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Unique Titles by WebPastor Dave Todeschini & George Geiger
Published on


Land of Childhood's Fears - David Todeschini - Highly-acclaimed book on the Vietnam War. Over 500 pages of emotional catharsis - The effect of war on the human spirit.

Vet's Rap Sessions is a chapter from the book "Land of Childhood's Fears". 148 pages of gripping discussions and testimony, tales of atrocities, murder, and other tragedies of the Vietnam War.

Radio Liberty Interviews - Dr. Stan Monteith and David Todeschini discuss the book "Land of Childhood's Fears" on Radio Liberty

The Lie Detection Manual - Learn how to become a human lie detector. Nobody will be able to lie to you once you read this book and apply its axioms.

The Book of Neogenesis - The Evolution of Manking From Rocks - The first three chapters of the book of Genesis - rewritten in accordance with what you would have to believe in order to believe in "evolution". - David Todeschini

A Book of Sermons - Vol. 1 - Sermons for use on the pulpit, or for everyday reading and contemplation - WebPastor David Todeschini

Please Don't Do This - Anti abortion - David Todeschini -- FREE PDF download

Sexual Paraphilias - Therapy by Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes - Learn all of the major human sexual anomalies, and why psychiatric "therapy" does more harm than good - David Todeschini

Delta Seven - David Todeschini - A 50-page Science Fiction Novella.

Jesus - Christian Agnostic - Discusses the reasons why Jesus was not fond of the Jewish religious doctrines of His day - Heavy emphasis on Paul's letters - George Geiger

Miracles For an Atheist - George just wanted to walk on water... was that too much to ask? - George Geiger

Salvation for A Nobody - George Geiger - Can ANYONE be saved? What about non-Christians; are they left out in the cold by God?

Stop Choking and Start Winning - George Geiger - How to play psychological hardball with your tennis game - 100 tips on how to improve your game

Kirlian Photography Diagrams - twenty schematics to build professional quality high voltage photography equipment from readily-available parts

This is a FREE DOWNLOAD - 3 albums - 47 cuts of the most heartwarming Christian music available anywhere - Our gift to you.

Win Last-Minute Auctions on eBay - This book describes Stealth Bidding - a technique for finding and bidding on anything on eBay and win at unbelievable prices

The MidAtlantic Trailblazer - A GPS Trail Guide - This is the first Hiking / Camping guidebook written that uses handheld GPS equipment to guide the adventurer to campsites, trails, and other places of interest.

The Second Edition features the same cover as the original, and a new, redesigned back cover - Digital artwork by Bobby Germino (front cover) and David Todeschini (rear cover - not shown here)

Self Contradictions of The Bible by William Henry Burr

All photos and cover art Copyright by David Todeschini - all rights reserved


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