, nor edited, nor Photoshopped in any way.

  •  You give us permission in perpetuity to post (embed) the video here.

  •  The video must be previously uploaded to YouTube (so we can embed it here).

  •  DO NOT attach video files to your emails to us [use this utility to send videos to your friends (not to us) by email]

  •  Use the link provided in the Contact Information (below) to submit your Asshole Driver video link for consideration.




See my Jeep on the road? If you're DUI / Stoned, or texting and driving erratically, I WILL call the police and email the video to the town Sherriff.
I can't stop you all, but the few dipshits that DO get into range of my dashboard cameras WILL wish they stayed home that day.



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