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Please pray for the souls of those lost on 9-11-01 and for their families to find peace

Please pray for those young men and women lost in the Virginia Tech Massacre - Pray for their fasmilies to find peace, and for our nation to rediscover its sanity and its faith in the Almighty God.




       PDF Files on this Web Site

Free E-Books Messiah MP-3 Lectures PDF Files Praise Music


The following is a list with descriptions and links to most of the FREE PDF files available on this web site. When you click on the links below, you will get a PDF file which you can save on your hard drive. You must have Adobe Acrobat reader or another PDF reader installed on your computer to read these files. The categories are listed alphabetically, and the files within that category are also arranged alphabetically.

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Christian Radio List of Radio Frequencies                      Download Now

Listen to Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty or Pastor Tony Alamo of Alamo Ministries You can View a Web Page or Download a PDF file of radio station listings for these two great ministries. You can listen and / or download radio programs discussing my book on Vietnam.

Citizen's Commission on Human Rights International
Download Now

CCHR is supported by The Church of Scientology. Its primary mission is to expose and help to prosecute abuses in the psychiatry profession. However, CCHR has been a tireless advocate of religious and personal freedom for decades. I have consolidated all of their literature into a single .Zip archive which you can download free of charge and distribute as you please ("not for profit").

Obtain all of the CCHR PDF Files FREE [This link takes you to the download page on my bookstore web site]




Another Night With The Frogs WebPastor Dave's sermon on hard-heartedness.
Apathy Why are people so disconnected from humanity?
Bible Codes and The Documentary Hypothesis Hidden "codes" in the Bible prove that the theory of multiple authors for Isaiah and Genesis is patently false.
Born Again Myths What does being "born again" really mean?
Butterflies Farting in Kenya The ripple-effect of good and evil.
Conspicuous Consumption American vanity and how you can change the world.
Credo In The Can A poem Finding salvation in prison.
Etiology of Recidivism Why does the USA have 6 to 19 times the incarceration rate of other Western countries?

I Have a Dream Famous speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. August 28, 1963
Inside Prison Walls WebPastor Dave's sermon on prison.
Life Quotes a compilation of life-philosophy quotations paraphrased, expanded, with Biblical references

Michael Jackson Witch Hunt When is PROsecution a PERsecution? WebPastor Dave discusses legal and moral issues surrounding Jack-o's child molestation trial.
One Solitary Life The life and death of Jesus Christ and the impact His ministry had in single sentence statements.
Parable for A Father What does the Lord Jesus really expect from us?
Passing All Understanding WebPastor Dave's testimony on what effect Jesus Christ has on his life a moving affirmation of the Christian faith.
Path To Oblivion The degeneration of American Society.
Psalm 23 An exegesis of the twenty third psalm by WebPastor Dave Todeschini.
Religion as Science Darwin's Theory is actually a PAGAN RELIGION in disguise.
Restorative Justice How does a SANE society rehabilitate its criminal element?
Scoffers People who make fun of the Bible and the lessons it teaches.
Serenity A new Serenity Prayer, and why the old one; the one that most everyone is familiar with is a cop-out.
Skin for Skin How the threat of terrorism will lead to America losing its freedom.
The Final Proof The nail in the coffin of Darwinian "Evolution".
Trusting in God Why should we trust God? What does trust in God really mean? Article by Troy Clerk, which appeared in the prison newsletter of Christian Ambassadors prison ministry.
Truth About the Devil Was Lucifer REALLY trying to de-throne God? (See Isaiah chapter 14) or was something else afoot? Discover what is REALLY behind Satan's "
I wills" in Isaiah 14, with a fascinating study by WebPastor Dave.
Truth is Fallen A Sermon by WebPastor Dave on the assertion of Isaiah that "...truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter".
What is Karma The Eastern belief in reincarnation is the cruelest joke ever played on humanity by Satan, the Father of Lies.


Book of Sermons Volume 1    Get The Book


Abortion is not a "privacy" issue Discussion on the morality of abortion
A Bruised Reed God does not abandon His children to despair.
Accidental Rolex how likely is it that Man "evolved"?
Age of the Earth The Earth is NOT billions or even millions of years old.
All Expenses Paid Jesus Christ paid for all our sins with His death on the cross.


Book of Sermons Volume 2  (Book is a "work in progress")

Abortion is not a privacy issue The argument in favor of abortion argues the wrong issue.
Age of the Earth The Earth is NOT billions or even millions of years old, and we prove it.
Criminal Mentality Discussion on why all efforts to "rehabilitate" criminals has failed, with a solution proven to work every time.
DaVinci Code What difference would it make to your faith if Jesus Christ WAS married to Mary Magdalene as the book alleges?
Depart From Evil Discussion on Isaiah 59 a most profound piece of scripture for today's times.
God Said "No" How God answers prayer, and why it sometimes seems your prayers are not being answered.
Kernel Of Truth Truth is in the eye of the beholder Perceptions with example from Shakespeare's Othello.
None Saith, Restore The plight of the prisoner and the corruption in the system that keeps him coming back.
One Solitary Life The life and impact of the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Trouble in Israel Prayer and Bible prophesies on current events in Israel.
Rabbi Nuri Response of World Pastor Tony Alamo to Rabbi Nuri's article in the July 27 edition of the Jewish Times, Miami Beach, Florida.
Religion as Science The Darwinist Evolution theory is a religion masquerading as science.
Satan vs. God What God and the devil will do for you in this life.
Spiritual Laws Spiritual laws and the "laws of nature" are similar, but very different in one important way.
Truth is fallen A scatter-brained dissertation that turned out to be one of the most profound essays I ever wrote.



Against the Draft Is the military draft in our future?
Bernklau vs. Principi a court case involving a battle for VA benefits Art Bernklau.

Cindy Sheehan's Letter of Resignation from the Peace Movement Touching letter to all who have supported her cause.
Depleted Uranium Discussion of depleted uranium ammunition.
Justice Is there any justice for US Service veterans?
The Gauntlet Art Bernklau challenges the Veteran's Administration.

The Origin of "Taps" The true story about how this funeral dirge originated in the Civil War.
Abuse of Prisoners in the USA If you were shocked by Abu Ghraib, you should read this.
The Veteran's Administration and the Law what is legal and illegal for the VA to do?
Chicago Veteran's Administration scandal Corruption in the Chicago VA.
Veteran's Administration injustice Treatment of US service veterans is a disgrace.
Dep't of Veteran's Affairs IG Report Psychiatric abuse in NY prisons uncovered and exposed read the Inspector General's report, and WebPastor Dave's analysis.


Scathing Articles

72 Virgins - Where does Islam get 72 virgins for each man from?

Abu Musab Al Zarquawi Profile of a dead terrorist from www.AssholesAmongUs.com

Above The Law article includes petition to rescind Judicial and Qualified Immunity which protects corrupt government officials from prosecution and lawsuits.

Jail For Judges Court Brief The legal case for abolishing judicial immunity.
ACS Abuse expose' on abuses within Agency for Children's Services (aka: CPS or Child Protective Services).
Aids is a biological weapon AIDS seems to be a "weaponized" virus.
Alcoholism and Genetics It is IMPOSSIBLE for genetics to predispose alcoholism.
American Indian Tribes a list of all the names of Native American tribes.
Autographed books Order autographed copies of books featured on this web site.
Being Sane in Insane Places Keep your sanity while everybody around you is "losin' it".
Berg vs. Bush Court document (lawsuit) for George Bush's complicity in 9-11 attacks.
Blitzkreig WebPastor Dave rails on NYS Division of Parole for attempting to censor this web site.
Convergent Conspiracies Conspiracy theories exist because there ARE conspiracies.
Charles Darwin Author of "Origin of Species" the book that led to the "man from ape" theory from www.AssholesAmongUs.com
Endangering the Welfare Who is REALLY putting children in the United States at risk?
Flight 77 Where is the Plane? Where is the plane that hit the pentagon? Segue' into Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism & treason.

Flight 93 Was the plane shot down before it crashed?
God Hates Fags WebPastor Dave's criticism of a pastor who hates homosexuals.
Government Snoops Article on government surveillance of citizens.
I Am The Nation What it really means to be "patriotic".
Katrina Scathing criticism on how hurricane Katrina was handled.
Myth of Attention Deficit Disorder ADD/AHDD is a a fabrication by the American Psychiatric Association Article by Dr. Strydom.
New Orleans Wake-Up Call What America should learn about disaster preparedness.
No Shiite, Sherlock Short discussion of events surrounding 9-11.
Pissing in Your Coffee Getting back at the Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes When you do evil, what do you expect?
Population Control Agenda Dr. Stan Monteith's article on the New World Order agenda to eliminate human population.
Preventive Prosecution Putting people in prison or in mental institutions BEFORE they commit a crime.
Prison Economy Prisons are BIG BUSINESS that's why there is no real effort to rehabilitate criminals.

Racism Are racists retards?
Reaction to "Prophet of Doom" A short Op-ed piece on my reaction to the e-Book / AudioBook "Prophet of Doom" by Craig Winn.

Religion of Peace   history of Terrorist crimes committed in America by Muslim "extremists".
Requiem for Common Sense Ironic humor.

Right of Petition Jail for Judges How the Judiciary Stole the Right of Petition with sovereign immunity
Serenity A re-write of the ubiquitous "serenity prayer".
Shrinks BUSTED A Confidential Informant helps investigate Medicaid Fraud for "sex-offender therapy" in New York.
Subway Searches The violation of the 4th Amendment rights of subway riders is ludicrous, and serves no purpose whatsoever.
Spare Me the Bullshit A short discussion of the B.S. surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Therapeutic Compulsion Compelled "therapy" is worse than useless.
The War That Shouldn't Be Why are our boys fighting and dying in Iraq?
Tookie Williams If this model prisoner was not "rehabilitated", then is rehabilitation even possible in the US prison system? Why should prisoners hope, when there IS NO HOPE of forgiveness?
Torture Photos Actual photographs of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, with an accompanying article by WebPastor Dave. THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED!
Uber-Menchen "Super men" Many WW2 Nazis were closet homosexuals.
What the Media won't tell you How the mainstream media and NEWS sources are brainwashing the American public.

Writ of Mandamus for the Prosecution of George W. Bush for First Degree Murder
WTC Collapse Skepticism over the official story of the WTC collapse.

WTC Gold Heist What happened to the gold and precious metals in the WTC basement vaults?

WTC Secret Weapon Was the WTC Collapse caused by a Secret "disruptor-style" weapon being tested by the government?



Other Information

CHILD SAFETY on The Internet Article instructs how to keep kids safe from Internet "Tree Jumpers"

Complexity of DNA Excellent article on the complexity of the DNA Molecule
Congressional Report on CIA involvement with drugs Intelligence Authorization Act 1999, and other interesting stuff from the Congressional Record (obtained under FOIA).
Homosexual Paraphilias The etiology of the development of homosexual tendencies.

Operation Northwoods Xerox PDF file of Xerox copies of Operation Northwoods Document in its entirety

Polenta Recipes Free Recipes and watch video clip of polenta being cooked.
Taxes At Work Notes US Federal income tax is unconstitutional Notes from Web Page (see web article)
United States Constitution Transcript of the original document.

WebPastor Dave's resume' brief synopsis of work / life experience of David Todeschini.



Poetry from "Land of Childhood's Fears" PDF file containing all the poetry from David Todeschini's highly-acclaimed book. FREE DOWNLOAD Distribution of these poems is subject to copyright restrictions.
Flashbacks A poem from the book "Land of Childhood's Fears" by David Todeschini.
Krishna's Song A poem from the book "Land of Childhood's Fears" by David Todeschini.
Lady Liberty A poem by Rock Peters of GodSaveUSA.com
 A poem from the book "Land of Childhood's Fears" from which the book takes its title by David Todeschini.



Prayer for Salvation Soul-saving prayer from Tony Alamo Christian Ministries


Safety / Disaster Preparedness

From the Office of Homeland Security (for what it's worth) These are some useful pamphlets of information:

Food and Water in an Emergency Describes proper water storage, hidden sources of water, how to purify it, how to cook without utilities.
Family Communication Plan Nice forms to keep Emergency phone numbers on print on card stock & cut out for wallet or purse.
Evacuating a high-rise building Poster  Shows basic plans for evacuating a high-rise building.
Emergencies in a Moving Vehicle Poster The basics on what to do in an emergency in your vehicle.
Report of NTEU on Fluoridation Major health unions and employees of the FDA want fluoride out of the environment.

Personal Friends of Net4TruthUSA

Alamo Ministries A World-class ministry if you're a Christian, you should visit and bookmark this Web site.

Lizzie West Composer and singer of the song "19 Miles to Baghdad" on the anti-war page of this web site.
Lizzie's Personal Web site  download her music here.

Radio Liberty Doctor Stan Monteith's nationally-syndicated radio talk show. Spiritual warfare, up-to-date political commentary, health issues, financial analysis, and much more. This author is a regular guest of the program. www.radioLiberty.com

Veteran's Quality of Life Access Network (VQLAN) Barry Campbell works in the 23rd Street New York City Veteran's Administration. He is a dedicated veteran brother who also runs a non-profit organization to help veterans.




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